Advertising voice-over

We give voice to your advertising content on radio, television, digital and cinema channels with Turkey's most famous voice actors. We offer professional online audio recording with our professional team, whether you come to our studio or remotely. You can visit the sound bank to listen to our voice actors and choose the perfect sound for your project.

Listen to Professional Advertising Voiceover Artists!

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Advertising dubbing | 3Advertising dubbing | 4
Advertising Demo - 🇹🇷 Hande T.Advertising dubbing | download 5
🇹🇷 Hande T.
Advertising voice-over | 6
Advertising voice-over | hande t voice actor optimized 8
🇹🇷 Bedia E. O.
Advertising voice-over | 6
Advertising dubbing | bedia e voice actor 1 11
🇹🇷 Emir A.
Advertising voice-over | 6
Advertising voice-over | emir a voice actor 14
🇹🇷 Funda B.
Advertising voice-over | 6
Advertising dubbing | heather b voice actor optimized 17
🇹🇷 Bora S.
Advertising voice-over | 6
Advertising voice-over | bora seckin voice actor optimized 20
🇹🇷 Ferya S.
Advertising voice-over | 6
Advertising voice-over | ferya s voice actor 23
🇹🇷 Remziye D.
Advertising voice-over | 6
Reklam seslendirme | remziye d seslendirme sanatcisi optimized 26
🇹🇷 Mazlum K.
Advertising voice-over | 6
Reklam seslendirme | mazlum kiper seslendirme sanatcisi 29
🇹🇷 Ozlem A.
Advertising voice-over | 6
Advertising voice-over | ozlem abaci voice actor2 optimized 32
🇹🇷 Parla Ş.
Advertising voice-over | 6
Advertising dubbing | parla senol voice actor optimized 35
🇹🇷 Ekin O.
Advertising voice-over | 6
Reklam seslendirme | ekin o seslendirme sanatcisi 38
🇹🇷 Özer A.
Advertising voice-over | 6
Advertising voice-over | ozer a voice actor 41
🇹🇷 Itri K.
Advertising voice-over | 6
Reklam seslendirme | itri kosar seslendirme sanatcisi optimized 44
🇹🇷 Nermin O.
Advertising voice-over | 6
Advertising voice-over | nermin o voice actor 47
🇹🇷 Cihan U.
Advertising voice-over | 6
Advertising voice-over | cihan unal voice actor optimized 50
🇹🇷 Figen A.
Advertising voice-over | 6
Reklam seslendirme | figen a seslendirme sanatcisi 53
🇹🇷 Nüvid C.
Advertising voice-over | 6
Reklam seslendirme | nuvit c seslendirme sanatcisi optimized 56
🇹🇷 Cahit S.
Advertising voice-over | 6
Advertising voice-over | cahit saher voice actor optimized 59
🇹🇷 Tuğba S.
Advertising voice-over | 6
Reklam seslendirme | tugba s seslendirme sanatcisi 62
🇹🇷 Muge O.
Advertising voice-over | 6
Reklam seslendirme | muge oruckaptan seslendirme sanatcisi optimized 65
🇹🇷 Tuğba K.
Advertising voice-over | 6
Advertising voice-over | tugba k voice actor 68
🇹🇷 İbrahim E.
Advertising voice-over | 6
Reklam seslendirme | ibrahim e seslendirme sanatcisi 71

Advertising Voiceover Projects

Advertising voice-over

Advertising voiceover, the voice-over service of the commercials prepared by the brands on television or in digital media in order to promote their services or products is called advertising dubbing or commercial promotional film sounding. Advertising voice-over, professional advertising voiceover agencies performed by. 

In the voice-over profession; advertising voiceovers have a large share. Therefore, in the media production sector, advertising agencies, production companies, freelance designers, in short, everyone operating in the sector must cross paths with a voice-over agency and often request voice-over services.

