Documentary Voice Over

We are coming to erase the rust of the ears with the documentary voice-over service. We offer documentary voice-over services for your documentary or documentary-like promotional films with voice actors registered in Turkey's most comprehensive sound bank.


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🇹🇷 Mazlum K.
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🇹🇷 Said Ç.
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🇹🇷 Bahadır Y.
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🇹🇷 Talha G.
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🇹🇷 Ugur T.
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🇹🇷 Cihangir G.
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🇹🇷 Gizem A.
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🇹🇷 Gokmen B.
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🇹🇷 Ibrahim M.
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🇹🇷 Semih D.
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🇹🇷 Erengul O.
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🇹🇷 Erhan Ş.
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🇹🇷 Ugur S.
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🇹🇷 Tuğba K.
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🇹🇷 Emir A.
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🇹🇷 Mesud U.
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🇹🇷 Icon N.
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🇹🇷 Özer A.
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Documentary Voice Over Service

Documentary movie; It is a kind of film that reflects a real life, problem, phenomenon or event in the closest way to its own reality flow. Documentary movie It is based on describing an event or phenomenon. documented documentary movieBecause of all these features, it needs a narrator. 

Documentary film voiceover, It is the task of making the above-mentioned narration in the simplest, plain and fluent way. Documentary voice actor or documentary voice actor is the person in the role of the narrator.

Documentary films are classified according to their subject and narrative style. in the literature documentary film genres is as follows:

  • news documentary
  • biography documentary
  • travel documentary
  • Social documentaries
  • research documentary
  • scientific documentary
  • history documentary
  • propaganda documentary
  • compilation documentary
  • archeology documentary
  • sports documentary

Naturally, the differences between documentary genres completely change the documentary dubbing. Each documentary film has its own unique narrative. This is where the experience of documentary voice actors and sound directors come into play. So what do documentary voice actors do? What do documentary texts mean? How does a successful documentary dubbing emerge?


Documentary voice actors, In the shortest definition, it is a person who can convey the event, phenomenon or emotion in the documentary film to the audience with the right tone and emotion by using talent, acting and voice-over training.

Documentaries are feature films and of course visuality is important for documentaries. However, the dynamic and fluent transfer of the content described in the documentary to the other party is as important as the image. It is a natural result of this situation that the question of "who voices the documentary" is asked for the famous documentaries that are remembered as the best documentaries today, and that the famous documentaries broadcast on documentary channels are known and remembered with the artist who voiced the documentary.

A documentary voice actor is not expected to read only the documentary text with the right emphasis, tone and fluency while voicing a documentary. The following assignments are expected from a good documentary voice actor:

  • The voice actor should be able to use his acting skills according to the type of documentary. For example, if a war is being told, this feeling is conveyed by the documentary voice actor by using the right tone of voice, emphasis and intonation in the right place. Therefore, the name given to this job should be documentary dubbing and voice-over, not just documentary dubbing.
  • A documentary voice actor does not read the documentary text in a monotonous tone. He knows where to whistle, where to pause, where to set the tone. This work is done in our voice-over studio accompanied by the voice-over director.
  • Instructional texts should have a fluent narrative. Of course, only the talent of the voice actor is important here, but the voice director and his experience also play a big role here.
  • Depending on the type of documentary or the subject of the documentary, the tone of voice of the documentary artist changes. While a more sedate and mature tone is sought in a nature documentary, a more exciting and dynamic tone can be sought in a crime (crime) documentary. At this point, the voiceover director determines the most appropriate tone for the subject of the documentary.
  • Documentary voice actor is the person who does the job of transferring information, which is the purpose of the documentary film. In this respect, he pretends to tell this information sincerely, sincerely, to a friend. This is one of the success secrets of well-known and memorable documentaries.

The best way to find a documentary voice actor suitable for your project is to listen to well-trained and well-referenced documentary voice actors. 

The documentary genre has been developing radically in recent years with the influence of social media, and therefore the need for documentary voice-over services has increased significantly. If you have a documentary project and you are looking for a voice actor, you can choose the appropriate documentary sound for your video project from the above documentary artists or "in the soundbankYou can do it from our experienced voice-over staff. As BiberSA Production, which gives voice to documentary films with its professional voice-over staff, we also “audio sync”, subtitle We also offer services such as


Documentary dubbing and voice-over service does not mean just reading the documentary text as seen. It is necessary to work with an experienced sound director, a good technical infrastructure and the right documentary artist for documentary dubbing, which he is in every successful business. As BiberSA Production, we offer you all these privileges. Moreover:

  • As BiberSA Production, we are hosting the most famous documentary voice actors in Turkey. to the sound bank we have. You can find the most suitable sound for your project, the artist that best reflects the spirit of the documentary, only thanks to BiberSA Sound bank, which contains thousands of demos.
  • As BiberSA Production, we provide fast solutions to your voice-over and dubbing needs by providing both studio and casting services. Therefore We can take immediate action on technical issues and offer unlimited revision rights. Most importantly, we deliver your voiceover project on the promised day.
  • Thanks to our technical infrastructure, as BiberSA Production, we make all of the documentary dubbing and dubbing recordings accompanied by an expert sound technician and voice-over director. We emphasize the message you want to convey, adopt and convey the emotion you want to convey. We bid you farewell from the BiberSA Production family with the right emphasis, high sound quality and hope to see you again.
  • As BiberSA Production, we are aware that our work is directly related to technology. In this regard, we have a studio with high sound technology. With 8 condenser microphones, 3 sound cards, 1 digital mixer, high quality reference monitors and licensed audio editing programs We offer you clean, fluent and high quality sound, which is the most important thing in documentary voice-over service.
  • As BiberSA Production, we are at the microphone for you as an agency that has been doing boutique and quality work in the media production sector for more than 15 years.  We provide documentary voice-over services with the most famous documentary voice actors who have been the voices of Turkey's best documentaries. on the page to our reference videos you can take a look.
  • As BiberSA Production, we work integrated with the world in documentary voice-over service.  We offer English documentary voice-over, Arabic documentary voice-over, German documentary voice-over, Chinese documentary voice-over, French documentary voice-over, Spanish documentary voice-over and Russian documentary voice-over service.
  • As BiberSA Production, we are a voice-over agency that opens its doors to the world, follows the trends and is integrated into the digital world. We closely follow documentary voice-over projects in the world and in our country. We are happy to see you among us as a production company that has revealed its signature works in documentary dubbing thanks to this vision and presented it to the world..


Documentary voice-over prices, bthe length of the documentary voiceover text, to the broadcasting channel of the documentary and stamp price of the voice actor selected for the project varies accordingly. Each voice actor has a stamp fee with our agency. The price of this stamp varies according to the word count of the text, the broadcasting channels of the documentary and the broadcasting time. 

With this information mentioned above, you can get information about the cost of dubbing or dubbing your project.

The following services are included in your budget:

  • Studio usage fee (with voiceover director and sound recording engineer)
  • Stamp fee of the voice actor (including the broadcasting channels of the content, the duration of the broadcast)

For more detailed information, you can visit the frequently asked questions section below and contact us about documentary budgeting.