BiberSA Production Voice-over and Dubbing Agency, with its Voice Bank service, brings you to the team of Turkey’s and the world’s best voices and voice-over talents. With its hundreds of different voice options and dozens of language options, BiberSA Production is the perfect solution partner for your voice-over projects. While each of our voices in our voice bank has different reputation prices, many of the talents here only voice local radio advertisements. Voice Bank is divided into categories such as female voices, male voices, children’s voices. While you can access the voice-over talents by searching from the voice bank, you can also search by age category. In this way, you will find the voice you want with the suitable filters. We are providing you with a offer within the same DAY. Voice-over talents in the Voice Bank, and voice-overs are of the best quality in Turkey and all around the world.


Let’s start by explaining the words Voice Cast and Voice Bank. We know that there are still some words that doesn’t have the full equivalent translation in Turkish, so some words are borrowed from other languages. ‘Cast’ is one of them. Cast is the abbreviation of the word “Casting” which means “to give a role” in Turkish. In other words, when we say Voice Cast, we mean a collection of voices to be cast. We preferred to find a middle way in the media sector. And we called the assemblage of our voice-over talents the Voice Cast. All of them are precious artists, talents! We thought it would be great to have these precious people ​​collected in a bank and name it Voice Bank.