Professional Chinese Voice Over and Chinese Dubbing Service

We offer Chinese voiceover services for your voiceover and dubbing projects with the world's most famous voice actors who speak Chinese in different dialects. We translate and voice your video and audio content from all world languages to Chinese. You can visit the sound bank to choose the one suitable for your project among the native Chinese voice actors in our sound bank.


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🇬🇧 Donald C.
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🇺🇸 Tom F.
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🇬🇧 Bronwen L.
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🇬🇧 Linda Joy
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Çince seslendirme | linda j female english voiceover 17
🇬🇧 Janet P.
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Çince seslendirme | janet p female english voiceover optimized 20
🇺🇸 Daniel A.
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Çince seslendirme | daniel a male english voiceover optimized 23
🇬🇧 Katherine K.
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Çince seslendirme | katherine k female english voiceover optimized 26
🇺🇸 Melissa E.
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Çince seslendirme | melissa e female english voiceover optimized 29
🇺🇸 Kim H.
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Çince seslendirme | kim h female english voiceover optimized 32
🇬🇧 James L.
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🇺🇸 Laya H.
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Çince seslendirme | laya h female english voiceover optimized 38
🇺🇸 Joe Z.
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Çince seslendirme | joe z male english voiceover optimized 41
🇺🇸 Ross H.
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Çince seslendirme | ross h male english voiceover 44
🇺🇸 Scott W.
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🇺🇸 Butch M.
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Çince seslendirme | butch m male english voiceover optimized 50
🇺🇸 Ian M.
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Çince seslendirme | ian m male english voiceover optimized 53
🇬🇧 Mary J.
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Çince seslendirme | mary j female english voiceover optimized 56
🇺🇸 Alexa K.
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Çince seslendirme | alexa k female english voiceover optimized 59
🇬🇧 George J.
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Çince seslendirme | george j male english voiceover optimized 62
🇬🇧 Kathrin K.
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Professional Chinese Voice Over and Chinese Dubbing Service

Due to the fact that Turkey has had a significant trade volume with China for many years, Chinese dubbing & dubbing is among the indispensable services of the media production sector. That's why production companies often need Chinese sounds for their film and video projects that they want to bring to the global.

BiberSA Production Voice Over & Dubbing Agency, which brings you the world's most famous voices in Chinese dubbing and dubbing, commercials, promotional films, presentations, videos, ivr announcements and all your other projects that are required in Chinese, with its professional team, can be dubbing or dubbing with different accents of the language according to your request.

As BiberSA Production, we have been serving in the dubbing and dubbing industry for more than 20 years. We work with a professional team in our own voice-over studio, using licensed programs. Thanks to our experience in the industry and our collaborations with global brands, we offer our customers the best quality voice-over and dubbing services. Within the scope of foreign language voice-over service, we take your projects one step further by working with native voice-over artists in more than 70 languages. Within the scope of our foreign language voice-over service, we also offer Chinese voice-over service.

Our Chinese voice over service is used in many areas. We provide Chinese voice-over services in many areas such as Chinese commercials, Chinese documentaries, Chinese movies - TV series, Chinese video games and Chinese audio books, as well as educational materials. Chinese voice over In our service, we only work with native Chinese voice actors. In this way, we aim to reflect the natural tone and accents of Chinese.

Chinese dubbing service in addition to Chinese voiceover It is within the scope of the foreign language voice-over services we offer. We offer foreign language movies, TV series and video games to our audience by dubbing them into Chinese.

While providing professional Chinese voice-over services, we prioritize customer satisfaction as well as quality dubbing and voice-over. In our Chinese voice-over service, we work closely with our customers at every stage of the business. Taking into account the wishes of our customers, we implement their projects in the best way possible.

As BiberSA Production, we offer our Chinese voice over service. We offer the best prices. Native Chinese voiceover artistsIn addition to working with I, we are constantly updating our technological infrastructure. In this way, we provide quality and timely service to our customers.

We translate your videos into Chinese and offer Chinese voiceover service with professional native Chinese voice actors. In addition to the Chinese voice-over service, we also offer translation, transcription and subtitle services. We get your project details for Chinese transcription translation and subtitle service, and we send you our special offer with our best price policy.

Like dozens of our references, if you have Chinese voice over, Chinese dubbing service, Chinese translation, If you need one or all of the transcription or Chinese subtitle services, you can apply to BiberSA Production. With our expert team and experienced voice actors, you can be sure that we will bring your project to life in the best way possible. Contact now, learn more!

