Turkey's Most Famous Voice Over Artists

Turkey's Most Famous Voice Over Artists

“I remember this voice from somewhere.” We hear you say. Did you know that today, many movies, TV series and commercial sounds come from dubbing agencies and sound banks? Yes, you heard right. There are many Turkish voice actors who carry our country to the world success ranking in the dubbing and voice-over industry. Well, who are these hidden figures who are talked about with their success in both foreign and Turkish TV series, movies and advertisements? Let's get to know the voice actors who come to life in our memories with the list of Turkey's most famous voice actors we have prepared for you. We wish you pleasant reading in advance!

The most famous voice actors | oppressed kiper Bibersa 1 1

Mazlum Kiper

We are starting our list of Turkey's most famous voice actors with Mazlum Kiper. Born in Istanbul in 1946, Kiper studied theater and acting in Sweden and returned to Turkey. The master artist, who took part in the voice cast of the world's most watched and loved films such as The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, also worked as an art director at the City Theatres.

The most famous voice actors | ugur tasdemir peppersa 2Ugur Tasdemir

Uğur Taşdemir, also known as the local Nicolas Cage, was born in 1965. Although he is a graduate of Istanbul University Finance, his love for theater, which started from childhood, led him to become a voice actor. Of course, master theater actor Selim Naşit Özcan, who saw the light in Uğur Taşdemir, had a big share in this orientation!

The most famous voice actors | muge oruckaptan Bibersa 3

Müge Oruçkaptan

Müge Oruçkaptan, who conquered our hearts with Wilma Flintstone in the Stone Age, is a very popular face of television programs with her performance as a presenter.

The most famous voice actors | my dear coskun candaner Bibersa 4

My sweetheart Coskun Candaner

Coşkun Candaner, who had numerous first prizes in the field of rhythmic gymnastics before his career in theater and voice acting, is making a name for himself by voicing famous names such as Julia Roberts.

The most famous voice actors | fulya ergunes Bibersa 5

Fulya Ergunes

Fulya Ergüneş, one of the successful announcers of TRT, has hosted many private channels as well as TRT. Ergüneş, who also showed his talent in presenting in the art of voice acting, took part in the dubbing staff of many films such as Saw and Taxi.

The most famous voice actors | Sezai Aydin Bibersa 6

Sezai Aydin

Almost all of us know Sezai Aydın very well. The famous voice actor, who is engraved in our memory with both Turkish comedy series and theater performances, was born in Ankara in 1952. He also gave life to the voices of many famous Hollywood stars such as Silverston Stallone.

The most famous voice actors | zeynep ozden ayyildiz Bibersa 7Zeynep Ozden Ayyildiz

Zeynep Özden Ayyıldız, who gave voice to many iconic actresses such as Marilyn Monroe, was born in 1965. Özden Ayyıldız graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory Theater Department and also taught in the talent competition program called Stars of Turkey.

The most famous voice actors | okan bayulgen Bibersa 8

Okan Bayulgen

We continue our list of Turkey's most famous voice actors with Okan Bayülgen. When Okan Bayülgen is mentioned, most of us think of Shrek. In addition to this cartoon, which we love to watch, we also know the talented voice artist with his television programs.

The most famous voice actors | murat sen Bibersa 9

Murat Sen

The voice of famous actresses such as Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise, Murat Şen's voice is as charismatic as these actors! Turkey's famous voice actor, born in Istanbul in 1972, most recently voiced the character of Jhin in League of Legends.

The most famous voice actors | tamer karadagli Bibersa 10Tamer Karadağli

Haluk, Tamer Karadağlı, from the TV series "Children Do Not Hear", manages to clean the rust of our ears every time we listen to it with his full and deep voice. The famous actor also manages to prove his success in dubbing to us with his dubbing in the Godfather movie.

The most famous voice actors | jeyan mahfi ayral Bibersa 11Jeyan Mahfi Ayral

Jeyan Mahfi Ayral, one of our female voice actors whose face we can't get out of but remember when we hear her voice, gave life to the voice of the main female character in many Turkish films. The famous voice artist has succeeded in bringing a new perspective to Turkish films with his lines such as "nevet, nolamaz, my lamb".

The most famous voice actors | prompt betil Bibersa 12

Prompt Betil

Istemi Betil, who lost her life in 2011, has managed to be engraved in our memories with the character of Laz Ziya in the Valley of the Wolves. Betil, who has voiced many male characters throughout her life, has left us amazed with her Gandalf performance.

The most famous voice actors | hope plate peppersa 13

Hope Plate

Umut Tabak, who we know with the voice of Polat Alemdar, started his artistic life with Haldun Dormen Theaters. The famous artist, born in 1979, started to show himself in the voice-over industry with the guidance of Gülen Karaman.

The most famous voice actors | berna baser peppersa 14

Berna Baser

Berna Başer, who started to perform on the radio by passing the TRT exam in her childhood years, made the most of the voices of Penelope Cruz and Sandra Bullock.

The most famous voice actors | Arda Aydin Bibersa 15

Arda Aydin

We wouldn't be wrong if we say that Arda Aydın is the Leonardo Di Caprio of our country. The famous voice actor has taken part in the dubbing staff of many Leonardo Di Caprio movies. Also, there is not a single word to be said about his success in voicing young characters.

The most famous voice actors | Gulen Karaman Bibersa 16

Gulen Karaman

Gülen Karaman is the most famous voice actor of Turkey, who passed through Dormen Theater like Umut Tabak. Gülen Karaman, who entered the voice-over industry with the direction of his master Çetin İpekkaya, has signed his voice for many TV series and movie characters such as Firdevs character in Aşk-ı Memnu.

The most famous voice actors | Haluk Bilginer Bibersa 17Haluk Bilginer

We conclude our list of Turkey's most famous voice actors with Haluk Bilginer. The artist, who has a very charismatic voice, has appeared in many successful domestic and foreign films. Haluk Bilginer, who impressed us with his acting skills as well as his success in voice acting, is one of the most successful names in our country.

As a result;

In the list of Turkey's most famous voice actors, there are many more that we did not name as well as the artists whose names we shared with you. The biggest factor in the success of these artists, who carry our country to the top in the voice-over industry, is their success in transferring their talents and experiences to the voice actors who grow up after them. As a matter of fact, what distinguishes these names from the audience that calls themselves “artists” today is that they really fill the concept of artist.

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