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Arabic Voice-Over & Dubbing

We provide Arabic voice-over with the help of professional Arabic voice-over talents. We offer the world’s best Arabic voices in ancient Arabic and in different accents. We provide your need of Arabic voice over and dubbing for introduction films, commercial films, documentaries, e-learning, presentations and more with our voice bank. The voice bank is created with voice-over talents who are professional native Arabic speakers. You can ask for an offer by selecting the voice that suits your project or by asking for our advice for your project. Each Arabic voice-over talent has a reputation price. While some of our voice-over talents are pricing per page, some are pricing per word. The multiplication of the word-per-word unit price and the total number of words gives the total voice-over cost.

In addition to Arabic voice-over and dubbing services, we also provide translation and subtitle services to our customers. We translate your projects from Turkish to Arabic and from Arabic to Turkish. We deliver the Arabic voice-over on the same day for your videos. We offer unlimited revision support for all errors caused either by voice-related or customer-related errors. We make free of charge corrections to the texts translated by the customer such as corrections of the incoherencies. You can choose the best Arabic voices in the world from our voice cast and request an offer.

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