Voice-Over Studio



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What Do We Do?

As a dubbing and voice-over studio, we have the privilege to present you with some of the most talented voice talents to be a part of your project. We also provide advertisement voice-overs, IVR, e-learning voice-overs, documentary narrations, and jingles. We offer hourly and daily rental services for production companies, agencies, digital agencies for voice recording and dubbing. And we also offer foreign language voice-overs over 70 languages with some of the most talented voice talents.


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Frequently Asked Questions

IVR service is one of the most frequently used services in the cloud and virtual operators. If you want your customers to be welcomed with a professional voice this service is for you. Do your foreign customers understand the language of your IVR? We offers hundreds of voice talents in 70 different languages in BiberSA Production voice bank for your customers. For the IVR service, you need to share your menu with us in written form. Your customer representative will respond to you within five minutes with sound samples at the desired tone and price for your IVR text.

We offer hourly and daily rental services for your voice-over and dubbing projects to agencies, production companies, digital agencies, corporate companies that bring their voice talents along, with voice directors and technicians. You can also purchase services such as mix-mastering, sound design, sound effects, audible recording at our voice-over and dubbing studio. Voice-over studio rental service includes coaching service which provides you with the text editor, voice-over director.

This service is included in the rental price and you can get information about our prices from contact page or on phone and through your customer representative.

Announcement voice recording services for airports, metro, metrobus, bus, ferry, aircraft, elevators, malls, kiosks etc. are informative and warning records that are recorded to machines and that are played to the crowd in an interval. As BiberSA Productions, we provide professional voice talents for your voice recording requests. In addition to the unlimited revision option we provide, we also offer fast delivery for your projects. You can get more information about our voice recording service from our customer representative.

Voice-over dubbing studios in Turkey provides a variety of dubbing services to various projects. Some studios are dubbing tv series and movies, while others are simply dubbing promotional films and commercials. In the promotional film and commercial film dubbing service, the foreign language video content is dubbed by the Turkish dubbing experts in Turkish and we also provide you with the foreign dubbing versions of the Turkish contents. BiberSA Production is producing solutions with professional dubbing talents for your commercial promotion dubbing projects. For creating a problem-free dubbing cast, professional voice recording options, you can send your questions via phone or WhatsApp to our customer service representative.