Sound Design and Foley

We make your voiceover and dubbing projects much more effective with sound design and foley service. Contact us to make a difference with sound design in dubbing and dubbing projects accompanied by professional sound engineers and effects experts.

Sound design and foley is a dubbing method used in every branch of media production, from music to conference. The purpose of sound design is to add realism and depth to the content.  As BiberSA Production, we offer sound design and foley service with our strong technical infrastructure, 20 years of industry experience and our expert sound engineers.

What is Sound Design: Create Impressive Atmosphere in Your Movies with Sound Design

Sound design is the process of determining, editing or modifying the structure and properties of a sound. This process extends from the source of the sound, to the arrangement of the sound, and finally to the environment in which the sound will be used.

sound design; music is made in three ways as human voices (cries, rabarba) and effects. While these sound designs are used together in some projects, only music may be sufficient for some projects. All three elements have a very wide range. Every media you watch has a sound design. Without sound design, videos cannot convey the desired message and are not impressive.

Sound design is an essential part of media for film, television, video games, animation, advertising and other types of media. Sound design is also important for music production, conferences and events, and artistic performances. Foley for audio is the same thing as color/correction in video. In short, sound design has an active and important role in every branch of the media production sector.

Sound design is a complex process in itself. Because sometimes thousands of sounds may be required to create the perception of reality of a video. In addition, sound design differs from project to project, and each project has its own dynamic. As BiberSA, we are aware of the role of sound design in the media. For this reason, in addition to meeting all the conditions listed above, we offer clear and high quality sound with our advanced technology when designing sound.

What is Foley: Step into the World of Sound Effects

Foley refers to the use of sounds recorded in the real world, called sound effects, in media content such as movies, television, video games. 

Name given by Jack Foley. Jack Foley was a sound engineer working for Universal Pictures. In the early 1920s, most of the sounds used in movies were not recorded in real life. That's why Jack Foley started recording the sounds in movies in real life and popularized the recording of sounds in movies in real life.

Foley sounds are recorded using various objects. For example, opening and closing a door to open a door, using shoes to express that a character is walking. These sounds are superimposed on the dialogues and music in movies and are used to reflect real-life sounds. As might be expected, the sound effects have a very wide range. 

Foley sounds are most commonly used in the voice-over and dubbing fields for film, television, video games and animations.. These media types use Foley sounds, since while real-life sounds are used, elements such as characters' movements, ambient sounds, and other sounds may not be recorded in real life. For example, sounds that show a character walking may not be recorded in real life, so Foley sounds are used. In addition, Foley voices are used for dubbing, as the voices are not recorded in real life.

Foley is part of sound design. It is used for dubbing as well as voice-over areas such as commercials and promotional films. Foley, which requires creativity and a very good ear, and whose design and application can be done by professionals, is designed in cooperation with an effects specialist and a sound engineer. 

So who can get sound design service? In which areas of the sound design industry is a need? 

Our Sound Design Contents

What Steps Do We Follow While We Do Sound Design?

Sound design includes many steps and stages. Typically, we follow these steps for sound design:

  1. brief: We would like information about the project. In this process, we ask for information about the content for which the sound design will be made, such as the category of the content (feature film, series, animation, audio book project, radio theater, short film), delivery time, broadcasting channels.
  2. Audio recordings: If foley is required depending on the type of content, that is, we start to take sound recordings for effects or we use your sound recordings in our archive. Recordings can be real animal sounds, human voices, ambient sounds (ambient ambiences), rabarba, sound effects, and other sound sources.
  3. Audio editing: After preparing the sound recordings, we arrange according to the scenes in this step. At this stage, our goal is to ensure that the sound is natural and realistic. In this step, we determine the duration, volume, tone and other properties of the sound. We complete this step with our strong technical infrastructure and our expert sound engineer team.
  4. Sound effects: Sound effects are applied to the video or media at this stage. We place the sound effects in the most realistic way. For example, if the content has a vehicle transition, we'll level the vehicle transition so that it can be heard from near to far.
  5. Audio equalization and mixing: Sound equalization and mixing is a technical process. During this process, we adjust the volumes so that their level is equal, and if there are sounds that need to overlap, in this process.
  6. mastering: The mastering process is a process called the final touch. We do this to create the final sound. We adjust the volume, tone, and other properties for the content at this stage. To ensure that the sound is natural and appropriate, we level and serve according to the broadcasting medium.
  7. Delivery: Your sound design service is delivered to you at the time promised at the briefing stage, with a minimum revision target.

