Documentary Dubbing Texts

Documentary Dubbing Texts

Dubbing is a very important element in documentaries as well as in movies, TV shows and commercials. Good visuals, good shooting angles, as well as the narrator describing the subject are of great importance. Documentary dubbing is a little easier compared to other dubbing because the narrator is usually in the voice-over position, so mouth synchronization is not needed, but there are points to be considered here as well.

What Should Be Considered While Writing Documentary Dubbing Text?

The most important factor affecting the success of the documentary is of course the correct dubbing.

So, how to make the right documentary dubbing?

First of all, the text of the documentary is deciphered thoroughly and translated by a professional team. The point to be considered while translating is to translate the subject completely correctly, to avoid words that can have other meanings and change the meaning, and to use a short concise expression as much as possible. Documentary Although lip synchronization is not very important in dubbing, kinetic synchronization is quite important. The narrator should realize the narrative by emphasizing and toning in accordance with the scene at that moment. It is a very important element in the visual reflection of what is being said at that moment. Apart from this, it is very important to choose the right person to voice the documentary. A dubbing artist whose tone does not match the content of the documentary cannot influence the viewer/listener and cannot be expected to be successful. We have prepared world-famous documentaries as texts for you. We would like to listen to these documentary texts, which we offer to those who want to prepare a voiceover and dubbing demo, from your voice. Are you as experienced as the master voices giving voice to documentaries?

Then you can choose the one that suits your voice color from the documentary texts for 30-60 seconds. Maybe you would like to prepare a demo and share it with us.

Voiceover 1: please listen to me, you're a homo sapiens like me. You are a smart person, the miracle of the universe, life appeared about 4 billion years ago. We humans only 200,000 years ago… yet we upset the basic balance for life. Listen carefully to this extraordinary story, this is your story and it's up to you to write the ending... These are the traces of our lineage... Our planet was like a hell place at first. It was a cloud of dust particles similar to other clusters in the universe, and that's where the miracle of life began. 3.18 The life of mankind today is a single link in the chain of countless living things that have managed to stay on earth for 4 billion years… Even today, the earth continues to be shaped by new volcanoes and the birth scene of our world is being revived. Stretched rocks rising from their depths solidify, crack, spread like a thin crust, and fall asleep for a while. The fumes curling out of the bowels of the earth witness an oxygen-free atmosphere to the first atmosphere. Imagine an atmosphere filled with dense water vapor and carbon dioxide to the brim… just like a chimney… The Earth cooled… when the water vapor became liquid, torrential rains began. The perfect balance of the world, which is neither too close nor too far from the sun, was able to keep the pouring rain in liquid form, water channels were formed. Water channels gave life to the world as if they were the veins of our body and the branches of a tree. 5.10 The rivers swept away the minerals from the rocks and mixed them into the fresh water of the oceans… So the oceans got salt water. Where did we come from? Where did the first spark of life strike? There are still miraculous life forms that give color to the geysers on Earth… These creatures are called archaeobacteria… Except for cyano bacteria, also known as blue-green algae, they all feed on earth heat… They have the power to absorb all the sun’s energy on their heads… These are the ancestors of all plant species of today and yesterday… These tiny bacteria and their billions of ancestors led to their transformation, changing the fate of our planet… But what happened to the carbon that poisoned the atmosphere? Nothing… It was only trapped in the earth… Once upon a time, there was a sea inhabited by microorganisms… They developed thanks to the carbon they provided from the atmosphere and dissolved in the ocean… These layers you see were formed by the accumulation of billions of microorganisms on top of each other. Thanks to them, the atmosphere was decarbonized and other life forms came into existence… 7.23 atmosphere-altering life. The plants were fed by the energy of the sun and split the water molecule and absorbed the oxygen… Thus, the oxygen was mixed into the air. The water cycle in the world is equivalent to a permanent renewal… Waterfalls, water vapor clouds, rain, natural water sources, rivers, seas, oceans and glaciers… This cycle has never been broken… There was always the same amount of water on each face… All living things have actually always drank the same water… water is the most variable substance on earth... In liquid water vapor in streams, in liquid water vapor, in gas in solid form... In Siberia, the surface of frozen lakes in winter bears the traces of the force exerted by water when freezing... Ice, which is lighter than water, functions as a mantle that protects life in the depths of the water from the cold. 09.12. The engine of life is a chain itself… Everything is interconnected and in need of someone… Water and air are inseparable… They have joined hands for our lives… Sharing is everything in this universe… This green space seen through the clouds is the source of oxygen in the air… This gas, without which our lungs cannot exist. Its comes from algae, which also gives color to the surface of dolphins… Our world has a balance and a fragile harmony that is cleverly planned but easily destroyed, where each dependent being has a different role to play. Corals are born from the relationship of algae with seashells. Although coral cradles cover less than one percent of the ocean floor, thousands of fish, molluscs and algae species are the natural habitat. The balance in the oceans depends on them. Time on Earth is possible with billions of years… The formation of trees also takes place in 4 billion years. Trees, which are the architecture of a perfect life, are the most important link in the species chain. Gravity-defying trees move towards the sky without stopping. And it is the only natural being that stretches unhurriedly towards the sun that will nourish its leaves. With the power they inherit from small cyano bacteria, they collect the light energy, preserve it, and feed on it… Ultimately, the stems and leaves that emerge decompose in a mixture of water, mineral vegetables and other living species… Thus, soils emerge gradually… Soil is mobile, microorganisms are constantly desired, dig up the soil, ventilate and transform it… Ultimately, it forms a fertile soil layer called humus. 12.49 What do we know about life on earth? How many species of living things do we know, ten? Maybe out of 100… Well, what ties them together? The world is a miracle… Life is still a mystery… Herds of animals continue their ancestry with their traditions and customs passed down from generation to generation… Where they live, they adapt to the place they live in… There is no loser in nature… Calm the hunger of living things and trees bloom again… This great life on earth Every creature has a different role in his adventure, every creature has a special place. There are no unnecessary or harmful things in nature.

