Promotional Film Dubbing

Promotional Film Dubbing

The visual content used in television and internet commercial is divided into two parts as commercial films and promotional films. commercial films are video productions prepared for brand-oriented promotion purposes. It is to promote brand awareness in the market. Promotional films are productions for content expression such as production centers, factories and plants, operation processes, presentation of equipments. Promotional film dubbing is much longer than the voiceover, and the voice should be more calm and narrative. Another feature that distinguishes promotional films from other types of commercial is the language of expression in promotional films. In promotional film scenarios, a more descriptive language was used.


Three topics are essential when determining the promotional film’s prices.

  1. The total duration of the promotional film or the number of text pages, if any.
  2. The medium of the promotional film
  3. It must be determined if there would be any other voices apart from the main narration.

Please inform the voice-over agency authorities on these three issues when expecting a price. After a brief given to the voice-over agency representative, you can request your promotional film voice-over offer via email. The voice selected from the voicebank is also one of the thing that differentiate the cost. Some clients want voice suggestions by providing the budget for the project. In this case, we create an voice cast in accordance with the budget and offer it to our clients.

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Promotional film dubbing is the voice-over recorded after the sound director and synchronized onto the video. During the recording not only director and the sound operator, but everyone who prepares the promotional film process can be found in the studio to make the sound flawless. In promotional film dubbing the reading is made frame-by-frame. Sometimes this process is made possible after the recording in post production.

The acoustics of the voice-over and dubbing studios should be good and firmly isolated. Because environmental noises can come into the microphone during recording and will prevent the recording to be perfect soundwise. These are the technical details. Production companies, advertisement agencies, digital agencies choose the voice they need from the voice bank. The agency books a rehearsal reading with the selected voice talents. This is generally one paragraph per project. Recording is sent to the client to check for the accord of the talent and the project. At this stage, the client may change or revise the voice talents. The final decision on the dubbing artist is accompanied by a voice-over director for the promotional film dubbing process. After the necessary readings and voice-overs, the editing of the sound and synchronization is made. Finally, the promotional film voice-over project is ready to be aired.