Sound design may differ for each project, and the content and order of these steps may vary by project. These steps form the general structure of sound design. We create a business plan and rearrange these steps according to the wishes of each brand and each project.

In Which Fields Is Sound Design Used?

Sound design is an important need in many different fields, especially in dubbing and dubbing. Professional content producers know the importance of sound design very well and purchase sound design services for the media they produce. The fields of voice design used in sound design are as follows:

  • Feature films and series: Voice recording service supporting dubbing service in unused movies and TV series; ambient sounds are used to implement rabarba, foley service.
  • Animated movies: It is used to support character dubbing, to apply motion effects, ambient sounds, shouting sounds.
  • Video games: Used for supporting character voices in video games, applying motion effects, ambient sounds, equipment sounds, and shouting sounds.
  • Ads: Sound design, commercials and jingles can also be used to create or modify voice tags and other sound effects for voice actors and music mixing, and where some attention is needed.
  • Educational materials: Sound design can be used to create or modify audiobooks, e-learning materials and other audio content for educational materials.
  • Artistic Performances : Sound design can also be used for theater and stage performances, operations such as sound system design, microphone selection and placement can be done.

Sound design is used to ensure that the sound is natural and appropriate in these areas, to support the parts to be emphasized with effects, in short, to strengthen the visual pleasure with sound.

So why is sound design important? What do we lose if sound design is not done?

Why Is Sound Design Important?

Sound design is important for determining the atmosphere and mood of a media content. Sound can be used to reinforce the meaning and impact of an image or a story. For example, a voice in a movie that indicates that a character is anxious will convey that emotion to the viewer. As a result, the desired message reaches its destination, and reality is captured in the videos. When you try to watch a horror movie without effects, we understand the importance of sound design much better.

Also, sound design is used to create the atmosphere of an event or place. This atmosphere appeals to the senses of the listener and is successful with or without concrete space.. For example, creating a relaxing environment in a shopping mall using music and effects causes customers to stay longer and spend more. This method, which is frequently used in the field of marketing, is also preferred for switchboard announcements. We choose the sound design by taking all these factors into consideration for the central announcement voice-over service you receive from BiberSA Production. With an effective sound design, we contribute to the satisfaction of your customers on the phone.

Voices used in dubbing and dubbing make the media impressive. Attracts attention and makes videos more effective. For example, when we hear the sounds of nature in the right place and in the right way in a commercial about nature, we can better understand what the advertisement is trying to convey. Because with the right and appropriate effects, we feel like we are in nature. In addition, sounds directly trigger memory. Therefore, a good sound design keeps the subliminal message of the video in mind. 

In places where the accents are not sufficient in the voiceover, the effect reinforcement technique is used. Sound design is done by sound engineer and effects specialist and the role of sound design is very important in triggering this whole complex process. As BiberSA Production, we see the sound design and voice acting as a whole, carefully select and apply the sound design according to the content type.

As BiberSA Production, we are aware of the power and impact of sound design. In this respect, we deliver the sound design service in the best possible quality, just like every job we do.

How is Sound Design Used in Voice Over and Dubbing?

It can be used in a variety of ways in sound design, dubbing and dubbing. For example, sound design for voiceovers is done to edit or change a character's voice in a particular way. For example, it is possible to create the voice of an animal character in an animated movie, inspired by the voice of a real animal. The same example applies to the human voice and music.

Sound design for voiceover; It is done by directly changing the voice of the voice actor or by amplifying it with the effect to strengthen the emphasis and increase the effect. In these processes, first of all, care is taken to ensure that the sound is natural and realistic. 

Sound design for dubbing; Supporting character dubbing is done by using effects such as ambient ambiance, human voices (rabarba), equipment sounds, or by directly changing the character's voice.

Make Promotional Films More Attractive with Sound Design!

As BiberSA, we explain sound design as the use of various sounds and music to support the narration of the promotional film and increase the emotional response of the audience.. In order to reflect the narration of the promotional film in the best way, we carefully select the sounds and music and deliver them together with the dialogues, effects and music of the film.

