IVR Voice-Over Voices

IVR Seslendirme Sesleri

IVR Voice-Over Voices

What is IVR? Let’s start with this. IVR is the Interactive Voice Response System. Customers looking for the company are guided to the unit they want by dialing the relevant coding in the menu options via IVR. IVR Voice Over, in other words service IVR service announcement, the company established corporate telephone exchange in Turkey. IVR are made with IVR voice talents prefer to do that.


Ivr Voice Service

In the Voiceover Agency Cast, the IVR voiceover service includes voices that specialize only in reading IVR. IVR Sounds are convincing, gentle, effective, easy to speak, fast and clear. IVR Voice-over voices are presented to the customers who want to buy IVR voice-over services from the agency cast. Special voices for services such as IVR phone calling and voice-over are available to customers.

The voice of IVR dubbing is a must be a charming voice. Because IVR and Central voiceovers are the areas where the companies contact the customers first. Therefore, on behalf of the company IVR voices must be selected well. Example to those scripts: “Hello, how can we help you? Welcome If you know the internal number, press the button.

In IVR, we are tired of robotic voices and hours of waiting. People don’t like robotic sounds. But let’s not forget that, considering the fact that the IVR companies are working with one hundred people at the same time, this means that each of them can answer. Therefore, the robotic voice that greets us in IVR helps us to direct to the customer representative in the right section. We argue that IVR plant robotic voice should be chosen from real voices. But not a robotic voice if possible. You know, there are robots that are used in the metrobus and subway.

We are presenting the IVR voices from the voice cast of the experienced voice-over agency BiberSA Production.

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