IVR Voice Over

Welcome your customers on the phone with a corporate voiceover artist with the central voice-over service. Choose the most suitable one for your company or brand among our professional voice actors who have the ability to speak Turkish and all world languages!


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Switchboard Demo - 🇹🇷 Icon N.Central voice-over | download 5
🇹🇷 Icon N.
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Central voiceover | icon n voice actor optimized 2 8
🇹🇷 Doga Y.
Central voiceover | 6
Central voiceover | doga yaltirik voice actor optimized 11
🇹🇷 Tuğba S.
Central voiceover | 6
Santral seslendirme | tugba s seslendirme sanatcisi 14
🇹🇷 Ayla C.
Central voiceover | 6
Central voice-over | ayla cetinkaya voice actor2 optimized 17
🇹🇷 Mesut O.
Central voiceover | 6
Central voiceover | mesut ozkececiler voice actor optimized 20
🇹🇷 Ayşegül Ç.
Central voiceover | 6
Central voice-over | aysegul c voice actor optimized 23
🇹🇷 Hilal A.
Central voiceover | 6
Santral seslendirme | hilal a seslendirme sanatcisi 1 26
🇹🇷 Selin B.
Central voiceover | 6
Santral seslendirme | selin b seslendirme sanatcisi 29
🇹🇷 Ozlem A.
Central voiceover | 6
Central voiceover | ozlem abaci voice actor2 optimized 32
🇹🇷 Cenk D.
Central voiceover | 6
Santral seslendirme | cenk d seslendirme sanatcisi 35
🇹🇷 Cemre İ.
Central voiceover | 6
Santral seslendirme | cemre i y seslendirme sanatcisi 38
🇹🇷 Figen A.
Central voiceover | 6
Central voiceover | figen a voice actor 41
🇹🇷 Yasemin A.
Central voiceover | 6
Central voiceover | yasemin a voice actor optimized 44
🇹🇷 Ekin O.
Central voiceover | 6
Santral seslendirme | ekin o seslendirme sanatcisi 47
🇹🇷 Yigit K.
Central voiceover | 6
Santral seslendirme | yigit k seslendirme sanatcisi optimized 50
🇹🇷 Ibrahim M.
Central voiceover | 6
Santral seslendirme | ibrahim m seslendirme sanatcisi optimized 53
🇹🇷 Hande T.
Central voiceover | 6
Santral seslendirme | hande t seslendirme sanatcisi optimized 56
🇹🇷 Nesrin Ö.
Central voiceover | 6
Santral seslendirme | nesrin o seslendirme sanatcisi optimized 59
🇹🇷 Emir A.
Central voiceover | 6
Santral seslendirme | emir a seslendirme sanatcisi 62
🇹🇷 Birol B.
Central voiceover | 6
Central voiceover | birol barber voice actor 65
🇹🇷 Denizhan Y.
Central voiceover | 6
Central voiceover | denizhan y voice actor 68
🇹🇷 Murat G.
Central voiceover | 6
Santral seslendirme | murat g seslendirme sanatcisir 71
🇹🇷 Özer A.
Central voiceover | 6
Santral seslendirme | ozer a seslendirme sanatcisi 74
🇹🇷 Ferya S.
Central voiceover | 6
Santral seslendirme | ferya s seslendirme sanatcisi 77

Central Voice Over Service

Switchboard announcement voiceover, when a customer calls your company, the on-hold phone announcement sound or the sound of music. In other words, it is the first impression of your company. Therefore switchboard voice or switchboard announcement The nature of the service determines whether the first impression of your company is positive or negative.. As BiberSA Production, in order to make this first impression effectively and positively, Announcement that will meet your customers' needs in Turkish and foreign languages within the scope of our central voiceover service dubbing We provide service.

For examples of switchboard announcements, you can listen to our references on our page and from our sound bank You can get offers from us with the voices of our expert voice-over staff and the central background music you will choose. Central voice over services "the same day" is being delivered.

We record the switchboard announcements in company with the voice director, with professional voice actors and with state-of-the-art sound recording equipment. 

For more information about the switchboard voice-over service, you can take a look at the explanations or contact us to get a quote right away.


Central voice over The first step is to select the switchboard voice. Switchboard sound is made by voice actors or voice actors. At this stage, the importance of working with an agency such as BiberSA Production, which has a Voice Bank containing thousands of voices, will emerge.