Morgen freeman :my home is here... I've lived in many different places in Mississence... New york los angelas san francisco chicago... But this place defines me. Cumbact… I got it at 4:30 months old. He was underfed, but he had a poise. His walk was great. The smell of grass in the spring, the sounds of birds, I know that I am at home, my mother and father also lived here, it is impossible for you to understand me without understanding the place where I was created. Every language has a creation story… But what do these stories tell us about who we are and where we came from? I set out to discover where we started.

Jobby Majness: Jerusalem is seen as Eden, the Garden of Eden.

Morgen freeman: I will explore the oldest roots of civilization. The sacred book of the Mayans…

Voice-over male1: the creation story of the mayas…

Morgen freeman: I will detect the creation of religion.

Amy bogaard: people can officially sleep with their ancestors.

Morgen freeman: And I will go to the beginning of time.

Voiceover lady1: hindus do not believe in a single creation… They say there are cycles of creation.

Morgen freeman: I will try to discover if science and religion can coexist?

Voiceover male 2: the big bang is not creation because we don't know what happened before it...

Voiceover Miss 1: The Story of Faith with Morgan Freeman… Creation.

Morgen freeman: There are billions of us on this planet. It's hard to believe we're all descended from one man and one woman... But it did. Who were they, when and where did they live Jewish, Christian and Muslim beliefs take us to Adam and Eve. Genesis says they came from a place called Eden. From a place in the ancient near east, near the Tigris and Euphrates rivers… Although many people have tried, no one has been able to locate the Garden of Eden yet… Why do we want to find it, the reason why we want to find it is the very interesting garden of Eden, not only symbolizing the beginning of humanity, but the beginning of our communication with God… Learning when and where it started It will give a lot of information about who we are… That's why I'm going to Jerusalem. This is one of the oldest cities in the world. There is evidence that people have lived here for over 7000 years. Today, it is the religious center of the Jewish world… Genesis was first written down here 2500 years ago. Archaeologist Jobby Majness takes him to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. It has a little-known connection to the garden of Eden. Here we are in the church of the holy tomb. Many Christians believe that Jesus was stretched and buried here. According to another ancient belief, Adam was also buried here.

Jobby mecness: this area we came from is under the golgotha rock. It is the cliffs where the Christians believe that man was crucified. This is Adam's chapel. There is an ancient belief in Christianity. He associates this point with the first man, Adam. When Jesus Christ was crucified on the rocks above us, his blood leaking from the cracks in the rocks went down… The first human, Adam, was buried right under him.

Morgen freeman: When the Roman Empire built a church about 1700 years ago, when the Roman Empire built a church, Adam's chapel built a temple around this crack in the Golgotha rock...but doesn't this contradict the bible? lady 2: dicle…

5.27morgen freeman: yes

Voiceover lady 2: indicates that the garden of Eden is somewhere in Mesopotamia, according to the Genesis version of the story. It is located in the territory of Iraq today.

