Commercial Film Dubbing

Commercial Film Dubbing

Most of the visual content used in television and social media are commercial films. commercial films are video productions prepared for promotional purposes. Therefore, commercial films need to be voiced with stronger expressions and predominant narrations compared to promotional films. In commercial films, diction, emphasis and tone are very important. commercial film voice-over is much more harder than audio projects. The choice of voice is also of great importance. The voice should speak on behalf of the brand itself. That’s why they use brand voices, especially in advertisements.


The customer is given a briefing on three subjects while determining the commercial voice prices.
1- The medium of the commercial film
2- Who will perform the commercial film (the price of the voice)
3- The length of runtime the ad will remain in the specified broadcast medium.

In accordance with the information obtained from these three subjects, the commercial film is prepared for broadcasting according to the scenario of the advertisement. The voice cast selection of voice actors in the commercial film dubbing projects and the price of the selected voice are the determining factor. You can choose a voice from the voicebank, or you can ask for a voice recommendation from our experts.

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Commercial films are prepared within a scenario. The commercial film scenario is rehearsed with the selected voice and recorded in the voice-over studio with the most appropriate tone in accordance with the spirit of the film. Sound design is made when the recording is completed. Then, the effects are applied. During the recording, the voice talent and voice-over director in the studio works together in an organized manner. It is also necessary to be cautious about semantic shifts. Voice talents cannot work with another client during the time when the ad still runs on media mediums. Our team responds to the sensitivities of some companies in the same field, and the voice talent can record another voice-over in the same field after the last ad is no longer aired.

Commercial Film Dubbing Samples