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Advertising Demo - 🇹🇷 Ferya S.Voice Over | download 5
🇹🇷 Ferya S.
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Voice | ferya s voice actor 8
🇹🇷 İbrahim E.
Voice Over | 6
Voice | ibrahim e voice actor 11
🇹🇷 Nermin O.
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Voice | nermin o voice actor 14
🇹🇷 Bora S.
Voice Over | 6
Voice Over | bora seckin voice actor optimized 17
🇹🇷 Ekin O.
Voice Over | 6
Voice | ekin o voice actor 20
🇹🇷 Mehmet A. İ.
Voice Over | 6
Voice Over | mehmet ali isguder voice actor optimized 23
🇹🇷 Bedia E. O.
Voice Over | 6
Voice | bedia e voice actor 1 26
🇹🇷 Mazlum K.
Voice Over | 6
Voice Over | mazlum kiper voice actor 29
🇹🇷 Elif İ.
Voice Over | 6
Voice | elif voice actor 32
🇹🇷 Nüvid C.
Voice Over | 6
Voice Over | nuvit c voice actor optimized 35
🇹🇷 Tarkan K.
Voice Over | 6
Voice | tarkan k voice actor optimized 38
🇹🇷 Muge O.
Voice Over | 6
Voice Over | muge oruckaptan voice actor optimized 41
🇹🇷 Ugur T.
Voice Over | 6
Voice | ugur tasdemir voice actor optimized 44
🇹🇷 Remziye D.
Voice Over | 6
Voice | remziye d voice actor optimized 47
🇹🇷 Cihan U.
Voice Over | 6
Voice | cihan unal voice actor optimized 50
🇹🇷 Aydogan T.
Voice Over | 6
Voice | aydogan basic voice actor optimized 53
🇹🇷 Erhan Ş.
Voice Over | 6
Voice | erhan s voice actor 56
🇹🇷 Murat G.
Voice Over | 6
Voice | murat g voice actor 59
🇹🇷 Soner A.
Voice Over | 6
Voice | soner arica voice actor optimized 62
🇹🇷 Cahit S.
Voice Over | 6
Voice | cahit saher voice actor optimized 65


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In our voice bank, which includes the most famous voice actors of Turkey and the world, you can listen to the demos of voice actors suitable for your project, select the appropriate voice for your project by filtering from the voice bank menu, and receive voice-over dubbing service on the same day.

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We produce solutions for your corporate identity. Would you like to greet customers calling your business with professional voices? We deliver voice-over services to your IVR announcement system on the same day, in any language you want, with the most famous voice actors of Turkey and the world.

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The voices of our voice actors may sound familiar to you. We dub commercials, radio commercials and promotional video contents to be broadcast on channels such as television, social media, radio and cinema, with professional voice actors and our voice-over director.

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Meet the world's most famous native voice actors! We offer foreign language voice-over services for your video content with professional voice actors in many world languages, including English, Arabic, Spanish, German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Italian, all of whom are native speakers.

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Use the power of technology in voiceover! We add an innovative dimension to your projects with our artificial intelligence-based voice-over solutions. Using the world's leading artificial intelligence voice-over technologies, we offer high-quality AI voice-over services in various languages and accents.

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Make a difference in the podcast world! With our professional voice actors, we offer impressive and dynamic voice-overs for your podcast series. Whether it's a series about your service, an interview series, or storytelling, reach your listeners like a radio program with our podcast voice-over service.

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Let your customers recognize you from your brand's song! Increase your retention rate with the jingle advertisement we will prepare specifically for your brand, product, service or business. We are here to create a special song for your brand with our talented jingle vocalists and expert sound engineers in our sound bank.

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Meet Turkey's most famous microphone players! With dubbing voice-over service; We offer professional dubbing services for characters in video content such as commercials, documentaries, animations and promotional films by selecting appropriate casts for the characters with the talented voice actors in our voice bank.


BiberSA Production Tells

Voice over, more commonly known as voice-over, technically known as off-camera or off-stage commentary. Voice-over is a production technique used in non-character media works.
For example, commercials based on animation are a central voice-over product that directs us when connecting to a customer representative.

We come across voice-overs in every area of our lives. Advertising voiceover in product brand promotions on television and radio, when you call a company with customer service, switchboard voice-over, which is frequently encountered in digital media, artificial intelligence voiceoverCharacter voiceovers in animation and cartoons are included in the service area of this sector.

Voice-over services, while producing media voice actor works with The voice actor has responsibilities according to the area he serves:

  • The voice actor, who is the voice of a brand, gives voice to commercials. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to make a commercial film voiceover is in this article. It is the duty of the voice actor to promote the product that the brand promotes in the best way, and to convey the emotion and message that the brand wants to give to potential buyers.
  • Central voice over The voice-over providing service is the first point of contact between the company and the customer. In this respect, a sincere, sincere, but at the same time understandable vocalization is expected from the voice actor.
  • Book voiceover is a voice-over service that has emerged to meet the demand offered by the visually impaired, special children or those who prefer to understand the book with their voice. Here, the voice actor is expected to integrate with the characters in the book, convey the emotion in the book to the listener, and make an immersive narration.
  • The first responsibility of the voice actors who provide foreign language voice-over services is to master the language they serve. In the foreign language voice-over services preferred by the brands that want to open up to the global foreign language voice cast The volume is very important.

Bibersa, the best-known agency in the media industry, both as a studio and as an agency, has a "dubbing cast" with dozens of voices. In the foreign voice-over service of Bibersa, it provides Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian voice-over services, especially English voice-over service.

In short, we can answer the question of what a voice-over agency does as producing media for brands that need dubbing and voice-over services. Having a sound director and a large sound cast is essential in a good dubbing agency. Teamwork is essential as this is a media production business. In addition to teamwork, whether the dubbing agency has a studio or not is an important detail in terms of the quality and quantity of its work.