Advertising movie voiceoveris not just about giving voice to promotional films. Advertising voiceover is to add emotion to the ad, so to speak. It is among the most preferred voice-over services in the field of voice-over. Advertising voice-over service, more precisely, the commercial promotional film is broadcast in various channels and prepared accordingly. 

We consider the advertising voiceover service in three parts., you can go to the relevant text by clicking on it:

Advertisements from these categories are voiced in the studio by the preferred voice actor in accordance with the spirit and style of the brand and delivered to the brand.

Advertising Voice Over Prices

Advertising voiceover prices It varies depending on the stamp price of the desired / liked voice actor, the length of the ad text and the channel to be broadcast.. Some voice actors do not have a stamp price, and in this case, there is a calculation in the form of cost per word.

As BiberSA Production, we have the technology and experience to manage everything related to voice acting from a single point. With our licensed programs, sound studio and voice-over director, we quickly offer all solutions related to voice-over. With boutique voice-over service, we offer the best quality service that can be given to brands through creative agencies or directly to brands at the most reasonable prices.

An important factor that the commercial film dubbing prices are brand-specific is explained under the relevant title, 'commercial film dubbing prices' according to the medium to be broadcast. However, you can contact us directly and get your radio advertisement voiceover quote as quickly as possible.

Radio Advertising Voice Over Service

Radio advertising voiceover, These are radio advertisements prepared by using voice-over, musical and effects techniques to broadcast on local, regional and national radio channels of brands. In short, this voice-over service, which is defined as radio advertisement voice-over, has a very different place from other services. The reason for this is that the service or product of the brand is explained only with sound, without a visual. Voice over is literally the spirit of the brand, its voice and its interaction with the customer.

These are radio advertisements prepared to be broadcast only on Turkish radios for local business. BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency, the radio advertisement voice-over service is an advertisement promotion service that will only be broadcast on the radio. All production needs such as advertising copy writing, voiceover and sound design are offered to our customers within this service.

During our service as a voice-over agency with 20 years of experience, we have supported many radio stations broadcasting in Turkey by providing radio advertisement production services. We continue to be.

Radio Advertising Voice Over Prices

Radio advertising voiceover prices have a standard pricing system. However, advertising voiceover prices do not have a standard pricing. Because there are variables between radio advertising voiceover fees.

As BiberSA Production, advertising voice-over prices are determined under three main headings:

  • The duration of the radio advertisement
  • The number of words of the radio ad and how many different spots it consists of (version)
  • Stamp of the voice actor who will be voicing the radio commercial

Every voice actor, whether male or female, local or foreign, has a stamp price. As BiberSA Production, Turkey's largest To Sound Bank we have. We have professional audio demos of thousands of radio commercial voice actors.

Some of our artists have a stamp price in our sound bank where demos of Turkey's most famous voice actors and young voice actors are available. For this reason, the voice actor in the radio advertising voiceover service is a factor for the radio advertising voiceover price.

Television Advertising Voice Over Service

TV commercial voiceoveris the voice-over service of promotional video / visual advertisements for the product or service promoted by the brand to be broadcast in the mainstream media, local, regional or national publications. 

TV commercials voiceover Our service includes only the voiceovers made to the advertisements broadcast on television. Rad text writing, post production, voiceover and sound design All production needs are offered to our customers within this service.

Advertising voice-over Since it is difficult to write advertising texts in their services, some agencies may choose to use ready-made advertising texts. In our opinion, this is extremely wrong. Contents inspired by other advertising texts put the industry in a vicious circle and hinder development in the industry, As BiberSA Production, we always strive to produce original and innovative ideas. 

To find the sound that will be suitable for commercials, promotional films or other content to be broadcast on television sound bank You can visit our page and listen to different voices, choose the most suitable voice for your brand and contact us.

Television Advertising Voice Over Prices

Television advertising voiceover prices are not fixed. Due to the nature of the media production industry, there is no fixed TV commercial voiceover price. There are three variables that determine the TV commercial voiceover price:

  • Voice actor selection
  • The number of words in the text to be spoken or the length of the text
  • TV ad time

BiberSA Production is a boutique dubbing studio that provides all dubbing and dubbing services with professional voice actors, a comfortable and comfortable studio recording environment and state-of-the-art voice-over equipment. 

