Animation Voice-Over

Animation Voice-Over

With the animation voice-over dubbing service, we voice your video projects, whiteboard works, and all your 2D and animated characters. In this service, the duration of your project, the number of different characters to be spoken and the broadcasting media are the factors that determine the price of the project. You can choose the voices that you think are the most suitable for your project from the cast created with the professional voice team in our voice bank. Or if you wish, our experts can make this choice for you. The talents in the voice cast are sent to you by e-mail and after the confirmation, the voice-over dubbing process starts. For more information about the animation voice-over services, please contact us on our contact page or via live support.


The animation and dubbing voice-over includes voicing the characters with the voice cast created for the animation. These projects arrive to the dubbing studio, the film is thoroughly watched from beginning to end and if there is no translation, voice selection is made according to the characters. We call this voice cast creation in the sector. The dubbing rehearsals of the animated film are made with the assembled voice cast. Then the recording process starts. Animation Dubbing and Voice-over is one of the fun voice-over projects for voice-over and dubbing studios. The animation voice-over talents are indispensable for high-quality talents such as imitation, voice changing, and making an accent. The character voice is sometimes determined spontaneously in the studio. The voice actor of the character decides how the character speaks and tries different alternatives. The final decision here belongs to the voice director.

In the process of voicing the animation, funny lines are dubbed according to the animations sometimes in even funnier ways and meanwhile, the working environment is full of laughter. Of course, every animation project may not be funny but the nature of the animation voice-over and dubbing projects that arrive in the voice-over and dubbings studios is generally funny. The voice-over manager syncs the voices with the characters and transcribes it in the correct form. The animation dubbing process in the project phase is completed at this stage. After the montage and mixing, if any, revisions are made and the effects are added as the last stage. Sound effects are placed in appropriate places in the animated film. Adding the sound effects makes the animated movie more powerful. In addition to the voice-over talents in the voice bank of our agency which provides animation dubbing services, we also voice your animation projects with our special voice cast.