What Is Radio ID and Dj ID?

Radyo ID ve DJ ID Nedir?

What Is Radio ID and Dj ID?

Hello, dear readers. In this issue of our magazine, we will talk with you about Radio ID and DJ ID. First of all, let’s talk about what ‘ID’ means. ‘ID’ (abbreviation) is the shortening of the word identity. This means that when the radio ID is mentioned, the identity of the radio is mEANT and by identity of the radio we understand the format of the recording.


Radio Id

In Turkey, local, regional, national or web radio Radio IDs to create the soundtrack agencies receive support on this issue. This ID creation process of radios is replaced with new ones in each new broadcast period. It is inevitable for radio managers to change their radio id periodically as we listen to the listener and listen to the same ID for a year. This applies to DJ IDs.


Radio and Dj Ids

Radio and DJ IDs are special promotions for radios and DJs. Usually they can be produced with a buzzy effect or simple voice-over according to their broadcasting style, and sometimes represent only Radio ID and DJ ID in a music. This mp3 and or wav formats are unique identities for radio and DJ and are one of the most effective solutions for the discovery of the radio and DJ. Radio programmers in Turkey, who prepare the radio Radio IDs, are required to follow other radios to be unique from other competitors. Of course, this is also the responsibility of the voice-over agency. After all no one would like the have the same ID as another Radio or DJ.


Radio and Dj Id / Jingle

Radio and DJ IDs are also referred to as ‘Jingle’. There is nothing to be mentioned in this way, but the term Jingle is often referred to as a singing ad, and is also called a radio jingle with a song or a dj jingle with a song. Radio jingles and DJ jingles also represent the identity of the radio, such as the ID. We come across the DJ ID’s outside the publishing industry, in the entertainment industry. For example, in a nightclub, DJs have IDs. They advertises their own IDs and makes their guests to enjoy themselves.

While in Turkey these are called Radio IDs and DJ IDs, in television and film broadcasting these are called VTR, intro or trailers. It would not be wrong to use these terms instead of ID in television broadcasting. If there is a situation where a broadcast is identified, then there is no harm in using the term TV ID.

Radio ID and DJ IDs have been in the language of the sector since 1994, when private radio and television broadcasting began to shine, and voice-over and dubbing agencies serving Radio ID and DJ ID have delivered many works on private radio and television. It is a good step for innovation and change for Radio programmers and Radio broadcasters to say hello to their listeners with a new identity by placing ID orders in every new publication period. We believe that Radio and DJ IDs in the radio broadcasting sector will strengthen your business by increasing the quality of your work. Love and greetings… Have a nice day.

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