As BiberSA Production, we deliver the TV advertisement voice-over service as soon as possible, professionally, keeping the expectations of the brand in the foreground. In our Sound Bank, there are thousands of professional sound demos featuring Turkey's most famous commercial voice actors, as well as young talents.

Social Media Advertising Voiceover Service

Today, social media channels such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter have visitors as well as mainstream media. Social media has started to take place in our lives as much as the mainstream media, both on the media side and on the communication side. This situation has mobilized the marketing and advertising world: Social media ads

Social media ads are a special study for display ads on social media. SSocial media advertising voice-over and production is the advertising text writing, voice-over and production of the commercial film. sound design covers processes.

Social media commercials reach a large audience in terms of quantity, but commercials must reach the audience in a very short time. Between 3 and 5 seconds, the audience should be impressed and encouraged to watch the ad. This is only possible with a good sound infrastructure and vocalization. 

As BiberSA Production, we have made and continue to make successful social media commercials thanks to our strong infrastructure, expert team and 20 years of experience. With our Sound Bank, which includes the voices of thousands of voice actors, you can find the most suitable promotional film sound for your project or you can request us to create a sound cast.

Social Media Voice Over Prices

There is no fixed fee for the social media commercial film voiceover service. Here, three factors come into play and budgeting is made with the sum of three items:

  • Stamp fee of the voice actor
  • Number of words and number of versions of the text.
  • Social media channels to be published

As BiberSA Production, we have a Voice Bank where the most famous commercial voice actors of Turkey and the world come together. In addition, you can listen to the sound samples of thousands of talented and professional voice actors in BiberSA Sound Bank, and you can choose the sound that best suits your project, budget and brand. 

Advertising Voice Over Texts

The main purpose of advertising voiceover texts is to ensure that brands interact with their services or products in the most accurate and strategic way with the target audience. Advertising voiceover texts are divided into three according to broadcasting channels:

    • Ad Text: It is the general name given to the texts prepared for voice-over purposes to be broadcast on television, radio and social media.
    • Advertising Scenario: The texts with the cast and the plot created within the scenario to be published in the visual media are called advertisement scenarios. Along with the advertisement scenario, TV advertisement voice-over service is provided.
    • Radio Ad Text (Radio spot): The articles written only for radio advertisements are called radio advertisement texts. Radio advertising texts are the area that needs the voice-over service professionally. Because what enables the brand to interact with its potential customer is the well-prepared radio voiceover. 

Advertising voiceover texts are texts in which brands introduce their products, services or themselves and give information. Whether it is a script or text, it is the advertising texts that enable the brand to contact its customers. Therefore, good advertising texts mean a good brand in the eyes of the customer. So how to write good ad copy? What are the points to be considered in advertising texts?

    • Originality or Originality: Advertising texts may not always be original, ad text can be prepared by putting a few touches on ready-made advertising texts. In this case, using ready-made advertising texts seriously reduces the quality of advertising promotional films. It is the original texts that remain in the mind of the customer; it's even usually a slogan. In this respect, a good advertising text is written specifically for the brand or the product or service that the brand promotes.
    • Fluent / Immersive / Impressive Language:  The quality of the ad copy is as important as the performance of the voice actor. The voice-over process of the advertising text, which is written in an impressive, immersive and fluent language, will double these features and a much better job will come out. In this respect, the ad text that best describes the brand or its product / service should be impressive enough to persuade the audience to listen to the ad until the end.
    • Short and Concise Texts: Advertising texts, excluding TV scenarios, are short but impressive texts that do not exceed 30 seconds. Long ad texts are scenarios and often have short versions as well. In this respect, advertising texts should be designed to convey the messages that brands want to convey in the most clear and understandable way.
    • Phrases to Action: Advertising texts are content where action sentences are frequently used. The use of the imperative mood increases the quality of the advertisement texts. We should know that a good ad copy will also be used for marketing. In this respect, the advertising texts that lead to the purchase of the brand's product or service are successful texts.

