Ad Scenario

Ad Scenario

Ad scenario is a more built version of ad script. Inside, there are contents about the place, the figurant and the other production team. It is more descriptive. Here are some sample ad scenarios for several brands.

1. Kelly Ripa’s 2X Ultra Tide Commercial

Picture this. Kelly and friends are sitting at the dinner table sharing laughs, when, all of a sudden, something spills on the tablecloth. Kelly swiftly and gracefully (ocial, the actor both portrayed the problf course) pulls the tablecloth off and the setting shifts to the laundry room. Kelly stands there, enthusiastically explaining the benefits of 2X Ultra Tide to her guests. In this specific commerem and solution themselves.

2. 80’s John Hancock Financial Services Commercial

In this commercial, a man is shown reading a birthday card on his 40th birthday. The card, aside from being comical, has clever anecdotes for each decade. As each anecdote is read, financial services that may be needed in that specific decade are shown on the screen. It combines real life with real solutions. Brilliant!

3. Volkswagen-Darth Vader 2011 Super Bowl Commercial

In this adorable commercial, a small kid is seen in a Darth Vader costume, doing what Darth Vader does best… trying to use his force to control things. As the kid is running around the house trying to use his force, the camera switches to the driveway and the dad is seen pulling in with his brand new VW. This kid runs outside to use his forces, and is surprised when the VW car turns itself on. Only can the viewers see the dad pressing a function on his key to turn it on. An adorable boy, a beautiful car, and a pleasant surprise. What more can you ask for?

4. P&G’s ‘Moms’ Ad

Procter & Gamble know how to get the tears flowing. P&G sponsor Olympic commercials, which portray athletes thanking their mothers for being their greatest supporters through it all. We see the athlete’s struggle and triumph, all to be attributed to their mothers. Emotionally provoking to say the least!

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