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We offer professional voice-over services in all languages of the world, in different dialects and in mother tongue for your voice-over and dubbing projects. We translate and voice your video and audio content in whatever language and dialect you want. We are waiting for you to choose the perfect voice for your project among the world's most famous voice actors.


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🇬🇧 Mary J.
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🇩🇪 Christian B.
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🇸🇦 Lamia E F.
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🇬🇧 Peter B.
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🇩🇪 Kathrin K.
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🇬🇧 Janet P.
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🇬🇧 Maria A.
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🇩🇪 Linda Joy
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🇸🇦 Mona S.
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🇩🇪 Jennifer K.
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🇸🇦 Toufic C.
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🇺🇸 Scott W.
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Foreign Language Voice Over Service

Dubbing & dubbing in foreign languages is among the indispensable services of the media production sector. That's why production companies need foreign language voices for their film and video projects that they want to bring to the global.

Our most popular foreign language voiceovers preferred in our agency; English, Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian voices made in their language.

Having the largest foreign language voice cast in Turkey, BiberSA Production Voice Over & Dubbing Agency, with its professional team, vocalizes or dubbing commercials, promotional films, presentations, videos, ivr announcements and all your other projects that require foreign language service, According to your request, it can also be made with different accents of the desired language.

For more detailed information, you can check the "frequently asked questions" section below or contact us for information.

Frequently Asked Questions

We mostly choose the artists we work with in foreign language voice-over projects from voice actors living in Turkey or we work with famous voices in the sound bank of professional agencies we have contracted abroad.

Not all of the artists we work with in Turkey are local artists. We have many foreign-origin artists residing here, dealing with dubbing & dubbing. We, as BiberSA Production, have the opportunity to reach those artists and include them in our sound bank and offer quick solutions to your foreign language projects.

Apart from foreign voice actors, we also work with local artists who have a command of the language they speak at the mother tongue level due to their long years of experience abroad.

By visiting our sound bank, you can listen to the demos of our foreign language voice actors and contact us for the sounds you like.

Foreign language voice-over begins with the project's arrival at the voice-over agency and the translation. Translation, which is one of the most important works, is performed by the voice actor after the technically correct translation is made by making sectoral analyzes of the company that is the subject of the project.

After the translation process is completed, the production companies choose the voice suitable for the project from the "Foreign Voices" category included in the cast of the contracted voice agency and purchase the voiceover service. Because some languages are universal, they differ according to various accents and country languages. Our agency also meets this demand with voice actors who can make voiceovers in different accents according to preferences.

Foreign language dubbing; It is the process of dubbing the project in the same foreign language again. In some projects, the production companies do not like the original voiceover and demand that it be spoken again by a different voice with dubbing.

In Foreign Language dubbing, it may be requested to speak using different accents of the language. Therefore, there are opportunities to choose dubbing in different accents with a suitable dubbing artist in the agency's sound bank.

In the process of our foreign language voice-over and dubbing service, we also provide translation services from Turkish to the desired foreign language or from a desired foreign language to Turkish. We pay attention to use professional technical words suitable for the sector in the voiceover texts translated from Turkish.

With the world's most famous voice actors in our Voice Bank, we deliver your voice requests in different languages and accents - for your texts up to one page - within one working day.

Foreign language voice over prices vary in every language and every voice. Each voiceover has its own stamp price. For this reason, the price budget is determined according to the project content and voiceover. If there is a project that you want a price request for, you can contact us and get the necessary information.

The experience of our voice actors included in our team is due to the fact that they have been actors in private and state theaters for years, they have been conservatory artists, and they have worked as a radio announcer or musician for many years. Therefore, each artist's own campaign, promotion, documentary, animation, corporate, etc. sounds are available.

It has been our priority to choose the voice actors we prefer in foreign voice-over projects from artists who are of foreign origin and have their own mother tongue, or local artists who can speak their second language fluently and with correct pronunciation at the mother tongue level due to having lived in foreign countries for many years.

You can choose the sounds you think fit the project identity from our sound bank, where we carefully examine and bring together the voices of valuable artists within our voice-over agency, which has the most comprehensive sound bank in Turkey, and you can request proposals from us.

In fact, the rules that apply not only to foreign voiceover & dubbing but also to all voice-over works are also valid in this field. Therefore, the most important thing when performing a voiceover in a foreign language is to analyze and understand the text to be read. After the analysis of the text is finished, not with a straight reading style, but to be able to answer the event in that text, with whom, where, how, and with the right intonations, or to be able to answer the events that happened, whether it is sadness, comedy, fear, etc. There is, it is necessary to understand them and to convey this to the audience in a natural voice with the right intonation, accents and facial expressions, that is, to enliven them.