Why is Chinese Voice Over Service Important?

Çince, dünya nüfusunun yaklaşık %20’sinin ana dilidir ve Çin, dünyanın en büyük ekonomilerinden biridir. Çince konuşan ülkelerde, Çince en yaygın ticaret dili olarak kullanılır. Bu nedenle, birçok işletme Çince konuşan müşterilerine ulaşmak ve onlarla daha etkili bir şekilde iletişim kurmak için Çince seslendirme hizmetlerine ihtiyaç duyar.

However, businesses' Chinese voice-over service There are many factors to consider when buying. For example, Professionalism and quality are very important in Chinese voiceover services. A good Chinese voice over serviceshould accurately reflect elements such as correct intonation, correct stress, and correct pronunciation. Moreover, Businesses that receive Chinese voice-over services should also know the importance of communicating with a person who speaks their customers' native language. That's why it's so important to work with a company that has native Chinese voice actors.

BiberSA Production has been operating in the dubbing and dubbing industry for more than 20 years. Using licensed programs in our own voice-over studio, professionally speaking Chinese with our native Chinese voice-over artists and our voice-over director We offer the service. Experienced and talented in our team Chinese voice actorsreflects the right tone and feel to meet your business's needs. Our voice over director takes over the management of the project from beginning to end. Together with the world's most famous voice actors We find and process the most suitable sound for your project with our Sound Bank, which also includes native Chinese voice actors.

As BiberSA Production, we are proud to work with leading brands. In each of our projects, we take great care to provide the highest quality service to our customers. With our Chinese voice-over service, you can appeal to your business's Chinese-speaking customers and communicate with them more effectively.

BiberSA Production's Chinese voice-over service is offered at the best prices in the industry. Thus, you can get a high-quality service in accordance with the budget of your business.

You can contact BiberSA Production to meet the Chinese voice-over needs of your business. Enjoy a professional service and a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Why is BiberSA Production Working with Native Chinese Voice Over Artists for Chinese Voice Over Service?

As BiberSA Production, we see one of the most important factors in a Chinese dubbing or Chinese dubbing project as being able to work with a natural Chinese speaking voiceover. Because native Chinese voice actors reflect the natural tone, accent and rhythm of the Chinese language in the most accurate way. In addition, professional Chinese voice actors improve the quality of their voiceover projects by making the best use of the Chinese language.

In addition, as BiberSA Production, we work with native Chinese voice actors for the following reasons:

    • Grammar and Pronunciation: Native Chinese-speaking artists can speak more naturally and fluently in grammar and pronunciation. Because, Chinese voice-over and dubbing service for native Chinese voiceover Choosing it will ultimately enable you to provide a higher quality and professional service.
    • Emotion and Intonation: Chinese is a language that differs in language features such as intonation and stress. A native Chinese-speaking voice actor, reads a text with the right emotion and intonation and thus leaves a stronger impact on the target audience.
    • Culture and Social Cohesion: Language is an important part of a culture and society. Native Chinese voice over service They understand the finer details of Chinese culture and society, as well as the Chinese language. This, Chinese voice-over and dubbing service It enables us to give more importance to cultural and social harmony while giving the brand, and thus to better present the brand to the target audience.
    • Communication and Cooperation: When working on a project, it is important to communicate and collaborate correctly with the client and team. native Chinese voice over service,Because they are knowledgeable about the Chinese language and business culture, they help you collaborate more efficiently.
    • Marketing and Advertising: In order to reach the target audience directly, along with the correct intonation, emphasis and pronunciation, cultural and social harmony is also important. This is only native Chinese voice actors possible with A good Chinese voice-over and dubbing servicecontributes to the competitiveness of a brand in the international market. 

In conclusion, Chinese voice-over and dubbing serviceis a service industry in demand worldwide. In order to best reflect the natural intonation and accent of the Chinese language, native professional Chinese voice actors should be used. 

In addition, as BiberSA, we offer the best quality Chinese voice-over and dubbing services to our customers. We use our experience in the sector, the power of equipment and technology to maintain this quality. We work with native Chinese voice actors and find the best sound for your projects for our customers who want to get professional Chinese voice-over and dubbing services in every media area needed for Chinese voice-over service.

Chinese Voice Over Service Areas

Correct intonation, correct emphasis and correct pronunciation are very important in Chinese voiceover services. As BiberSA Production, we offer you the best Chinese voice-over service with our team of native Chinese voice actors and voice-over directors, with dozens of references.

