Script Voice-Over

Script Voice-Over

Ad scenarios in voice-over and dubbing agencies are referred to as ad scripts or reading texts. Although “script” very common in the media production sector, sector employees are aware of this issue. Commercial scripts are written by script writers after a brief meeting with the company. Customer and agency communication are very important for the final version of advertising scripts. Because the customer wants to read the text before the recording. The ad text approved by the customer is finally ready for recording. The voice talents who are suitable for the text presented to the approval of the customer are invited to the studio for proofreading. The same rehearsal readings will be performed on the same day.


Many scripts such as commercial scripts , promotional film scripts, documentary narration scripts are dubbed in a program of voice-over and dubbing agencies. Voice-over directors organize this program progress by creating a cast according to the type of the script. If there are character voices in the script, voice talents are given appointments for the recording session. After analyzing the texts, the voice-over is performed according to the content of the program. There is also the software aspect of the voice-over studios in addition to script recording. We recommend not to work with voice-over softwares. Ready-to-use text-to-speech programs are not much preferred for voice-over. Robotic voices are insincere and among the companies that use this kind of voices are also viewed as amateurs.


Dialogue advertising scripts are mostly texts with theatrical content. It is read by several voice talents together. Dialogue script readings include environmental sounds and effects. In these kinds of scripts, voice talents use their theatrical talents at the highest level to make the voice appropriate to the spirit of the ad script. Dialogue ad script examples:


-What was your tractor’s model, neighbour?
-Mine is New Holland, my dad has a Massey…
– So, one of them broke down, the other needs a check.
– Your tractor guy must know what he’s doing. 🙂


Child: Mom, I found this under the table.
Mom: Mithat, you are the worst! I thought you forgot.
Dad: How could I? Did you get me one too?
Mom: They said there was a sale in Koçak Gold. I got you a gold watch.
Dad: Wow, I got yours from there too, I’m really glad we didn’t run into each other.
Child: Everyone got their gifts. I want mine too!
Dad: How can I forget my beautiful princess. I got you a gond necklace.

When it comes to script voice-over , it is not necessarily just an ad script. Promotional film, advertising film, e-learning videos, documentary, IVR, dubbing and subtitles are also written as scripts.

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