Whiteboard And Infographic Voice-Overs

Whiteboard ve İnfografik Seslendirme

Whiteboard And Infographic Voice-Overs

Whiteboard is of the class where the videos are prepared with various animation movements.  These videos appear in various ways. For instance sometimes the characters appear to be moving and most of the times a hand appears to be drawing or writing things on the screen. For these usually a white board is used. Choosing the narrator is very important for the narration to be effective. The narrator is often referred to as the voice-over talent, sometimes referred to as the external voice. Voices are usually cheerful, happy and positive. It is aim is to explain the business of a brand or their service in social media. The visual contents of Whiteboard are usually used as a result of changing template-ready projects. However, this is not the case in abroad or in other countries. A special whiteboard story is prepared for the brand or service and it is watched to the customer. The customer either accepts or revises the work according to the level of satisfaction from this preliminary presentation.

In whiteboard voice-overs, male voices are more preferred than female voices. Although it is known that the narratives are more effective with male voices, we can say that the decision is based on the concept, the sector and the content of the video. For the Whiteboard voice-over, the freelancers are a bad representation for the brand, just because of the low prices they ask. Note that you can obtain such services from a voice-over agency. The  proliferation of visual content Whiteboard is still very new in Turkey. Whiteboard contents, which are usually created by production companies and agencies for case study purposes, are now preferred in visual content to promote small and medium sized enterprises.

Infographic video; is the video content of original designs or template designs drawn by an illustrator. They are also included in the animation voice-over category. Infographic videos are also widely used in case study presentations. Infographic voice-over or dubbing are separated from each other whether a character is involved. If there are characters in the infographic video, it is called infographic dubbing and if there aren’t then it is an infographic voice-over. Voice preferences are very important as it is in whiteboard voice in infographic video. Preferred voices are generally be cheerful, happy, fun, friendly. The infographic videos are usually presentations or introductory videos about the service or the product.

In fact, all of the sub-categories within the animation voice-over service are both whiteboard voice-over and infographic voice-over. The main title of animation voice-over services are divided into whiteboard and infographic voice-over and dubbing branches and evaluated as animation. They are among the words that have been searched in this way according to the search results. When you need a service like this on the Internet, the subject you are looking for should be the animation voice-over.

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