Let our professional voice-over talents to greet your customers who have called your company and increase your company’s reputation. The announcements are presented with the voices that you can choose from our expert voice-over talents in our voice bank and with a IVR background music. You can invest in your corporate identity by using our IVR voice-over service and doing this with a professional team takes you one step ahead. We are answering your questions about the IVR voice over prices with live support. The IVR service is delivered to you in the SAME DAY. You can listen to our samples on our page for the IVR voice overs. You can get detailed information about IVR voice over service from our contact page by contacting our customer representative.

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We would like to draw attention to a few details while you are choosing the sound of the interactive voice response service that will respond to your company’s phones while you are working and direct them to the right departments. First of all, the sector of your company belongs to is important while choosing a voice. For example, if you are an educational institution, your choice of central voice should be the voice of a man or a woman who sounds trustworthy. If you are a hospital or health institution, a reassuring tone is one of the most effective central voice solutions. Of course, a common point for all sectors is that the sound of the central should be warm and sincere. Another issue in the IVR voice-over is to direct the customer in the shortest way possible without the long sentences in order not to hold the customer on the phone.

IVR Voice-Over Samples

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Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine a company that receives 100-200 calls per day. And you set up an IVR that takes these calls and responds to each one of them. This method, which is considered to be quite costly, serves only to large companies for customers who cannot find answers to their questions and problems on the phone. IVR systems can be set with much less prices and the callers can be directed and informed with IVR voice-over services. At this stage, IVR voice-over is very important. Consequence of this unnecessary and an ordinary made IVR voice-over service can lead to significant reduction in company’s profile reputation. Customers can rate your company’s profile by the IVR voice-over or lack of. Studies show that the share of the new customers contacting you for the first time is around 40% in the general spectrum. That’s why, it is strongly recommended that you get a professional IVR voice-over service. As BiberSA Production, we provide the service of our professional IVR voice-over talents.

Corporate companies no longer want to employ people just to take calls. Smartphones cover the need of an IVR. The new generation of smartphones’ IVR systems are highly capable. They have features such as voice recognition, voice command detection and audible response. Customers looking for corporate companies are directed to the desired subscriber by the phone recipient, if they want to get information or take the necessary actions from the phone without the need for human support. Although there are some points we should stress. First of all it is very important that the customers are greeted with charismatic voice and secondly the voice-over talent should speak fluently and rapidly without boring the caller. And this is the point where we understand the importance of BiberSA Production. BiberSA Production introduces you the professional IVR voices in accordance with this strategy. We are giving a voice to corporate companies with our professional male and female IVR voices. This is called IVR voice-over service in the sector. And the name of this execution is called announcement.

Do you need a professional voice that will greet your customers on your company phone? Then you need IVR voice-over service. Telephone greeting or central greeting announcements are among the services that can be purchased within the IVR voice-over services. We welcome your customers with our professional voice-over talents on the phone. You can choose from hundreds of voice-over talents by listening to their IVR voice-over demos, and you can choose the right voice for your company by taking the voice support from our directors. Undoubtedly, the voice that greets your customers is important. Some institutions find this service unnecessary and therefore they use an ordinary voice within their own companies. This is wrong. The reason for this is that the customer who is calling your company on the phone can analyse your company profile on the phone. The share of this initial profile assessment within your organization’s overall assessment is around 40%. It is very important that you receive professional support whilst choosing the voice of your IVR. As BiberSA Production Voice-over and Dubbing Agency, we offer you the best voices for your organization with the most affordable budget.

The prices of IVR vary according to the selected voice-over talent. We would like to remind you that every voice you will listen to and select from the voice bank that includes professional voice-over talents works on a reputation price. Central voiceover prices are determined with word unit prices. In order to determine the price of the voiceover, budgeting is done by considering the number of words and the reputation price of the selected voice. BiberSA Production Voice-over and Dubbing agency offers the professional sounds to your brand with the most affordable reputation prices. Moreover, our agency does not charge additional fees like commission.

This the on hold music on the background of the IVR voice-overs. These are often preferred as non-disturbing relaxing tones. Musics are selected by determining if it is suitable for the sector the company is working in. Our agency offers a professional solution in this matter. Music can be preferred according to customer preference from stock music or original music. Within the scope of the IVR voice-over service, music is generally used in long IVR greeting messages. Music is used according to customer preference in IVR voice-over service. Stock music are the music that is included in the service price (voice-over talent reputation price). Original music for the brand, service or product is offered as an additional option to the service. You can also request an offer for specifically IVR on hold music prices. We recommend that you pay attention to copyright when using on hold music. Because you may face penal sanctions concerning the copyright. As BiberSA Production Voice-over and Dubbing Agency we deliver the copyrights of IVR on hold music signed and stamped.