Morgen Freeman: So how can Adam be in Jerusalem according to this belief?

Jobby Mecness: I think Adam has a very special connection to Jerusalem … the garden of Eden or Eden is conceptualized as the point where the presence of God wanders. In the early periods of Judaism and in the time of Jesus Christ, the presence of God was wandering around the temple in the temple. For this reason, Jerusalem is seen as aden, the garden of paradise.

Morgen freeman: Are you saying that aden could be a metaphor?

Jobby Mecness: Yes, of course… Adam was the first human. In Hebrew, the word Adam means man, that is, human.

Morgen freeman: wait, you said something, the word means human.

Jobby Mecness: Yes.

Morgen freeman: man

Jobby Mecness: Yes. Also, if you discard the a in the name of the man, the roof remains. In Hebrew, this also means blood. If you add ah, ah, it becomes adamah, which means soil.

Morgen freeman: from soil to blood…

Jobby Mecness :yes

Morgen freeman: Well… The story of Adam and Eve's expulsion from the Garden of Eden may also have a symbolic meaning. Adam and Eve lived in abundance. When they ate the forbidden fruit, they were exiled from there and had to till the land, in other words, they became the first farmers.

Morgen freeman: I'm traveling to a region in Turkey where the remains of one of humanity's oldest farming societies have been unearthed… I want to know if the birth of farming and the birth of belief in god are connected. Could this be Aden? Amy?

Amy bogaard: hello, come on…

Morgen freeman: archaeologist amy bogaard has been involved in excavations at Kırıkhöyük for 20 years.

Amy bogaard: welcome.

Morgen Freeman: Thank you. Çatalhöyük. 9000 years of settlement, 9000 years. Is not it?

Amy bogaard: amazing isn't it? It occupies 13 ha at its widest point. The size of 20 football fields… At its widest.

Amy bogaard: what about american football? Is it football?

Voiceover lady 3: I don't know. Probably football.

Morgen freeman: they're both pretty much the same size.

Amy bogaard: yes.

Morgen Freeman: Okay.

Amy bogaard: You can see that the houses are very cramped, there is not much space between them.

Morgen freeman: there is no space between them.

Amy bogaard: yes

Morgen freeman: didn't it have windows or doors?

Amy bogaard: Every house has its own entrance from above.

Morgen freeman: Forkhöyük was a city without streets. The people living here used to travel through the city by drop, and they worked on these roofs at the same time. The people of Kırıkhöyük are among the first urban settlers of the world. I want to know if they were also the first to believe, did they think that a god created their world? Amy takes me to a place where there might be an answer to this. What is that red-edged hole over there for? It seems to serve a very specific purpose.

Amy bogaard: A common feature at Forkhöyük is a niche for storing items. For example, opsidian, known as volcanic glass, was preserved because it is a very valuable cutting tool.

Morgen freeman: yes you won't find it everywhere.

Amy bogaard: yes. Voiceover male1: The most important hiding places and sleeping quarters archaeologists have found in Kırıkhöyük, but what are those holes for?

Amy bogaard: these are places to bury the dead.

How the money was produced (discovery channel documentary)

Voiceover male 1: gold, silver, green… you may think you know the color of money, but it works much better than the one you carry in your wallet. Writing was invented thanks to money. The first newsletter was made. Fascism was defeated and jeans were invented. Everything you don't know about money is in this program. Money is a blood formed in the veins of the modern world and has a story of thousands of years. According to some, if money were not the cause of all evil, societies as we know them would not exist today.

Voiceover male 1: but what's the money? Sea shells and woodpecker skins used in ancient times and the paper and coins we use today serve the same purpose. People used all objects that functioned as money to exchange them for other objects. In reality, money has the power to change the world. Moreover, it can do this without spending even a single 0.01 TL. So wherever you go, you can see the effects of money, even 3000 meters above the ground, money rules, this is because these guys are a team of elite blocks who write to this ox, and they owe their profession to money, of course, the planes they used were bought with money, but there is much more to it because the invention of writing The reason is money. Everything started about 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia. Back then, there were no banknotes like today. It was only 2000 years before the coin was well developed. Instead of money, grain and animals were used, and all kinds of shopping were done by barter system.

Andrew g: For example, I was giving someone an ox, and in return the room was repairing the roof of my house. This system, which formed the basis of the economy, had an important deficit. The human brain could not keep track of these increasing processes.

Rick : Things started to change when people started to build cities and live there. It became impossible to keep track of the muscles in the draft. To give an example, I didn't know how much of the grain in my barn was bought from you.

