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In the media production sector, which we serve as a voice-over and dubbing agency, we are giving voice to your voice-over projects with Turkey’s most famous voice talents. In addition to providing voice-overs in 70 different foreign languages, we also provide translation, subtitling, and advertisement script writing services. IVR, advertisement voice-over, animation voice-over, dubbing, jingle commercial, promotional film voice-over, commercial film voice-over, documentary narration, e-learning, audiobook voice-over, news voice-over are some of the services we offer. You can keep up with the projects we delivered to our clients on social media or in YouTube. As a voice agency, we work with professional voice talents. You can listen to the voice demos of professional voice talents by visiting our voice bank page.


We gave voice to promotional films, commercial films and many more projects. Public service ads, informational promotions, social responsibility projects are some of the works we are proud of. In media production sector, we share projects with many brands, products and services.


As BiberSA Production Voice-over and Dubbing Agency, we provide you with various voice talents with different abilities to give you the voice-over support you need for your projects. Generally, we give this service when a video in foreign language must be dubbed into Turkish. Here are some examples of our dubbing works.


As BiberSA Production Voice-over and Dubbing Agency, we have the best voices around the world for your use. The world’s most successful voice talents are waiting for you to give your video projects with over 100 different language options. Many brands, products, and services that we provide with foreign language voice-over service are pleased with the service they got, and they recommended us to others. We’ve chosen a few of these studies for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

BiberSA Production is a platform in which many foreign voice-over talents are involved. From our web page, you can listen to voice talents from the Voice Bank, create your favorite voice list from the voices you like, and share the favorite voice list you’ve created. We share our new voice talents with the customers to determine what they like. Many of our voice talents are among the most famous celebrity voices in Turkey. In our voice bank, you can find different categories such as female voices, male voices, child voices, native voices or celebrity voices.

As a voice-over agency, we operate in the media production sector. Our team works day and night to deliver your Studio recording services, voice-over, dubbing, jingle, commercial, commercial, commercial film scenarios, creative commercial texts, translation and sound design works. We create original commercial ideas and produce advertisements to be published on television, radio and social media with PR researches that are appropriate to market conditions. We reflect the meticulous work of doing our job with love.

We developed creative commercial ideas with our qualified team and developed brand-specific advertisement strategies. By analyzing the market conditions of the products or services, we have ensured that the brand is one step ahead of its competitors. As a voice-over and dubbing agency we have been operating in the media production industry for over fifteen years with services such as audible recording, voice cast creation, dubbing cast, foreign language voice-overs, IVR voices and jingle music.

We are a solution partner in their projects by offering attractive offers to our customers from social media and other sources of communication. As BiberSA Production, we offer services to big companies in Turkey, such as brand consultancy, commercial strategies development, media planning and social media commercial. We would like to share a few examples of our work as a voice-over and dubbing agency. You can visit our Vimeo and YouTube channel to watch and listen to more examples of our work.

To receive service from our voice-over agency, you need to have a voice project. If you have a project such as a promotional film project, commercial film project, IVR voice-over project, audiobook project, you can reach our voice-over agency via email, WhatsApp or through phone. You must provide a detailed brief for your voice project before you get service from a voice-over agency. You can start receiving services by giving us detailed information about the number of words, the broadcast medium, the voice you have selected. As a voice-over agency, you can go to the relevant service page to get voices for jingle song commercial projects and listen to the voices on the Jingle voice-over page and get information.

Voice-over and dubbing services differ depending on reputation price of the selected voice talent, the amount of time the project will be published, the duration of the project, the total time or length of the script. The total number of words in the script or the length of the video in seconds are important. Price is calculated according to those parameters. Voice-over agencies generally do not have a voice talent price list. Per word or per second price is not fixed. The broadcast medium and other elements play a role in changing the price. But in general, you can browse the calculation tool for advertisement voice-over prices to get the idea.

As a voice-over and dubbing agency, we work with professional and experienced voices in Turkey. Among those who apply for voice-overs, our competent colleagues choose voices to add to our sound bank in accordance with these criteria. In order to register for a voice-over and dubbing agency, you can apply by email with your voice-over demos and CV, such as advertisement, documentary, promotional film and IVR. We would like you to know that we will not return applications in case of a negative result.