As BiberSA Production, we offer a professional approach in Chinese animation commercials, Chinese commercial dubbing, Chinese documentary dubbing and Chinese dubbing projects. 

Chinese Animation Commercial Movie Voice Over

As BiberSA Production, we offer the best quality and professional voice-over service for your Chinese animated commercials. Native Chinese voice actors in our team bring a natural and fluent voice to your projects. Working with professional audio equipment and sound engineers, we offer the highest quality voiceovers.

Chinese animated commercials generally appeal to a wide audience. For this reason, correct intonation, appropriate emphasis and effective expression are very important. The native Chinese voice actors in our team are trained and experienced to meet these exact requirements. Thus, we can provide the most suitable voice-over service for your Chinese animated commercials.

Chinese Advertising

As BiberSA Production, we provide high quality Chinese commercials for your Chinese advertisements. We offer the service. Our Native Chinese voice actors offer a natural, fluent and effective voiceover for your ads. Professional sound equipment and our experienced sound engineers work to deliver the highest quality soundstages.

Chinese advertising voiceovers are extremely important to communicate directly with your target audience. Correct intonation, emphasis and expression will increase the impact of your ad. As BiberSA Production, we are ready to provide the most appropriate voice-over service for your Chinese advertisements.

Chinese Documentary Voice Over

As BiberSA Production, we offer the highest quality professional Chinese documentary dubbing service for your Chinese documentaries. Our Native Chinese voice-over artists make a natural and effective voiceover suitable for the subject of your documentary. Our professional audio equipment and sound engineers work to provide the best sound quality.

Chinese documentaries are generally used to convey information and cultural values. Therefore, correct intonation and narration are extremely important to accurately convey the message in your documentary. As BiberSA Production, we are ready to provide a quality voice-over service prepared in accordance with the requirements of your documentary.

Chinese Dubbing

Chinese dubbing is the translation of speeches of movies and TV programs into Chinese for the audience to understand, and also overlaying the original audio recording.. During this process, correct pronunciation and the use of appropriate intonation are key for the movie's audience. Good Chinese dubbing requires a professional team and native Chinese dubbing artists.

As BiberSA Production, all voice-over and dubbing services, we have a team of experts in Chinese dubbing and dubbing. We work with professional native Chinese dubbing artists and use our technical infrastructure to complete the dubbing process as soon as possible.

The above-mentioned ones are the most popular voice-over and dubbing services in Chinese voiceovers. However, Chinese voice over service is a service needed for different purposes and in different fields. You can reach us immediately by clicking the contact button below to move forward with your project according to your purpose.

Chinese Translation, Transcription and Subtitle Service

As BiberSA Production, we translate your videos in Turkish or other languages into target language Chinese, decode your videos or add subtitles without affecting the appearance of your videos. These services include translating Chinese videos or audio recordings to other languages, converting audio recordings into text, or adding subtitles to Chinese videos.  

    • chinese translation, translation of texts in different languages, ”srt” formatted files into Chinese; Chinese transcription services are services that convert video and audio recordings in Chinese into text.
    • Chinese transcription service, allows you to convert a Chinese-language video or audio recording into text. This service provides the transcription of videos or audio files recorded in commercials, promotional films, meetings, conferences and other events and making them ready for translation.
    • chinese subtitle service, It is the process of translating a video in a different language into Chinese and embedding subtitles in the video in sync. In other words, the Chinese subtitle service has two stages: In the first stage, experts graduated from the department of translation - interpreting translate the video into Chinese and turn the dialogues in the video into text. In the second stage, the voice over director or technical team adds this subtitle format to the video synchronously without disturbing the visual quality of the video.

Chinese subtitle service is a service that appeals to everyone who speaks Chinese, especially people with disabilities, and we recommend it to be used in every medium from social media to TV commercials.

Especially in projects for Chinese-speaking audiences in the education, business, health, tourism and culture sectors, Chinese language support is the key to making your project reach wider audiences. Makes videos accessible for those who cannot watch videos with audio or for people who are hearing impaired.

As BiberSA Production, we offer 360-degree service for your voice-over and dubbing projects, and we care about customer satisfaction. In this respect, we offer Chinese translation, Chinese transcription and Chinese subtitle services within the scope of supporting language support for Chinese voice-over and dubbing services.