Voiceover: so people felt the need to record the details of their trades in some other way other than keeping them behind, yes so a set of symbols was invented and each of these symbols was given a meaning. For example, a picture of a barley grain meant I owe you a plus, and a picture of a fish symbolized debt of fish. This very simple system was looking for something and when clay tablets were written, the first accounting records of human beings were kept.

Rick: So it became a permanent record in people's hands financial transaction financial transactions were recorded by carving into stones.

External: this meant the invention of writing, the most important step in human history.

Douglas: To this we owe every improvement since then.

External: over the years, writing has evolved, and as a result of this evolution, written theological and historical documents have emerged. Andrew: People quickly narrowed down this writing system, which originally consisted of more than 2000 symbols, to around 600 sounds, each sound corresponding to a symbol, making it easier to read written records.

External: when we put the right symbols together, we can write words anywhere, from banknotes to billboards. Even in the sky.

Larry: we are the greatest means of communication in the heavens.

Outer: letters need to be huge when writing on such a large page

Steve: We can write in letters the size of the empire state building.

Exterior: they write these letters using smoke When the planes take off and line up ready to write, a computer on the first plane tells each of them when they need to blow up smoke to write the letters.

Larry: The computer is telling us when to smoke. And it allows the smoke to break out and form the letters.

External: a message written in this way can be seen even from 25 km away. Thanks to this type of communication money, we owe it to the invention of on-site writing. In 2009, the central bank of the United States put more than 3 billion coins on my head. Today, you can buy a newspaper with these coins and read, but once upon a time, people learned their news from there by looking at the money. TV presenter: 5:30 news. In today's main news bulletin…

Exterior: thousands of years before television and radio were invented, people were looking at money to be aware of what was going on. To understand how they did it, we go back to 44 BC. Centuries had passed since the coin was invented, but no one could mint coins like the Romans.

Andrew: Pigs perfected everything they touched, including money.

Martin : Coins were extremely important to the Romans, so they were able to set a standard for a trade in trade.

Exterior: The word mani, meaning money in English, comes from the Roman goddess Juno Moneta. The temple of Juno Moneta was next to the Roman's first mint. The coins minted in this mint, called the denarius, were very similar to the coins we use today.

Rick: Roman coins had images of goddesses or emperors of the past, not of the emperors of the time. They were printing portraits of historical personalities, just as you print pictures of past presidents today.

Outside: the face of the leader who lived by the rule could also not be printed in denarius. For this reason, George Washington did not want his picture to appear on the first coin minted in America, only kings did this, and the citizens of the Roman republic hated kings. So how was the money used with the communication root? It all started when one of the emperors wanted to break this rule. This emperor's name was july ceasar.

Rick: july ceasar was an extraordinary person…probably the greatest general the world has ever known, and also one of the greatest politicians in the world.

Outside: july caesar, the novel's first dictator, wanted everyone in the empire to know who they were governing, but in 44 BC it took much longer for news to spread than it does today.

Martin: Imagine, there was no television, no newspaper, no radio, and most of the people were illiterate.

Exterior: there was a way to reach the masses, it was money.

Andrew: There's no better propaganda tool than a coin, it changes hands all the time, and you don't have to put any extra effort into it. You don't have to send it anywhere or write an address on it, just like a message thrown into the sea in a bottle.

Martin: Everyone gets a coin, and there's no one the coin can't reach.

Exterior: so Caesar ordered new coins to be minted with his own face on them and also a message for the literate.

Rick: He was a lifelong dictator. And it was true that sezer, who printed this money in 44 BC, would indeed remain a dictator for the rest of his life.

Outside: Caesar was starting to act like kings, and the coins he minted were the last straw. Roman senators, including Brutus, were determined to end Caesar's absolute rule, and there was only one way to do it.

The core of a once much larger planet, perhaps a stray planet, smashed into Mercury in a deadly game of cosmic pinball, shattering its outer layers. Huge freed planets destroy everything in their path. Even an entire planet, and we're in the middle of it, fragile, vulnerable, small. Everything is telling us to go back, who can resist it.. Sunshine in its enchanting glory, our lives, everything we do is controlled by the sun, everything depends on it, and moreover, he is the greek god heilos, chariot driving through the sky. Ra, the Egyptian god who is reborn every day.

