Effective Commercial Slogan Ideas

Etkili Reklam Sloganları için harika fikirler

Effective Commercial Slogan Ideas

In the media production sector, many advertising agencies and production companies consider an advertising slogans for the advertising or promotional film of the brand, product and service they will prepare. How can you find the right slogan for you? Which authority will approve this slogan? ‘Okay, this slogan is appropriate to the company, the company’ will say the last word. That’s one of the hardest parts of the story.

Advertising agencies, advertising companies that employ within the construction companies are the best solution. Script writers are experts in this business since they have already produced ideas for many projects.Brand, product and service to the audience and audience with the interaction reports have proven their expertise. One of the key points in producing slogans is the emotional bond established with brands, products and services. Even if this emotional bond is established by the owners and the coordinators of the work, the advantage of the text writers is their expertise.


A Good Advertising Slogan Can Be Formed by This List

Detailed brief for brand, product and service.

If possible, several people to approve and negotiate slogans.

Know who knows the brand, product and service sector.

Analyzes of brands, products and services of the sector and sector researches in the world market.

And an expert copywriter.

When all this counts together, it is inevitable that advertising slogans for brands, products and services will be effective. Let’s say there is a construction company and this company is considering making a television commercial for the sale of the housing estate. The brief is as follows; Located on the European side of Istanbul, away from city noise, close to transportation stations, with a modern architecture. A brief like this usually suggests the following slogans. ‘A peaceful life begins in the middle of the city, away from the city noise’, ‘Happy tomorrows with modern architecture’. Pay attention to the keywords used in the construction industry. Modern architecture, peace, and life… A copywriter who follows the slogans of their rivals in the industry suffocates the media production sector with a limited language. What is important is that we contribute to our daily life from these incredible words which have remained in the corner of our beautiful Turkish language and we have formed our script in this direction. This infertility in slogans can only be avoided with good language skills. In this sense, the authors have a great responsibility.

The ads that we are under the influence of the media contain close slogans and words. Advertising script writers in this regard to produce different slogans in the world to do research, we think it should benefit from our rich Turkish language.

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