Jingle Studios And Commercials With Songs

Jingle Stüdyoları ve Şarkılı Reklam

Jingle Studios And Commercials With Songs

Without doubt the mass media were able to be among the indispensables of our lives first with radio and TV and now with Internet. Mass media, which occupies a large part of our lives, is also indispensable in the world of advertising. While the advertising companies which is competing with each other to reach larger audiences seek answers for questions such as “How do we attract the target audience? What should we do to be remembered and preferred?”, the answer is simple. Jingles.   What do you need to do in order to produces successful commercials with songs? Is each commercial catchy? Nowadays while the consumption spree continues, it is not surprising to encounter a new product every day, but it is possible to be remembered and become a generic brand with the help of a good jingle.



It is possible to come across a generic brand in our daily life, which is the name of a product by identifying the name of a brand with the product. For example, the majority of tissues are called “Selpak” or our mothers ask us to buy “Sana Yağ” instead of calling it margarine. Becoming a generic brand for the sale of a brand is a very important gain. A successful jingle is a big step in making that product a Generic Brand, because melodies take place in people’s memory more quickly than words and more likely to be remembered. Considering this, a jingle must be simple, short and introductive. Firstly, swot analysis of the brand should be done while preparing a jingle. In Swot analysis, the brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and potential threats are evaluated and the characteristics of the product are determined and the most appropriate jingle is composed accordingly. In addition to these, the importance of the right music and the right composer should be stressed alongside the importance of the exposure duration of the audience to the jingle for them to remember it.



Effective frequency is very important from the moment the jingle is produced and aired. The effective frequency shows how many times it should reach the target audience for the desired effect. The duration of exposure of the target group is directly proportional to the duration of exposure. After the jingle is aired ” Day After Recall” tests are applied. These tests determine the rate of recall 15-24 hours after the commercial is aired. Thus, the success of the jingle is determined. Thinking of the jingles which has surpassed their times and we still remember, such as if we remember its name when we think about cookies and ask our fathers not forget to buy Ülker, if we still grow up with Pınar or if we go to Koçtaş and love our homes this undoubtedly shows that these jingles have had a successful production process and they are still remembered by many people. This is also a success of the jingle agency.



When considered the jingle producing agencies in Turkey, jingle types and quality can vary. Jingle companies often work with focus on upgrading the remembering rate. To increase this rate, a rich infrastructure is required. Pricing may vary depending on the jingle and the agency.

Istanbul has a good place in this sector in the world and agencies working in this sector are increasing day by day.

From a production point of view, the production process of a jingle is as good a process as its composer to the vocal, and as long as this team is compatible, success is inevitable.

Jingle studios have 2 rooms, as are voice-over studios. The first one is the technical room where the music is composed and edited and the second one is the studio where the vocal sings it.

The whole team comes together on the technical room to write the lyrics and compose the music, then the vocalist sings in the studio and this process outlines the jingle. Then they return to the technical room to edit. After making the necessary arrangements on the music in the technical room, the jingle is sent to the agency. And if the agency approves the jingle, jingle is presented to the audience through the radio and the internet.

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