The sun rising at the summer solstice at Stonehenge has been the closest thing to looking into the face of god in millions of years. A journey that would take 20 years by plane, 150,000,000 km from home, would not have known about it for 8 minutes so far away. It's so big that 1 million earths could fit inside it, and it's so heavy that its gravitational pull controls the entire solar system. But who needs numbers that we have the truth, we see it every day, a familiar face in the sky, but a sea of turbulent incandescent gas getting unfamiliar. The temperature rises above 5000°, the temperature in the core must be tens of millions of degrees, hot enough to initiate a nuclear reaction. It converts millions of tons of matter into energy every second. More than all the energy produced by human beings. At home, we see this energy as light and feel it as heat. But near, the sun has no relaxing properties. Electrical and magnetic activity creates huge rings of glowing gas called eruptions, each creating more energy than 10 million volcanoes. If you pass the world through one of these peoples, there will be tens of millions of kilometers of empty space. Where it erupts, the colder regions below are exposed and sunspots are formed there. They're only slightly cooler than their surroundings and therefore appear black, but they're still hotter than anything on Earth, and they're so huge that some are 50,000 km long. A solar flare shoots deadly radiation into space with an electrically charged superheated current. But that will stop one day. The sun will run out of fuel, and when the sun dies, the world will end. This god creates and destroys life. He wants us to keep our distance. This comet passed too close, swarming with the sun's heat, and a tail formed behind it millions of kilometers long. It's clear where this freezing comet came from, from the freezing waste of deep space. But look at this steam, geyser and dust, the sun is melting the comet's stuffed heart. Like a giant snowball covered with strange dirty tar. Small grains that look like organic matter have been preserved on the ice, perhaps since the beginning of the solar system, or perhaps such a comet crashed into the earth millions of years ago and carried organic matter and water, the raw materials of life. Who knows? Maybe he even sowed the seeds of life that grew into you and me. What if it crashes now? Think of the dinosaurs destroyed by a comet or an asteroid impact, it's only a matter of time until we can share the end of the dinosaurs if we don't find a way to protect it. The world is safe but for now. But if the world were to disappear, we would be left homeless and drifting here in an aggressive universe, and we would have to find another home. Among millions of billions of planets, there should be a planet where we can live comfortably like a golden-haired girl with air, sunlight and water that is not too hot or too cold. The red planet is unmistakably Mars. For centuries we have looked to Mars for signs of life for companionship. There may be life out there that exists outside of the earth. But are we ready to find it? To rewrite the history books, to tear up the science books. To turn the world upside down..what happens can change everything.. Mars adorns our imaginations more than any other planet. Think science fiction movies, books, what comes next? Martians. Isn't it all just fiction? But what if there really is something out there? But if it does, it means it's living on a dead planet. The processes that made Earth habitable stopped here millions of years ago, red and dead. Mars is a huge fossil living thing there's a ton of sport bigger one even the biggest tornadoes in the world

Here there is wind, and where there is wind, there is air that would support life outside of the earth, but it is too weak for us to breathe. Filled with suffocating carbon dioxide, there's nothing to shield Mars from the sun's ultraviolet rays. In addition, the cold temperature of -80°C freezes the water at the poles and even in the atmosphere, turning it into snow. It's hard to believe that anything can survive here, but there are creatures on earth that can survive in extreme cold and heat, even in the deepest ocean trenches. Life adapts and spreads like a virus. Maybe we're carrying the virus of life into the universe right now, life often finds its way, even in the most extreme conditions, but what about on a dead planet? On a planet that lacks the geological activities to replenish the minerals and nutrients in its soil and the heat to melt the flooded waters? And it's really hard to see where we're going with all this dust. But we can't miss it Mount Olympus is a huge ancient volcano, three times the height of Everest and wide enough to cover almost all of Spain. It has been extinct since it was discovered in the 1970s. It looks like something is going on on its slopes, as if love has flowed, but the flowing lava must have been destroyed by meteor strikes and died long ago. Otherwise, if this beast isn't dead, what is? If not, there is currently molten magma under its crust. This changes everything. Volcanic activity melts the water in the soil and turns it into minerals and nutrients, and it may be creating the conditions necessary for life to exist. it could go across the america but let's see signs of activity erosion and formations that look like a dried river bed on the floor of the canyon maybe volcanic activity melted the ice in the soil so it flowed through this canyon this activity continues even now it could be melting ice and creating water and it could be alive where there is water if we can find a stream We also have a chance to find living creatures. NASA rover opporcity moves through these desolate plains, finding evidence that these barren plains were once life-bearing lakes and oceans. Look at these canals Mars orbiters are finding new ones as they pass over them more proof that mars is alive

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