Turkish Voice-Over

Turkish Voice Over

Turkish Voice-Over

The famous Turkish Voice-overs have been the focus of attention of some agencies abroad. Maybe even more appreciated abord. To be a good voice talent in Turkey you have to attract popularity. If you have a good voice, no doubt customers will choose you, your popularity will increase and you will be referred to as a good Turkish voice talent.


Turkish Voice-overs

Turkish voice talents are talents that voice commercials, ads, promotional films, movies and TV series. Generally, advertising agencies and production companies operating abroad look for Turkish voice-overs from agencies like BiberSA Production. Working with a slightly higher reputation price, Turkish voice talents alway look forward to project aboard.


Talents With Mustaches

Turkish voice talents are known for their mustaches. We think that the fame of Turkish people must be remembered in the minds of the people aboard as mustaches. You can tell a Turkish voice talent from his mustache. We can’t forget the names of Turkish voice talents who worked for foreign companies. We would like to congratulate them all and wish them continued success.

Turkey’s voice talent meeting will bring together the most famous Turkish voice talents of Turkey and around the world. This meeting will be held by BiberSA Production. This meeting will serve as a platform where both Turkish and foreign talents will come together.

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