Advertising Voice Over Artists

Advertising voice actors, specializing in advertising voiceover; They are people who have good ears, are popular, approved by voice directors and recognized in the voice-over field.. Advertisers are often the voice of a brand. Brands make annual agreements with this kind of voice actors through agencies. 

Brand advertising sounds can be selected from Turkey's famous voice actors. This is because the voices of famous people are also seen as an element of trust. However, vowel sounds may not always be commercial sounds. Apart from the famous voice actors, thousands of young talents can also take their place among the voice actors.

BiberSA Production has a sound bank that includes Turkey's most famous voice actors. In the Voice Bank, there are professional advertisement voice-over demos of thousands of local and foreign voice actors in different languages, including Turkish. BiberSA Production, which offers a wide range of sound options to brands, has been serving as a dubbing and dubbing agency for 20 years.

Why should you work with BiberSA Production for Commercial Film Voiceover Service?

Advertising voiceover or ad-voicing service is a gradual and intricate process as you can see. It is necessary to work with an experienced voice-over director, a good technical infrastructure and the right voice-over artist for commercials, which he is in every successful business. As BiberSA Production, we offer you all these privileges. Moreover:

    • As BiberSA Production, we have a sound bank that includes Turkey's most famous commercial voice actors. You can find the most suitable sound for your project, the artist that best reflects the spirit of the brand, only thanks to BiberSA Sound bank, which contains thousands of professional sound demos.
    • As BiberSA Production, we provide fast solutions to your voice-over and dubbing needs by providing both studio and casting services. For this reason, we can take immediate action on technical issues and offer unlimited revision rights. Most importantly, we deliver your voiceover project on the promised day.
    • Thanks to our technical infrastructure, as BiberSA Production, we make all of the commercial recordings in the company of an expert sound technician and voice-over director. We emphasize the message you want to convey, adopt and convey the emotion you want to convey. We bid you farewell from the BiberSA Production family with the right emphasis, high sound quality and hope to see you again.
    • As BiberSA Production, we are aware that our work is directly related to technology. In this regard, we have a studio with high sound technology.. With 8 condenser microphones, 3 sound cards, 1 digital mixer, high quality reference monitors and licensed audio editing programs, we offer you clean, fluent and high quality sound, which is the most important thing in advertising voiceover service.
    • As BiberSA Production, we are at the microphone for you as an agency that has been doing boutique and quality work in the media production sector for 20 years.. We are aware of the importance of trust factor for advertisements.  We offer advertisement voice-over services with the most reliable and famous voice-over artists in Turkey. You can browse our reference videos on the page.. As BiberSA Production, we are working integrated with the world in the commercial film dubbing service. We offer you English advertising voiceovers, Arabic advertising voice-overs, German voice-overs, Chinese voice-overs, French voice-overs, Spanish voice-overs, and Russian voice-overs.
    • As BiberSA Production, we are a voice-over agency that opens its doors to the world, follows the trends and is integrated into the digital world. We closely follow advertising production and commercial film dubbing projects in the world and in our country. We are happy to see you among us as a production company that has revealed its signature works in advertising voiceover thanks to this vision and presented it to the world.

For more detailed information, you can visit the frequently asked questions section below and contact us about commercial film budgeting.


Frequently Asked Questions About Advertising Voice Over

It can be grouped under three headings as radio, television and social media advertisement vocalizations. With the information age, the most needed area of advertising voiceover service in the media production sector is social media advertising voiceovers. Television and radio advertisement voice-over service is among the other services that come after social media.

As BiberSA Production Voice Over & Dubbing Agency, we can manage an entire advertising process for social media, television and radio advertising voiceover services. This includes advertisement scenario, advertisement text content, voice-over and all other production services prepared in line with the briefs received. Therefore, we can handle your advertising project from scratch and deliver everything inclusive.

