Radio DJ Jingle

Radio DJ Jingle Pack

BiberSA Production Voice Dubbing Agency; Radio DJ jingle and DJ jingle making service, mainly radio DJs, clubs DJs, jingle, ID, sweeper, Teaser are preparing auxiliary publications. In our DJ Jingle dubbing service, we are preparing ID works with unique voices accompanied by DJ foreign Voiceover. DJ jingle voices are the sound of your radio by selecting the to choose the strengthening of the identity of your radio teaser, jingle, sweeper, acapella, jingle and FX work for the DJ in the field are doing with excellent sound engineers. We offer ten pieces (Sweeper + Dry + Teaser) and 1 (Jingle) in the service context. We offer this price, which broadcasts in Turkey ‘Local Radio’s our current prices. You can also contact us for other offerings.

Radio Jingle Samples

[waveplayer shuffle=”true” info=”playlist” shape=”rounded” ids=”8192,8208,8207,8205,8204,8203,8202,8201,8200,8199,8198,8197,8196,8195,8194,8193″]

DJ Sweeper Samples

[waveplayer info=”playlist” shape=”rounded” shuffle=”true” ids=”8271,8270,8269,8268,8267,8266,8265,8264,8263,8262,8261,8260,8259,8258,8246,8245,8244,8243,8242,8241,8240,8239,8238,8235,8234,8233,8232,8231,8230,8229,8228,8227,8226,8225,8224,8223,8222,8220,8219,8218,8217,8216,8215,8214,8213,8212,8211,8210″]