What are Announcement Voice Over and Announcement Sound Types?

What are Announcement Voice Over and Announcement Sound Types?

Announcement voiceover is a production technique in which a sound is recorded for off-screen use. Announcement, which is the general definition of voice calls made to the public such as announcements, promotions, information, campaigns, is announced to the masses by closed circuit broadcast or microphone and amplifier. Announcements made for entertainment, information and sales purposes are used in many areas in daily life. The important thing about announcement voiceovers is that they are successful and of high quality. Announcements not only provide information, but also play a vital role in influencing the atmosphere of your business environment, your customers' behavior and perceptions of your business. There are many different channels where announcement voiceover services are used.

Announcement Voice Types

  • Central Announcement Voice Over
  • Shopping Mall Announcement
  • In-Store Announcement Voice Over
  • Recreation Facility Announcement
  • Hospital Announcement
  • Airport Announcement
  • Elevator Announcement
  • Onboard Announcement Voice Over
  • Steamboat Announcement
  • In-cab Announcement
  • Closed Circuit Announcement

You listen to announcement voiceover and announcement sound types many times during the day. We can detail the announcement voice-over services and types with the following examples.

Announcement Sounds Usage Areas

For example, if you have flown an airplane so far, you may have heard the in-cabin guidance and information sounds. Aircraft cabin voiceover services are used on passenger aircraft to let passengers know about the safety issues associated with their air travel experience. Although the cabin crews are equipped to carry out the information, airline companies prefer voice-over services to inform them about safety precautions and messages such as oxygen masks and life jackets before the trip.

Switchboard voiceover services are also a type of service preferred by all brands, public institutions and organizations. Switchboard services reassure customers that you are there to support them when they need it. These services, which benefit customers, also build loyalty and trust. In our daily lives, we frequently come across PBX announcement directions that save time to reach your brand and get information. For example, when you call an institution or company for service or information purposes, after the welcome tone, you are guided by giving information about which key to press for the departments you need to reach according to your needs.

Research shows that purchasing decisions are made after entering the store. Announcements made to inform customers about new products and special offers and to encourage sales fall under the category of in-store announcements. You often hear these announcement services, especially in supermarkets. Regular announcements are made about discount days, discounted products and campaigns. As an example, the following announcement would be appropriate.

“Welcome to the X Market discount days… Today, X brand ice cream is a gift for your purchases of 100 TL or more until 20.00!

Announcement voice-over services are also preferred for information and opportunities in shopping centers. Except for campaigns and opportunities, store closing hours are reminded to customers and visitors at certain intervals.

“Dear visitors, our shopping center will be closed in 30 minutes. Please complete your transactions by making your final choices. Thank you for visiting us and we wish you a good evening.”

It is possible to further diversify the announcement sounds and announcement sound types. Announcement voice-over services should create an atmosphere that accurately reflects your brand, product or service by using the appropriate presentation style and tone to attract the attention of the listener. The institutions that offer these services in a professional way are voice-over agencies. Voice-over agencies support you in choosing the right voice for your brand or product with the announcement voice-over services you will use for different channels, manage acoustic and sound techniques, and ensure that the announcement information is understandable. As BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency, we become your business partner with our professional sound recording studios and expert and experienced voice actors for announcement voiceover services.

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