Character & Animation Voice Over

Bring your animation projects to life with professional voiceover service! We provide animation voice-over services with talented voice actors for your 2D, 3D, infographic, motion graphics projects.

Professional Character & Animation Voice Over

Animation voiceover; It is among the voice-over services that we frequently use in productions such as animation movies, video games or motion graphics with anime characters, infographic videos, commercials.. Along with the animation voice-over service, we select the appropriate voice actors for the characters by our casting director and provide you with professional animation voice-over service.

As BiberSA Production, we give voice to your video projects, whiteboard works, motion graphics and the characters in all kinds of 2D and 3D animation movies with animation voice & dubbing service. You can listen to the demos we provide below or visit our sound bank to get information about the voice actors in our sound bank, who do animation & character voiceovers.

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What is Animated Commercial Film?

Animation commercial film is an animation created by animating graphics with various techniques in order to promote the brand or to market the service / product offered by the brand. advertising film variety. There are places where it is also called advertising animation. Animation promotional film, motion graph projects, infographic videos, advertisement animation films, logo intro, animated advertisement It is called by different names such as

Animation is divided into types as the production technique of the commercial film: 

  • stop motion animations
  • motion graphics
  • infographic videos
  • 2D Animations
  • 3D Animations

2D animation commercial animated actions are created biaxially. If you want to use traditional methods, you can draw by hand. Animes and cartoons are examples of 2D animation.

3D animated commercial A third axis is added to animated actions. With this axis, the sense of depth increases and the characters are created in the closest way to reality. 3D animations are computer-based animation films and cannot be drawn by hand.

Stop motion animationmeans capturing all the movements of the object with a camera and repeating these movements to create an animated movie. It is also known as stop motion animation in Turkish. In short, it can be defined as making static objects move with the camera technique.

Animation advertisingIt is a very common method in the advertising and marketing world. Because heIt is less costly than the commercial film, which is designed for time and space.

  • It has more options for screenplay than commercials based on real space and time.
  • The production process is shorter than conventional commercial films.

In addition to all these pluses, it offers an effective commercial film. In fact, there are many animated films that have managed to stay in mind with good voice acting and jingles.

Animation Commercial Movie Voice Over How Is It Made?

Animation commercial film dubbing or dubbing includes giving voice to the characters with the voice cast created for the animation. These projects come to the dubbing studio, the movie is watched from beginning to end, and if there is no translation, the appropriate voice selection is made for the characters. This is the first step called creating a sound cast.

The dubbing rehearsals of the animated movie are made with the voice cast that is created and sent to you and approved. Then it goes to the registration phase.

In order to find the most suitable voice for the animated character, talented voice-over microphone players selected by the casting director should be worked with. Animated movie voiceovers require a theatrical flair. These abilities can be counted as imitation, voice change, dialect making, etc. The voice actor and voice director finds the appropriate voice for the character. The final decision belongs to the voice-over director, after the voice-over director approves the animation character voice, the next stage is passed.

The voiceover director synchronizes the character voices he has received and brings them into the appropriate form for the characters. A realistic character is created by considering elements such as lip sync. The animation dubbing process done during the project phase is considered to be finished at this stage. 

After the assembly and mixing, revisions, if any, are made and the final stage, the effecting stage, is started. Sound effects, if any, are placed in the appropriate places in the animated movie. With effects The process made makes the animated movie more powerful.

What is Animation Commercial Movie Voice Over Service?

All of the animation commercials are suitable for voice over production techniques. Even animation movie voiceoverSince a real actor is not used in the commercial, the most important and unique element that gives the advertisement the emotion is the voiceover.. Since a real actor is not used for the animated commercial, you can only ensure retention and trust with voice-overs.

Animated movie voiceover Another common name of the service is character voiceover or cartoon character voiceover. This is because sound is the most important element in creating character. In these characters, in which a human gesture and mimic is used as an imitation, reality is captured only with sound. Many successful The fact that the animated movie character is also remembered is mostly related to the success of the jingle and voice acting, not the image of the character.

The production technique of the animated commercial is not an obstacle for the voice-over service. As BiberSA Production We offer 2D promotional film sounding, 3D promotional film sounding and stop motion animation film sounding service in the highest quality possible.

What is Animation Advertising Dubbing Service?

In animated commercials dubbing and voice over service It has two service branches.

  • In the animation commercial film dubbing service, the animation advertisement is ready in a foreign language; language other than the original language is adapted to the video images. This is called dubbing. 
  • Animation voice over is done on a silent project. The animated commercial comes in silent, the voiceover director creates the voice and jingle music suitable for the character.

In the animation advertisement dubbing service, unlike the voice-over, the video is not silent. There are lip movements belonging to another language. In this regard, first of all, the frame of the voice is cleared, in this way the lip movements are resynchronized according to the desired language.

If you have a global brand or want to promote your brand/products to the whole world, you should choose animation commercial dubbing service. As BiberSA Production, we bring your projects to life with native speakers of English, Arabic, German, Spanish and Italian.

Foreign Language Animation Advertisement Promotional Movie

Foreign language animation voiceover is the adaptation of the animated commercial from the original language to another language. With another definition, it is an animation commercial film dubbing service. The aim is to transfer the fiction, emotion and realism in the original language to the other desired language or languages.

