How to Become a Dubbing Artist

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How to Become a Dubbing Artist

What is dubbing?

First of all, let's start by answering this question. Dubbing; It is the process of giving sound to the video or movie projects that have been voiced. The project, which was voiced for various reasons, is re-dubbed. Dubbing is the process of re-voicing for reasons such as the voice that cannot be received correctly during the shooting and the voice of the character is not liked.

How do you become a dubbing artist?

This question needs to be explained at length, but if it is expressed briefly, it is necessary to pass years to become a dubbing artist, to have a place in the ears, and for a generation to know you. You need to know that there is not an academic career, a lot of certificates, a lot of education.

Dubbing artists can be either educated or sarcastic. Having a heart for the dubbing business, having a good talent, and the sound studios being sure of you over time will make you a good dubbing artist.

Is there a school of dubbing artist?

You don't have to graduate from a school to be a dubbing artist, you need to have good talent, a characteristic voice, and an obedient and harmonious personality. There are many courses on dubbing in Turkey, most of them in Istanbul, that provide voice-over and dubbing training. Students who graduate from these courses hope to become a dubbing artist. voice over dubbing apply to their agency. As we mentioned at the beginning, in order to perform dubbing, you must be talented, have a characteristic voice, and be able to make theatrical voiceovers.

What is the difference between a dubbing artist and a voice actor?

Dubbing artists are the people whose theatrical skills are more prominent, while the voice actors are the people who master the rules of reading such as diction and emphasis.

The voice-over and dubbing artists included in the sound bank of BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing agency contain the best voices of Turkey.

Who Are Famous Dubbing Artists?

Dubbing artists, who have given voice to many projects in Turkish cinema and the media sector, especially movies, TV series and advertisements, are timeless, stuck in our ears, and we remember this voice when we hear it; nüvit candaner, ayhan kahya, mazlum kiper, sungun babacan, aydogan basic, ozkan luck, nur subaşı, kadir uzbek, cahit şaher, hope plate, itri kosar, smart horseman, luck tasdemir, earth sergen, sezai aydın, haluk Bilginer, tough Tekindor , Selcuk Method, Engin Altan Düzyatan, Günyol Bakoğlu, Ali Poyrazoğlu, Okan Bayülgen, Can Gürzap, Öz Altınok, Devrim Parscan
bahtiyar engin, yekta kopan, tarkan coach, zeynep ozden moonstar, muge fastkaptan, tulay bursa, berna baser, soil sergen, murat sen, levent don't return, ali rose, ercan demirel, fulya ergunes, rıza karaağaçlı, gul karaman, root engur, nasıroğlu, engin alkan, zeyno eracar and many more dubbing artists...

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