How Promotional Videos Are Made?

Tanıtım Filmi Nasıl Yapılır

How Promotional Videos Are Made?

Companies operating in Turkey; they need promotional videos for their service, product and brand. The aim is to introduce the service, products, brands. So, how should this promotion be? Let’s try to explain how to prepare a promotional film or promotional video.

Advertising agencies, production companies and digital advertising agencies operating in the media production sector demand to prepare their promotional films to be broadcasted on social media, in-house staff for broadcasting purposes and on television.


Brief Previous Information

The request to prepare the promotional film coming from the company to the production company requires a good brief. Brief is important because the content of the presentation film will be determined by a good brief.

In line with the brief, a presentation film for the service, product and brand is prepared. In accordance with this prepared scenario, if there is cast or if not, shooting places and plans are determined. So far the production company prepares to plan at the desk. Then the field team called the field work with the necessary equipment to do the shooting of the scene according to the plan.

In line with the budget of the work, maybe airborne drone shooting, perhaps chariots and other shooting equipment are used. Filming takes between 1-7 working days in proportion to the estimated project length and budget. After the shooting is finished, the Post Production section starts. So the work will be finished at the desk. If there is a promotional film scenario in the assembly and editing stage, it will be performed by the chosen dubbing artist and assembled with the appropriate music.

After effect designs and logo designs, subtitles and animations included in the presentation film are applied during assembly.

The final stage of the promotional film is the showcase for the customer. This is the most exciting part of the media production industry. The customer will like the work done, or will request to revise.

Revised requests from the customer will be made within the time period promised by the production company and will be presented to the customer again.

BiberSA Production offers unlimited revision opportunity to its customers with years of experience in preparing promotional videos.

It is very important for the customer to like the work done.

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