In promotional films, sound design is used to support the narration of the promotional film and to increase the emotional response of the audience. Sound design involves using a variety of subject-related sounds to support the narration of the trailer. For example, in an automobile promotional film, sounds such as the sounds of the engine, shifting gears and braking convey the message to the audience more clearly. In addition, these sounds give the audience a better idea of experiencing the car. This is the foley part of the sound design. As BiberSA Production, we pay maximum attention to sound design in promotional voice-over services. We design sound designs for promotional videos that will attract the attention of the audience and encourage them to watch.

Another reason for sound design for promotional films is to increase the emotional response of the audience. For example, in a health product promotional film, calm and relaxing music is preferred to reflect the peaceful environment that living a healthy life will bring. Likewise, energetic and high-tech music is used in a technology product trailer to reflect the fast and powerful features of the product. This is the musical side of sound design. As BiberSA Production, we strongly apply sound design in promotional films where we use licensed or original music. In this way, we contribute to the creation of strong and effective content in every project.

Voicing Books with Sound Design: Bring Books to Life!

Sound design for book voiceover is used to support the narration of the book and increase the emotional response of the listener. Sound design may involve the use of various sounds to support the narration of the book. For example, sounds such as the sounds of the forest, the sounds of the water, the sounds of animals can be used in an adventure novel. These sounds allow the listener to better experience the setting in which the story takes place.

Sound design was important to increase the listener's emotional responser. For example, in a love story, calm and relaxing music can be used to reflect the peaceful and happy atmosphere that love will bring. Likewise, in a horror story, tense and suspenseful music is preferred to reflect the tense and anxious atmosphere that fear will bring.

Sound design involves the use of various sounds and music to support the narrative of the book and increase the listener's attention. Sound design experts select the sounds and music to best reflect the book's narration and arrange them along with the book's dialogue, effects and music. This whole process is a new adventure for each book.

The strength of the sound design is related to the experience of the designer and how strong his ear is. Going out of the usual patterns but at the same time catching the dose of originality is the most important and critical part of this job. is part of it. This care can only be gained with experience. As BiberSA Production, with our 20 years of industry experience, professional voice actors work for book voiceovers and other services in company with our sound engineers, we plan the sound design according to the content and feeling of the book and deliver it on time.

Increase the Impact of Your Podcasts with Impressive Sound Design Service!

Podcasts are audio blogs that are recorded and made ready for publication on social media platforms by making audio interviews with experts for your business and brand.

Podcasts are usually made up of at least two people, the presenter and the guest. In other words, two people chat about a topic in a program with a background music in and out of the program. Some effects are used in the program in order to color the conversation with the sounds.  

Sound design is the selection, editing and adaptation of music, effects and sounds used in podcast dubbing to sound the image of the business.. In the sound design of the podcasts, the team consisting of internal or professional voices in accordance with the corporate identity, target audience and purposes of the enterprise gives conversations on predetermined topics. Music and sound design are as important as the performance of the sounds in podcast dubbing. 

The professional design of the music, input and output IDs used in the podcast listener has its counterparts. As BiberSA Production, we make your podcast content more effective with sound design. We support the image of your company and brand with our experience and guidance.

How Sound Design Prices Are Determined

Sound design prices are determined specifically for each project. Although the steps that determine sound design prices have a standard fee, some factors require project specific pricing.

As BiberSA Production, we follow the best service and the best price policy. Sound design prices vary according to the nature of the project. Before making a price offer, we obtain the information on the following parameters and prepare our offer accordingly.

  • Content – Media Type: Movies, commercials, video games, animations, podcasts, etc. Different types of content, such as For this reason, the content type of your project affects our sound design price policy.
  • Project Duration: The length of the project (minutes/hour, number of words), the number of content required by the sound design, etc. The offer we offer to the brand changes depending on factors such as
  • Material type: The materials used in the sound design in the project affect the price offer. eg. Human voices (rabarba), music, special effects requests except our archive.

In addition to these factors, sound design prices vary according to the customer's wishes, market conditions and competition situation. As BiberSA Production, we take a brief from our brand before we deliver our sound design price offer to the brands, fully understand their wishes and expectations, and finally, we present our sound design price offer in accordance with our best price policy. To get a sound design quote, you can contact one of our experts and get an approximate budget on the phone.