Dubbing Artist Search Engine

The dubbing artist search engine, which you can access from BiberSA Production page, is designed to speed up your processes while searching for artists to voice your projects. On this page, we offer services for you with our voice cast team consisting of professional dubbing and dubbing artists. For your video projects dubbing On this platform where you can choose the right and appropriate voice for voice and dubbing, you can create a favorite list for the voices you like and choose by clicking on the “star icon” and send this favorite list you created to the person you want via e-mail.

In the dubbing artist search engine, the unit price per word or price per page budget is prepared for each of the voice actors. You can instantly learn the stamp price and price of the dubbing artist you have chosen, and you can get an affordable price for your project.

Each of the dubbing and dubbing artists registered in BiberSA dubbing artist search engine is among the best voices in Turkey.

How Does the Dubbing Artist Search Engine Work?

You can search the dubbing artist search engine, which brings together the most professional voice actors of Turkey and the world, by typing the name of the artist or the type of tone (for example: words such as thick, full, bass).

This search engine can be used not only for local voices, but also for finding foreign-speaking artists. If you need foreign language voice over, for example; Typing “English” brings up all the English voice actors. Or you can manually select these parameters and perform the same search.

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