The factors to consider when choosing a central sound are as follows:

  • Industry of the brand
  • Age range addressed by the brand
  • Brand age

To give an example, the voice of a company in the IT sector that appeals to young people is cheerful and energetic, while the voice of a brand in the health sector should have a more sedate and serious tone.. Here, the experience of BiberSA Production is the guide.

BiberSA Production, which includes thousands of voice actors while choosing the brand voice, From the Soundbank benefits. He makes this choice, accompanied by the voice director, in order to present the best sounds most suitable for the brand. Casting director presents demos of suitable voice actors to the customer by looking at the brand position and target audience.

Another advantage of having thousands of voices within BiberSA Production is that the central voice of the brand can remain unique to the brand. The use of the same sound in brands belonging to the same or similar sector is a situation that undermines the reliability of companies and BiberSA Production, which has thousands of professional sound demos. There is no possibility of encountering such unpleasant surprises in the central voiceover service. After the switchboard sound selection, the technical stages will come into play.

Another element for switchboard announcements is the central background music. Central background music It can be purchased under license or a jingle can be made in BiberSA Production's state-of-the-art sound studio, which you can listen to your customers in your brand-specific switchboard. You can request either royalty-free central music or a jingle work that we have prepared specially for you, as a background to your switchboard announcement.

The output format of the professional panel voice recordings made for switchboard announcement services is taken according to the switchboard type of the brand. Cloud PBX or Cloud PBX, There are audio formats such as PCM signed 8 bit, 16 bit, µ-Law, 8000 Hz Mono, wav, mp3, xac, m4a, wma according to analog telephone exchanges, IP telephone exchanges, digital or digital telephone exchanges.. Most common central announcement service  are Wav and Mono formats. The sound quality is formatted according to the switchboard type and the cleanest, professional sound recordings are delivered that do not tire the switchboard.


Foreign language announcement voiceover, central voiceover is an essential part of the service. Global brands or multinational companies can only Turkish announcement voiceover service they don't. 

Foreign language announcement voiceover In service, the most preferred language for central voiceover is English. English central voiceoveris a common agreement language for foreign customers looking for brands. Therefore, for each brand English central voice over service is recommended.

In addition to the English central voice over service within BiberSA Production, Arabic central voiceover, Russian central voiceover, German central voiceover, Spanish central voiceover, Chinese central voiceover services are also available.


Central voice over service is an intricate and important process that has technical details, requires a wide sound demo and adds value to brands. This process is carried out by an experienced voice-over director, a good technical infrastructure and the right switchboard voice Must work with. As BiberSA Production, we offer you all these privileges. Moreover:

As BiberSA Production, we have thousands of quality sounds.  to the sound bank ownerz. You can find the most suitable sound for your brand, the artist that best reflects the spirit of your brand, only thanks to BiberSA Sound bank, which contains thousands of demos.

BiberSA Production also serves as a sound studio. The entire central voiceover process is recorded in BiberSA Sound Studio. For this reason, we can take immediate action on technical issues and offer unlimited revision rights.. Most importantly, after all the details have been determined, we will deliver your central voice on the promised date with the output in accordance with your format.

As BiberSA Production, we can produce professional central sound recordings, central background music thanks to our technical infrastructure. we do it all accompanied by an expert sound technician and voiceover director.We reflect the spirit of your brand, manage incoming calls in the most clear, correct and understandable way, and accompany them until they direct them to the relevant unit.

As BiberSA Production, we are aware that our work is directly related to technology.. In this regard, we have a studio with high sound technology. With 8 condenser microphones, 3 sound cards, 1 digital mixer, high quality reference monitors and licensed audio editing programs We offer you the central voice-over service in the best possible quality.

As BiberSA Production, we are at the microphone for you as an agency that has been doing boutique and quality works in the production sector for 20 years. Central voice over We have references of the best brands in Turkey and global companies that have made a name for themselves in the world. You can take a look at our reference videos on the page.

As BiberSA Production, we work integrated with the world.  English voice-over, Arabic voice-over, German voice-over, Chinese voice-over, French voice-over, Spanish voice-over and Russian central voiceover We offer the service to you. 

For more detailed information, you can visit the frequently asked questions section below and contact us about the budgeting of the voice-over announcements.


Center voiceover prices are determined according to four titles.

  • Stamp fee of the voice actor
  • Central announcement text language diversity, addition of foreign language announcement voice-over service
  • Central background music request
  • Switchboard announcement editing service (recording each announcement separately)

Considering these four factors, as BiberSA Production, we offer a brand-specific offer.