Creating a Dubbing Cast

Ses Dublaj Cast Oluşturmak

Creating a Dubbing Cast

Voice-over and Dubbing studios select talents to create a dubbing cast to a movie or video projects. The director chooses the voice of the character appropriately and by this the dubbing cast is created. The dubbing cast is determined by the number of the characters, as each person speaks different characters, although sometimes the same person can play several characters by changing his / her voice.


Dubbing Cast

Creating of the dubbing cast is made by selecting a voice from the voice bank or among the voice-over talents of the dubbing agency, and each voice rehearses their characters. At the end of the rehearsals, the voice-over director determines if the voice is suitable for the character. The decision is not always up to the voice director, sometimes the voice-over talent can make this decision.

The talents in the dubbing team are people with theatrical talents. They give life to a character by voicing the lines of the characters appropriately and giving their best throughout this process.

BiberSA Production, which has a professional team for movies, TV series, promotional films or commercial films about creating dubbing cast, continues to work in dubbing studio on Istanbul Ortaklar Street.

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