Regardless of the language of the animated commercial, its translation into the desired language is possible. The most important elements here are a native speaking voice actor, strong technical infrastructure and the experience of the voiceover director. As BiberSA Production, we have native foreign language voice-over artists in our Sound Bank, we record with our licensed and up-to-date technological infrastructure for dubbing and dubbing, and most importantly, we offer the highest quality foreign animation commercial film dubbing service possible with 20 years of experience.

As BiberSA Production, we can provide foreign language animation voice-over services in the desired language.. We have compiled the most preferred languages for animated movies for you to give an idea.

English Animation Advertisement Promotional Movie

English animation voice-over is the most preferred service branch in the field of foreign language animation voice-over. In addition to the fact that English is the universal language, the fact that global brands prefer English to promote themselves or their products/services plays an important role.

As BiberSA Production, we work with native (native) English voice actors in English animation film voiceover projects. We provide English animation dubbing services with our strong technical infrastructure, 20 years of experience and our voice bank with thousands of native English voice actors.

Arabic Animation Advertisement Promotional Movie

Arabic is the most preferred foreign language animation voice-over service. For this reason, Arabic, which has a wide range of speakers in the world, has different dialects. Arabic animation voice-over service is done by native Arabic voice actors in fasih Arabic. Fasih Arabic voice over is the most preferred Arabic voice over service.

As BiberSA Production, we work with native Arabic voice actors in Arabic animation film voiceover projects. We provide Arabic animation dubbing services with our strong technical infrastructure, 20 years of experience and our sound bank with thousands of proficient Arabic voice actors.

German Animation Advertisement Promotional Movie

German is known as the European trade language. German, which is accepted as the official language of five countries in Europe, has more than 120 million speakers. Therefore, German commercial animation film dubbing is frequently preferred together with English by brands that want to expand to Europe.

As BiberSA Production, we work with native (native) German voice-over artists in German animation film voiceover projects. We provide German animation dubbing services with our strong technical infrastructure, 20 years of experience and our voice bank with thousands of German voice actors.

Character - Animation Commercial Film Should You Work with BiberSA Production for Voice Over?

Animation advertisement voice-over service is an important service that gives the animation film the lifeblood as seen. An experienced sound director, a good technical infrastructure and the right voice actor should be employed for the animation movie dubbing, which he is in every successful business. As BiberSA Production, we offer you all these privileges. Moreover:

    • As BiberSA Production, we have a sound bank that includes voice actors from Turkey.. You can find the most suitable sound for your project, the artist that best reflects the spirit of the brand, only thanks to BiberSA Sound bank, which contains thousands of demos.
    • As BiberSA Production, we provide fast solutions to your voice-over and dubbing needs by providing both studio and casting services. For this reason, we can take immediate action on technical issues and offer unlimited revision rights. Most importantly, we deliver your voiceover project on the promised day.
    • Thanks to our technical infrastructure, as BiberSA Production, we do all of the animation movie dubbing and animation dubbing recordings in the company of an expert sound technician and voice-over director. We emphasize the message you want to convey, adopt and convey the emotion you want to convey. We bid you farewell from the BiberSA Production family with the right emphasis, high sound quality and hope to see you again.
    • As BiberSA Production, we are aware that our work is directly related to technology. In this regard, we have a studio with high sound technology. With 8 condenser microphones, 3 sound cards, 1 digital mixer, high quality reference monitors and licensed audio editing programs, we offer you the clean, fluent and high quality sound, which is the most important thing in animation movie voiceover service.
    • As BiberSA Production, we are at the microphone for you as an agency that has been doing boutique and quality work in the media production sector for more than 15 years.  We provide animation voice-over services with the most famous voice actors who have been the voices of Turkey's best animated films. You can take a look at our reference videos on the page.
    • As BiberSA Production, we work integrated with the world in animation movie voiceover service.. We offer you English animation voice-over and dubbing, Arabic animated movie voice-over, German animated movie voice-over, Chinese animated movie voice-over, French animated movie voice-over, Spanish animated movie voice-over and Russian animated movie voice-over.
    • As BiberSA Production, we are a voice-over agency that opens its doors to the world, follows the trends and is integrated into the digital world.. We closely follow animation voice-over projects in the world and in our country. We are happy to see you among us as a production company that has revealed its signature works in animation commercial film dubbing thanks to this vision and presented it to the world.

For more detailed information, you can visit the frequently asked questions section below and contact us about animation commercial film voiceover budgets.

Character - Animation Commercial Movie Voice Over Prices (Fees)

In our animation commercial film voiceover service, the duration of your project, the stamp price of the artist you will choose, the number of characters to be voiced and broadcast mediumare the factors that determine the price of the project. These elements vary in each project, and therefore the animation commercial film voiceover price is specially prepared for you. There is no fixed fee.

You can choose a voice from our professional voice-over team in our voice bank for the voice cast to be created by the voice actors you think is the most suitable for your project.. If you do not want to make the sound selection yourself, you can request it from the voiceover director. As BiberSA Production, we choose the most suitable sound for your project, create a sound cast and send you a confirmation e-mail. After your approval, we move on to the animation commercial dubbing or animation commercial film dubbing phase.

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