Performance Of The Art Of Voice-Overs

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Performance Of The Art Of Voice-Overs

Voice-over and dubbing means giving life to any written text, poem, novel, article, news or character. The voice talents and dubbing artists are referred to as the person who gives life to their voice. He is the person who performs the voice of voice-overs and the art of dubbing in the best way. When discussing the subject, it may be useful to distinguish it as the Art of Voice-over and the Art of Dubbing. Although it is understood as if the same voice-over and dubbing actually have common features although they differ from each other.


When it comes to voice-over of promotional film, news, documentary, dialogue scripts, advertising, written texts, books, etc. all kinds of written and visual text to voice comes to mind. Here all the commentary belongs to the art of the voice talent. Dubbing can be explained as easily as like this. In visual broadcasts dubbing is re-voicing the characters with a different language or with the same language. The art of dubbing art takes on that character and plays with that character. It is possible to specialize in both the voice and dubbing art, and it is possible to perform both. Voice-over and Dubbing artists can work independently from any institution, or they can work depending on a dubbing agency. In order to be able to perform voice-over and dubbing art, and to perform this profession in the best way, it is absolutely necessary to have a certain education.

Diction, correct use of breathing, toning, voice usage trainings would be appropriate. However, as in any other profession, voice talents and dubbing artists must continue improving themselves. In order their voice usage to be healthy, they can take regular singing lessons and complete theater trainings in order to develop correct toning and role skills. A voice-over and dubbing art performer pay great attention to their voice and body health. Just like a professional athlete, they work on regular voice, breathing and reading exercises.


First dubbed Turkish film shot in 1960 by Muhsin Ertuğrul “A Nation is Awakening”. Turkey is a successful country in the world for voice-over and dubbing. Talents have proven their talents in dubbing and dubbing and numerous artists perform this job in the best possible way. We have voice-over and dubbing art performers who know their voices very well and re-voiced many well-known actors.

In recent years, the number of TV series, movies, documentaries, animation in Turkey has increased with the proliferation of the number of candidates who want to practice the art of dubbing and voice-over. An incredible number of willing individuals are trained in this sector through various courses and private lessons, and the numbers are increasing each day. However, it is necessary to work and develop in order to be able to perform the art of voice-over and dubbing in the best way, to prove themselves in the sector and to be a preferred, wanted voice. Continuous reading, research, voice, breathing exercises, and doing a lot of practice is very important. Candidates who want to perform voice-over and dubbing art should know that they have a long way to go, they should work hard and they should be able to take these paths.

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