As a result, Chinese voice over services is a service area needed in different sectors.. Especially Chinese commercial film voiceover, Chinese promotional film voiceover, Chinese documentary voice-over, Chinese educational videos voice-over, Chinese educational content voice-over, Chinese ivr and switchboard voice-over services and Chinese audio book Professional Chinese voice over services have a great impact on the success of their projects.

As BiberSA Production, we offer quality, boutique and professional Chinese voice-over services to our customers with our 20 years of industry experience and strong technological infrastructure. You can contact us for your Chinese voice-over needs, whether it's commercials, e-learning materials.

How Are Chinese Voice Over Fees Determined?

There are main expenses for Chinese voice over service and they are fixed. However, while determining the Chinese voice-over fees, there are situations that directly affect the budget as well as fixed expenses. Accordingly, Chinese voice over prices are determined according to:

  • Type of service to be done in Chinese 
  • Word count of Chinese text
  • Whether a translation is requested
  • Whether decryption is required
  • Stamp fee of the selected Chinese voice actor for the Chinese voice-over service

Chinese voice over service as BiberSA Production We determine the price depending on the above parameters. By contacting us You can get a Chinese voiceover price offer.


Frequently Asked Questions

We mostly choose the artists we work with in foreign language voice-over projects from voice actors living in Turkey or we work with famous voices in the sound bank of professional agencies we have contracted abroad.

Not all of the artists we work with in Turkey are local artists. We have many foreign-origin artists residing here, dealing with dubbing & dubbing. We, as BiberSA Production, have the opportunity to reach those artists and include them in our sound bank and offer quick solutions to your foreign language projects.

Apart from foreign voice actors, we also work with local artists who have a command of the language they speak at the mother tongue level due to their long years of experience abroad.

By visiting our sound bank, you can listen to the demos of our foreign language voice actors and contact us for the sounds you like.

Chinese voice-over begins with the project's arrival at the voice-over agency and the translation. Translation, which is one of the most important works, is performed by a Chinese voice-over after the technically correct translation is made by making sectoral analyzes of the company that is the subject of the project.

After the translation process is completed, the production companies choose the voice suitable for the project from the "Chinese Voices" category in the cast of the contracted voice agency and purchase the Chinese voiceover service. Chinese voiceover differs according to various accents and country languages, since Chinese is a basic cultural language. Production companies and people who want to get Chinese voice-over service for their project can get voice-over service with different accents of the language.

Chinese dubbing; It is the process of dubbing the project in Chinese language again. In some projects, the production companies do not like the Chinese voiceover and demand that it be spoken again by a different voice with dubbing.

In Chinese dubbing, it may be desirable to speak using different accents of the language. Therefore, they can get dubbing service with different accents of the language with a suitable dubbing artist in the agency's sound bank.

In the process of our Chinese voice-over and dubbing service, we also provide translation services from Turkish to Chinese and from Chinese to Turkish. We take care to use appropriate technical words by translating the voiceover texts translated from Turkish to Chinese in professional Chinese in accordance with the industry.

We deliver your voice-over requests with the world's most famous voice actors in our sound bank - for your texts up to one page - within one working day.

Foreign language voice over prices vary in every language and every voice. Each voiceover has its own stamp price. For this reason, the price budget is determined according to the project content and voiceover. If there is a project that you want a price request for, you can contact us and get the necessary information.

The experience of our voice actors included in our team is due to the fact that they have been actors in private and state theaters for years, they have been conservatory artists, and they have worked as a radio announcer or musician for many years. Therefore, each artist's own campaign, promotion, documentary, animation, corporate, etc. sounds are available.

It has been our priority to choose the voice actors we prefer in foreign voice-over projects from artists who are of foreign origin and have their own mother tongue, or local artists who can speak their second language fluently and with correct pronunciation at the mother tongue level due to having lived in foreign countries for many years.

You can choose the sounds you think fit the project identity from our sound bank, where we carefully examine and bring together the voices of valuable artists within our voice-over agency, which has the most comprehensive sound bank in Turkey, and you can request proposals from us.

In fact, the rules that apply not only to foreign voiceover & dubbing but also to all voice-over works are also valid in this field. Therefore, the most important thing in Chinese voice over is to analyze and understand the text to be read. After the analysis of the text is finished, not with a straight reading style, but to be able to answer the event in that text, with whom, where, how, and with the right intonations, or to be able to answer the events that happened, whether it is sadness, comedy, fear, etc. There is, it is necessary to understand them and to convey this to the audience in a natural voice with the right intonation, accents and facial expressions, that is, to enliven them.