Video Voice-Over Program

Video Seslendirme Programı

Video Voice-Over Program

Video translation is indispensable in voice-over and dubbing. A foreign language video is dubbed or translated and served as Turkish subtitles. The video voice-over program consists of several stages. These stages are translating the video, creating a voice cast for the video, creating the voice-over, such as video subtitles.

Video Translation And Voice-Over

In voice-over studios, the videos are translated into Turkish from a foreign language. Videos are also translated into Turkish within the voice-over program. Video content are usually contents such as commercials, promotional films, desktop advertisements, prerolls, educational videos.

Video Translation: If the video to be translated is written down. Then the translation will be turned into a voice-over. Translated text and time problems resulting from language difference are converted into equivalent sentences and solutions. These transformations are organized to preserve meaning integrity. Then the voice-over and dubbing are performed.

Selecting the video voice: the translated video is selected for the language to be voiced. When making this selection, it is important to find a voice resembling the original. If the original music of the video can be found, it will be used, and if it is not found, a music close to the original will be purchased.

Video Voice-over: In the voice-over stage of the video, the vocalization will be recorded in wav format by reading from text after a few proof reedings. The sound technician does some effect operations if necessary. The voice-over is finalized by assembling it over the video. The documentary-like video contents are assembled with dubbing logic. Voice is recorded by reading over the video.

Video subtitle: Subtitle operation is performed according to the requests after the voice-over. The subtitle is placed within the timecodes according to the language specific standards. Video voice-over services within the program are known by their general name. According to the content of the project, commercials are also referred as dubbing. Some companies, especially franchising companies abroad generally want brand videos to be translated and dubbed. The permits received by the international broadcasting company are limited to a certain period of time and certain broadcast channels.

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