8 Things Only The Voice-Over And Dubbing Artists Know

Sadece Seslendirme ve Dublaj Yapanların Bileceği 8 Şey

8 Things Only The Voice-Over And Dubbing Artists Know

There are thousands of people who are in the media production sector and do dubbing and voice-overs. Talents, whether they are native or foreign, have been in the studio, lived the experience of standing in front of the pop filter and know its hardships. We’re calling out to you. If you have 10 years of experience in the sector, or if you are singing or dubbing, you will experience many interesting things in the studio. Voice-over and dubbing has become a lifestyle. You’re walking down the street, but it’s a shame that people don’t know you’re the voice of those great Hollywood characters, and that the jazzy voice of the famous commercials is yours. Those who know you follow you with admiration and begin to sympathize with the profession. Come on, let’s take a look at what is the 8 things that only voice-over and dubbing artists know.


1. The microphone has now become an extension of your body.

Because your co-worker whom you spend your everyday is a microphone, you joke, feel sorry and have fun with it. The excitement of a new microphone on the market is more than the excitement of a person who meets a celebrity he is a fan of.


2. You learn things that you didn’t even know existed before.

Since what you do is reading, of course you read many things that many people don’t know every day. From the technical components of a car’s spark plug, from the drug that is good for a psychological disorder that you hear for the first time, to the prospectus with plenty of Latin words, to the calories of the popular dish eaten by the locals living in Uganda.


3. Talking to yourself doesn’t make you crazy.

Even if talking to yourself in an empty room for hours on end is a sign of madness to other people this is a part of your daily routine.


4. Everyone thinks you are making easy money.

Everyone around you thinks what you are doing is so easy and you’re making money by only talking. But they ignore the years of experience, the talent you have and the challenges only you know. You can make them understand the difficulty by asking them to read only one page of a medical text you read earlier.


5. Your customers may ask strange things from you.

Sometimes you can be a serious businessman, sometimes a villager from Aegean or sometimes a seat. You heard me right, a seat! You can even be an insect, a cute toothbrush and a sad screwdriver.


6. You’ll meet an average of 358 people who want to perform a cartoon voice-over throughout your entire life.

Many people who learn your profession begin their conversation by saying that they are interested in cartoon voice-overs and are talented. In particular, you will have to listen to the ladies with patience.


7. If you catch cold or flu, you become completely useless.

Your unique voice goes away for a while when you’re ill and you may lose a lot of work opportunities during these times. Because no one would like to have an ill person to voice their commercials, introductions or movies.


8. You only have friends who are think you only when they hear your voice on TV or radio.

Some people who do not normally call and you wouldn’t call close friends will immediately call you as soon as you hear your voice on the radio or on the TV. However, there is no other reason for this sudden appearance than to only make themselves seem cooler to their friends.

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