What Is Cinema And TV Series Dubbing?

What is Cinema and Series Dubbing?

What Is Cinema And TV Series Dubbing?

We all know that Hollywood films are produced in English. There are two options for non-English speakers; watch with subtitles or listen to dubbing. The subject of dubbing can vary from country to country in an interesting way. In this article, we will examine dubbing in film and cinema sector.



Dubbing is the process of montage of the translated dialogues in movies and TV series into Turkish. In other words; it is the process of combining dialogues, music and sound effects in a professional studio environment into a new recording.

For example, audience in the United Kingdom and America often prefer watching movies or TV series with subtitles in their original language. In these two countries, only children's programs are dubbed. The reason for this is that the audience prefer to hear the original voices of the film as their age grows, so that they feel the emotions and atmosphere of the movie better. In England, the most important exception is the Spaghetti Western films. These Italian-made cowboy films have been translated into English for some reason. It's really interesting, because even the Chinese-made films like Hidden Dragon in the UK have dubbed versions they have been released with subtitles. Some of the films with dubbings are much more alluring than the original version. For example, Doris, the ugly step-sister in the famous Shrek 2 movie was dubbed by Jonathan Ross in England, and Larry King in the United States. And the effects of the film were different in both countries. When films are translated into another language, they must also be adapted to the humor and culture of that country, otherwise they cannot be successful.

About 90% of Hollywood films are translated into other languages. The fact that the big screen films are being translated into more than 30 languages ​​creates a pressure in the dubbing studios. For example, only in India the Spider-Man 3 movie has been translated into at least four languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Bhojpuri. This is an extra time-consuming job and hence may cause the film to be released late in the country. This is a very stressful process that the producer companies do not want at all!

The amount of workload that dubbing will require depends entirely on its structure. Lip sync is the one that requires the most effort. Some prefer to just voice-over instead of lip sync. Based on the original dialogues, the characters are voiced. Some countries have a different approach when it comes to dubbing. A narrator talks over the original dialogues as he explains what's going on in the text. Audience is only listening to the part in their own language on the original speech. Especially in Russia and some eastern bloc countries, this style is preferred. Of course, this method is an option that disrupts the natural flow of the film and does not sound very good.

Where this is the case in the world, some well-known dubbing artist in Turkey (for example Sungun Babacan, Sezai Aydın, Uğur Taşdemir, Mehmet Ali Erbil, Okan Bayülgen, Nevra Serezli) have announced their names by dubbing the famous Hollywood movies and became today's famous dubbing artists. Dubbing in Turkey is first seen with the film A Nation is Awaking in 1932. This is the first audible film, dubbed in Turkey. Dubbing in Turkey, although it really doesn't stand out when considering that this process is completely characteristic in terms of the diction and accent of the characters the actors play, in fact carries great significance.

When it comes to dubbing, the movie does not need to be in a foreign language, and unfortunately there are many examples of bad dubbing. For example, before the films are shown on television, the words containing profanity can be reproduced by placing lighter words in other countries even though they are censored. The additions that are made later don't sound good.


Many television series in Turkey break ratings records and even sold to the Middle East and the European channels and subtitled in foreign language and dubbed according to the audience requests. In Turkish TV series, the re-dubbing process due to the actors' tone or the shooting environment is done in the studios. While sometimes a character is dubbed by another person other than the actor, it can also be dubbed by the original actor. Turkey does a very good job in dubbing according to the world rankings. Because we have even seen that a dubbing artist has dubbed an entire cinema film or tv series.

Dubbing is also microphone acting. It requires a theatrical talent. Our advice to those who want to be a dubbing artist and do this professional is to get an education from the relevant institutions. stay with love.

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