Voiceover Reputation Prices

Seslendirme Dublaj Kaşe Bedelleri ve Fiyatları

Voiceover Reputation Prices

What is the price of a voice reputation? First of all, we would like to share with you the answer to this question. Voice-over, dubbing reputation prices are prices for the reputation of the voice talents. As every voice talent has a reputation price, every dubbing agency has studio expenses. In the media production sector, voice-over dubbing stamps are made in series of movies, motion pictures and commercials. For example, if a documentary film will be dubbed, this series will be evaluated in the film category. If a brand, product or service is to be performed for commercial purposes, it will be evaluated in the advertising voice category.

For film and motion picture films, dubbing prices are more affordable than commercials. This is because the series of movies and movies are direct non-commercial productions. Although there is a wide difference between the voiceover reputation cost and the time spent in the studio by the dubbing artist for the production of film dubbing prices, the fact that the film and the cost of the film are low is based on commercial strategies.


Reputation Prices

The voice of the voice talents varies according to the color of the voice, the recognition in the sector, and the work done before. The prices people talk about on the street are not realistic. We would like to say that many discourses saying that a person who has performed the advertisement has earned millions of liras is incompatible with the reality. Commercials, ads, TV series and movies all have a specific budget, and the prices are determined according to this. It is not realistic to make a dubbing budget that exceeds the production value of the film.

Voice talent reputation prices and voice-over agency costs are the costs of the project. Voiceover and dubbing prices are charged on this unit. Special agreements that talents and the agencies make offer better prices. This is entirely at the disposal of the voice-over agency. Reputation prices include revisions. This revision process covers 14 business days after the project is received by the customer. Revised requests exceeding 14 working days are charged for half the price.

We would like to share with you an important issue about the voice reputation. There is a limitation for voice talent when it comes to voicing commercial films. In other words, the voice talent can say that he would let his voice be broadcast for example for 1 year. Apart from this period, the firm must pay a reputation price during the time the ad is aired. These agreements are made between the voice-over agency and the company.

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