They are companies that include professional voice-over artists and have a professional team, studio and equipment to manage all voice-over & dubbing and production processes.

In voice-over agencies, namings such as “sound cast” & “sound bank” are platforms where voice actors' voices are displayed. Recently, they appear as interactive platforms that can be downloaded and selected on the internet or as applications for iOS and Android.

As everyone knows, it is a job that requires great mastery and talent, so voice actors are very important for agencies. In addition, the voice-over director is a very important factor in the agencies where voice-over services are offered. Voice directors, who can direct the voice actor and decide which emphasis is heard better where, are the main actors of impressive commercial voiceovers.

As BiberSA Production Voice Over & Dubbing Agency, we prepare and deliver the dubbing works with great care and attention, accompanied by two different dubbing & dubbing directors and equipped recording technology.

Voice-over agencies operating in the media production sector in Turkey determine almost the same price policy. Voiceover prices 'stamp cost + text length (word count) + media to be broadcast = advertising voiceover cost' calculated by the formula.

We have prepared a “price calculator” for you above. The voice-over prices calculation tool can calculate how much budget an advertisement voice-over text can be made. calculates approximately. For full budgeting, please contact us with your 'text' and a notification containing 'name information of the voice you have chosen'. When calculating the voice-over prices, a cost-per-word calculation can be made for voice actors who do not have a stamp fee.

As BiberSA Production Voice Over & Dubbing agency, we aim to bring the right and quality sound to your brand, while at the same time we deliver this service to our customers at the lowest cost.

Each of our voice actors in our sound bank has a different stamp price, and their fees vary according to the length of your ad text or commercial film.

The number of voice actors dealing with voice-overs is about 5,000 people in Turkey, and this number is around 600,000 people in the world. “How do you become a voice actor?” You can find numerous articles on the internet about it. Just because you think your voice is beautiful and impressive, it is important that you get training in places that give certificates approved by the Ministry of National Education before you try to start this business. Contrary to what is thought, this profession is not something you can do with a straight reading. For this reason, you should know that the best way to become a voice actor after the technical knowledge you will learn in an authorized course is the way from apprenticeship to mastery. This means perseverance and a long time is required.

As BiberSA Production, we choose the voice actor according to the concept of your commercial and deliver the service on the same day. If you wish, you can be in the studio with your team while your project is being recorded and you can watch the performance of our voice actor live.

Reklam seslendirmelerinde, reklam metinlerinin içeriği çok önemlidir. Zira reklam metinlerinin anlatım bozukluğu içermemesi ve amaca uygun yazılması, seslendirme sanatçısının, seslendirme yaparken işini kolaylaştıracak ve doğru bir okuma sağlayacaktır. Reklam seslendirmelerinde, reklam metinleri, seslendirme ajansı bünyesindeki metin yazarları tarafından alınan briefler doğrultusunda, marka, hizmet ve ürün içeriğine yönelik özel olarak yazılır ve mutlaka müşteriye seslendirme öncesinde onaylattırılır. Reklam metinleri yazımını gerçekleştiren bu ekip, seslendirme aşamasında da seslendirme sanatçısının yanında olarak sürecin takipçisi olurlar. Bunun yanında doğru diksiyon, vurgu ve tonlamalar da reklam seslendirmeleri için özellikle önemlidir. Çünkü baktığımızda reklam filmlerinin ürün satışını %65 arttığını gösteren araştırmalar mevcuttur ve dolayısıyla da firmalar uzun bir süredir bu kanal üzerinden müşteri kitlesine etkin bir şekilde ulaşmıştır ve hala bu kanalı kullanmayı tercih etmektedir. O sebeple reklam seslendirmeleri hata kabul etmeyen hassas bir iştir ve sağlıklı sonuçlar için yetkin ve tecrübeli bir ajans ile çalışılması önemlidir.