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French Voice-Over & Dubbing

We offer you the world’s best French voice-overs for your video projects. Each of our voice-over talent is a professional native speaker. French voice-over talents in the voice bank offer a budget for your projects as they work on a reputation price. You must share the parameters such as the duration of your project (number of pages or number of words) and the broadcast medium (radio, TV, Internet, closed circuit broadcast). While some of our French voice-over talents are pricing per page, some are pricing per word. The broadcasting medium and the duration of the broadcast on these unit prices directly affect the French voice-over prices.

In addition to French voice-over and dubbing services, our Voice-over Agency also provides French translation and revision services. We are translating projects such as video links, texts, advertisement scripts from Turkish to French and from French to Turkish. Our agency, working with the principle of delivering all your voice-over projects on the same day, revises any voice or typing errors caused by you or us, free of charge.

While we record some of our projects with French voice over talents in our studio in Şişli, we also record some of them in our contracted partner studio in Paris. French voice-over and dubbing projects are recorded in state-of-the-art studio equipment and we deliver them in any format you ask for. You can write to us via live support or contact us via telephone to get more detailed information about French voice over and to get an offer.

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