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Announcement Recording

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Announcements… You know the voices you always hear on the subway, at the airport, ferry, train, bus pass filling, elevator, navigation, grocery stores, stores, siri on our mobile phones? We will talk about them.

With the increase in population and the rapid development of technology, the machines we have incorporated into our lives have begun to make our lives easier. When we say machines, we shouldn’t just think about the mechanical systems. Or we should not think of a human-like metal object when we think of a robot. Machines and robots that make our lives easier can be seen as an IVR systems. When you call somewhere over the phone, the announcement tone that welcomes you directs you to what subscriber and unit you need to contact. Airport announcements inform you of the time of departure of your plane within the airport. While you’re buying a bus pass, the kiosk can tell you something like ‘the money you gave have been given back’. If you are traveling on the bus, on the subway, on the ferry or on the train, the announcement system can give you the location information. The announcements are in the form of audible dictation and commands which are informative for the visually impaired people by informing them about campaigns in the big markets, the floor information in the elevators, about their actions on the ATMs and when crossing the road. Navigation voice-overs are also among the works that were made by the announcement voice recording services.

All these are audible guidances. The recording process of these in the studio are known as ‘announcement voice recordings’ or ‘robot voice-overs’.

Smart machines in future technology will now talk to us and when we enter our house, our house will say ‘welcome’ with our audible announcing system. And now we’re going to turn the lights on by only saying “Will your turn the lights on?”. For now, the women we know as siri in IOS systems will answer our specific questions, and in the future we will establish emotional relationships with machine voices like in every other movie. Technology is rapidly changing, developing. IVR systems and guidance announcements are the fields we use announcement voice-overs most frequently. In particular, the IVRs, what we call cloud operator, have entered the inventory of all corporate firms. The demand for voice announcements or operator voice-over from the dubbing agencies is quite intense. The worst situation encountered in operator voice-over and announcements is that they all sound the same. In other words, the two companies in the same sector having the same sound. Companies that sell cloud operators, according to some agreements sell the default voice of a female to all companies and this increases the need for the diversity. Finding a real voice talent and recording the announcement professionally is a work that only good voice agencies can do. You should rely on voice-over agencies and benefit from this experience. Or you can choose the suitable voice for your business by listening to the voices in voice bank of a voice-over agency.

Voice guidance should not be confused with some live announcements. The voice recording is in the form of repeated announcements that have been uploaded to the machine and are repeated. All closed circuit voice guidance announcements are in this way. Have you ever wondered about the most advanced machine of our time? Siri is a bit of a more advanced technology than the machines. It’s directing and answering questions. Siri knows the questions we ask in the background by comparing it with the existing sound graphs. For example, in the amplitude / time diagram, the word ‘how are you’ has a signal and thus frequency. This frequency forms a shape in the amplitude / time diagram. Siri compares the question “How are you?” by comparing it to the shape of the question in its memory. Therefore, this communication is at very high speeds.

For future technologies, voice-over talents and agencies have a big responsibility. We follow the voice-over technologies of the future as BiberSA Production and in this sense we shoulder a huge responsibility on the sector. Peace be with you.

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