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Voiceover Artists

The sound is the noise created by the vibration caused by the collision, touch or friction of another object / Can Gürzap words is a meaning pool developed by the generations before us to understand each other. That’s how much we need from this pool. The voice-over artists are people who are very sensitive about the cleanliness of the pool, who knows more about the structure than general information, and who are carefully approaching each letter. Perfect diction, emphasis, and toning are essential in voices reaching millions by means of mass communication.

People who round the words, swallow beautiful letters when there is no guilt, who depresses their sentences and lacks the emphasis and intonation while losing their sense of meaning, touches the spirit of each letter and touches the soul as if they are blowing sounds. Now if we want to close our eyes and remember the voice of Çetin Tekindor, we will have a beautiful Turkish language that makes the sounds of our letter filled with sparkle and a separate bow. Sounds are not enough to get into our lives with meaningful words, but the voices are honored by those who pronounce them well. Voice-over artists are always ready for this challenging task.

They are so ready that they correct their speech mistakes in others, without realizing that they have become too sensitive to their profession. If they do not fix the inconvenience of the trouble and the maximum three to four minutes later they use the word in the sentence are comfortable. This may also be called professional deformation, but voice artists call it the area of responsibility and are right. Sound type is the concept that defines the range of human voice. Species are divided into two groups as Female – Male.

Male Voices; Counter, Tenor, Bass-Baritone and Bass

Female Voices; Soprana, Mezzosoprano, Contralto.

A voice artist who has developed the sound muscles, by navigating through these intervals, integrates the desired sound with emotion and gives the soul with their voiceover. While you are reading these lines; Women’s vocalization artists and male vocalization artists are recording the sound of Air and sound productions while the directors are on the record! Moreover, somewhere, someone is writing new texts to add to his or her souls. An excellent documentary of the last years prepared on voiceover and dubbing. The documentary made by BiberSA Production on IZ TV, Who is the voice actor on the subject? answers the question. Voiceovers and dubbing enthusiasts can learn about this documentary about how business is done in the industry.