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English Voice-Over & Dubbing

English voice-over is one of the essential services of the media production sector. For film and video projects, production companies often need English voices which we call voice-over. For this, the production companies find the voice-over agencies and buy the dubbing service in English by selecting the suitable sound from the English voices category in the voice-over agency cast. English dubbing differs in terms of accent and country because English is such a universal language. The production companies and individuals who want to receive an English voice over for their projects choose their preferences among British English, American English and Australian English. The English dubbing begins when the project arrives at the voice over agency and as soon as the translation process starts. One of the most important aspects is the translation of the firm which is the subject of the project, and then the English voice over talent records the voice over.

English dubbing is the process of dubbing in English to the project in which is already spoken in English. Generally, production companies do not like the English voice over and demand a different voice for dubbing. Foreign language voice-over prices vary in every language and every voice. Each voice-over has a unique reputation price. In addition to the English dubbing and voice-over services, the BiberSA Production Voice-over and Dubbing Agency, which provides voice-over and dubbing services in many different languages, will continue to provide voice-overs to your video and film projects with the voice-over in its Voice Cast and to be your solution partner.

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BiberSA Production Voice-over and Dubbing Agency, which brings you the best voices of the world in the field of voice-over and dubbing, is voicing your voice-over projects, commercial films, introduction films, presentations, videos, IVR announcements and other texts to be performed in English with a professional voice-over dubbing team. We deliver your requests for English Voice-over and Dubbing service in one workday for your texts up to one page. We are able to meet your accent requests such as American English and British English with our voice-over talents in our Voice Cast who are the best of the world.

We also provide translation services from English to Turkish and from English to Turkish during our English voice over and Dubbing services. We use the right terms whilst translating the voice-over texts from Turkish to English into a professional English translation suitable for the sector. We wish to be able to represent our customers in the best possible way internationally by creating satisfied customers with hundreds of English Voice-over Dubbing projects.