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In local business, they are radio advertisements prepared to be broadcast only on Turkish radios, and in the content of this service, advertisement production service is provided by BiberSA Production Voice Over & Dubbing Agency. All production needs such as advertising copy writing, voiceover and sound design are offered to our customers within this service.


We translate your videos into any world language you want with our professional translation team!


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Translation Transcription Subtitle

Apart from producing video content production, we help out many agencies with our professional translation team. With fast and accurate translation results, we perform two types of translation processes. Our professional subtitle translator work specifically on subtitle translation. If there is no written script for the visual content, transcription of the content is made by our native transcription team.

Thus, the file can be prepared for the subtitle translation. The subtitle translation is made by our bilingual synchronization specialists. We also provide synchronization (text-to-image compliance). After the subtitle is ready it is tested on the visual content. As the subtitle translation is completed, your file is presented with both synchronized codes and dialogues. If the article is already transcripted and you want it to be translated, you can upload your file into a translation calculator tool and learn the subtitle translation price on the system instantly.


We use translation, dubbing or subtitle service to translate your visual content from a foreign language into Turkish in the media production sector. A good translation is necessary before the dubbing or subtitle operation. The most important aspect of the translation is the excellent decoding of the original language of the video. If the transcripted text is a technical text, the translator should be familiar with the terms used. Sometimes the translation process takes several people to complete. In this long process, the main goal is to make a result oriented translation. After the translation phase is finished, you have to decide whether the visual content will be subtitled or dubbed.

Many agencies, companies and production companies in Turkey are translating foreign production videos to Turkish. This is also the way in cinema industry. Hollywood films are translated as dubbing or subtitle after they are transcripted. In this sense, transcription is writing down the visual content. However, it is also necessary to do an accurate translation. The translation must give the same meaning in accordance with the original language. Visual content such as commercial films, promotional films, etc. are more easily translated and dubbed than movies or TV series. The situation becomes even more difficult when different characters and lip synchronizations are involved in cinema films or TV series. Although it may seem easy for a general narrator to tell the subject during the duration of the video, the subject and the technical language used can make the job more difficult. For example, the translation of an commercial film and introductory video that belongs to a pharmaceutical company a little more complex. It must be transcripted by a translator who are familiar with the terminology of the sector.

After transcription of the visual content and the translation process is completed, there are two options. Dubbing or subtitling. The budget of the project is determined whether the visual content will be subtitled or dubbed. dubbing is the process of revoicing the general narrator in a commercial or promotional video or voicing a character in movies or TV series. Subtitling is provided to inform the viewer in the form of a visual text. Most subtitles are written as SRT files by syncing each scene with the corresponding text. Even though movies with subtitles have recently been popular, subtitle tracking often results in the loss of the image and even scene. According to world standards, Turkey is one of the most successful countries in dubbing. With a handpicked voice cast the result of dubbing is thriving. Visual content prepared in foreign languages such as advertisement and promotional films, rather than subtitles, are mostly preferred. The general narrator or voice-over is dubbed into the video after a suitable voice selection.

We now know the processes required to translate your visual content in Turkish into a different language. Before transcription, translation, dubbing and subtitling processes we can translate your script without you making your production purchase. In this regard, you can learn the average price of each service from voice-over and dubbing agencies.