Voice-over agency companies do not have sound studios. The agency presents its talented voices and demos from sound artists; acts as a bridge between the brand and the sound artist. The sound studio, on the other hand, has all the necessary equipment to produce media in cinema, radio, television and digital media. In this respect, the studio is the place where work is born and produced. Therefore, the voice-over agency and the sound studio are complementary but different business lines.

Voice-over agencies that have a sound studio take a step forward because they have a command of the technical part of the job and can deliver a faster and higher quality job. However, both a sound director with the technical skills to manage the studio and his work sound bank The number of agencies that can showcase them does not exceed the fingers of one hand. Having this holistic approach, Bibersa has been among agencies that are both an agency and a studio for exactly 15 years.

Dubbing needs the character played by an actor as opposed to voice acting. In this regard, it is also called character voiceover or microphone acting. dubbing voiceover There is a movie or series character for the movie, the voice of that character is re-voiced in Turkish or any desired language.

For voice actors dubbing artistis called the microphone player. Character-based voice-overs for movies are called movie dubbing. The first dubbing in Turkish cinema was made for the German film Gün Batarken. Dubbing performed by theater and film actor İsmail Galip Arcan belongs to 1937. Since then, Turkey has taken the lead among the world's best dubbing countries with the USA and England.

Bibersa provides advertisement dubbing and dubbing services. Having its own sound studio, Bibersa does a flawless job by undertaking all stages of the dubbing commercial. With 15 years of industry experience BiberSA commercial voiceover and dubbing references You can take a look at the examples in the advertising dubbing area by clicking on the link.

Bibersa Production is more than an agency in terms of owning a sound studio. Bibersa Voice Over, which has more than 15 years of experience in the sector, is the agency with the largest sound bank in the sector in terms of quality and quantity. In addition, it provides voice-over services not only in Turkish, but also in seven languages (Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian), especially in English.

The success of an agency that provides voice-over services is closely related to the fact that the voice actor is both qualified and high in quantity. Finding a voice that fits the character or the voice that reflects the spirit of the brand is a responsibility that an agency with a diverse voice cast can handle. Bibersa is a voice-over agency that has an experienced team and reaches thousands of voices. The service network provided by Bibersa is expanding in direct proportion to this reason.

Jingle ad music is frequently used for radio and television commercials. Jingle ad soundtracks ensure that the brand is remembered positively with the help of music and rhythm. Successful jingle commercial music means that the brand stays in mind for a lifetime, it rings in the ears. In this respect, whether it is a radio advertisement jingle or a television advertisement music; good advertising jingle music means the immortality of the brand.

Indeed, when we check my memory, we see that there are jingle music that comes to our mind as soon as possible. If you want your brand name to come to minds of hundreds of people as soon as possible, Bibersa ad jingle examples You can listen to Bibersa's immortal jingles by taking a look at the page.

Book voiceover does not mean that the voice actor reads the book. At least, book voiceover service for Bibersa Production is not that simple. In book vocalization, the written work is voiced in the studio environment by conveying the characters and emotions in the book.

It can be audiobooks, children's books, literary works or works written for a branch. In addition, for online education (e-education), source vocalization and training broadcast can be voiced. Audiobooks can be made for the visually impaired, for special education as well as for listening to the book aloud.

To view reference works and learn more about book voiceovers BiberSA book voiceover check out the page.

Documentary voice-over is a voice-over service where the voice actor is a narrator. The voice actor should pay maximum attention to emphasis and intonation, have a fluent Turkish and capture an immersive narrative tone while performing the documentary voice-over work. The rate of watching documentaries in our country is quite high and the voice actor's contribution to this rate is great.

BiberSA Documentary Voice Over You can make unforgettable documentaries accompanied by an experienced sound director. BiberSA brings you together with famous documentary voice actors; makes the documentary the best!

Advertising Voiceover is performed in three ways as radio advertisement, TV advertisement and social media advertisement. The purpose of the advertising voiceover service is to voice the promoted brand or product in accordance with the style.

Advertising voiceover is not just reading ad text. Accurate, fluent and error-free vocalization of the advertising text is an important part of this process, but the main goal is to convey the emotion to the advertisement with sound. A good advertising voice-over ensures that the product does not stay in the mind of the buyer. Therefore, advertising voice-over is the most demanding job in the media production industry.

BiberSA advertising voiceover By browsing the page, you can examine the advertising voice-overs of Turkey's most famous brands.

Animation voiceover means giving voice to objects or characters designed with graphics. Imitation and dialect skills from the voice actor in animated films; expected to vary the tone of voice. In this respect, it is a job that requires talent and effort.

It is very important to find the appropriate voice for the character in the animated movie or character voiceover. With its wide voice cast, BiberSA reaches thousands of qualified voices in the field of voice acting. BiberSA animation voiceover You can take a look at the dubbing and dubbing works performed by Bibersa by browsing the page.

In the global and digital world, borders are as close as a phone. For this reason, we can be aware of the brands on the other side of the world, and we can carry our own brand between continents. At this point, advertising and therefore foreign language voice-overs come into play.

Bibersa shows its success in the Turkish voice cast in Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Russian voiceovers, especially in English. To make your voice heard all over the world with Bibersa BiberSA foreign language voice over check out the page.

In institutionalized brands, a switchboard system is established in order to control both customer satisfaction and incoming telephone traffic. The switchboard is the company's first contact with its customer. In this respect, the central vocalization should be sincere, sincere and understandable.

BiberSA central voiceover service offers you the best welcome and central voice at your first contact with your customer. Bibersa, which provides voice-over services to the most important brands of Turkey, offers a warm welcome to your customers!