Promotional Movie Voice Over

For promotional films, we provide professional voice-over services with the most famous voice actors of Turkey and the world in our sound bank. Choose the voice that suits your project among hundreds of local and foreign voice actors or get help from our voiceover director.


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🇹🇷 Ercan D.
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Tanıtım filmi seslendirme | ercan demirel seslendirme sanatcisi 8
🇹🇷 Denizhan Y.
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🇹🇷 Birol B.
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🇹🇷 Sefa Z.
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🇹🇷 Kaan O.
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🇹🇷 Figen A.
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🇹🇷 Murat G.
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🇹🇷 Mazlum K.
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🇹🇷 Sila E.
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🇹🇷 Elçin G.
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🇹🇷 Seda K.
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🇹🇷 Remziye D.
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🇹🇷 Samet G.
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Tanıtım filmi seslendirme | samet g seslendirme sanatcisi 44
🇹🇷 Melis L.
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Promotional movie voice-over | melis l voice actor 47
🇹🇷 Aynur K.
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Tanıtım filmi seslendirme | aynur k seslendirme sanatcisi optimized 50
🇹🇷 Nüvid C.
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Tanıtım filmi seslendirme | nuvit c seslendirme sanatcisi optimized 53
🇹🇷 Wise C G.
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Tanıtım filmi seslendirme | bilge c seslendirme sanatcisi optimized 56
🇹🇷 Oguz T.
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Promotional movie voice-over | oguz t voice actor optimized 59
🇹🇷 Coşku B.
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Tanıtım filmi seslendirme | cosku b seslendirme sanatcisi 62
🇹🇷 Şansel Ş.
Promotional movie voice-over | 6
Promotional movie voice-over | sansel s voice actor 65
🇹🇷 Aydogan T.
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Tanıtım filmi seslendirme | aydogan temel seslendirme sanatcisi optimized 68
🇹🇷 Cenk D.
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Increase the Impact of Your Promotional Films with Turkey's Most Famous Voices! BiberSA Production

Visual content used for purposes such as promoting a brand or product and increasing brand awareness in television, cinema and internet advertising are divided into two as promotional films and commercial films. The purpose and target audience of both services are different. Therefore, we must first decide which service is priority or necessary for your brand.


Promotion film; a video format that is relatively long compared to the commercial used to promote the product, service or brand. Promotional films usually show the features, benefits, and use of the product or service. They are preferred to tell the foundation story of the brand, success stories and main services. The purpose of promotional films is to present and explain the brand, product or service in the best possible way.

For promotional films, we can say that it is aimed to increase the popularity of the brand rather than the sales purpose. In general, we see promotional films on the internet, social media and other digital platforms, apart from the mainstream media. Since the broadcasting costs of promotional films will be quite high, they are not used in expensive media.

In order for the answer to the question of how a successful promotional film will be yes, the promotional film must present the product, service or brand in the most impressive and correct way possible. In a good promotional film, the visual and sound should be in harmony, and the editing should be done well enough to attract the attention of the audience. 

Here, our promotional film voiceover service will come into play. Because  promotional film production job. An impressive and successful promotional film also means having a good promotional film voiceover. A quality and impressive promotional film, but in a professional studio, voice actor and voice director realized by work.

In summary, promotional film voiceoverrefers to the audio narration used in advertising or promotional videos. Voiceover supports the narration of the images and is used to inform the audience about the product or service.


Advertising films; Forty percent are preferred as brand-focused video productions for promotion and awareness purposes, while 60 percent are preferred as video content for products and services for sale. However, they are generally used to increase the awareness of the brand in the market. 

Promotional films; production centers, factories and facilities are productions for content narration such as operation, working process, equipment presentation. Promotion film, advertising film is longer than the voice-over, it is more calm and narrated in terms of reading compared to the commercial film.

Another feature that distinguishes promotional films from other types of advertisements is the language of expression in promotional films. In the promotional film scenarios, a more descriptive introductory language was used.

As BiberSA professional promotional film voiceover service we offer. Rreference to our videos You can browse or contact our customer representative and request an offer about our voice actors.


A promotional film is an important tool for marketing a product or service. The promotional film ensures that the brand is properly introduced to the target audience. It is not possible for the promotional film to be impressive and memorable without a correct and effective voiceover. As BiberSA Production, in addition to shooting a promotional film, professionally with Turkey's most famous voices We offer promotional film voiceover service.

Professional, successful, and an effective promotional film, which is accompanied by Turkey's most famous voice actors and voice-over director, adds the following values to your brand;

    • Gives accurate information about the product or service: The promotional film shows the features, benefits and differentiation of the product or service and explains to the audience why they should choose this product or service.
    • A successful promotional film attracts the attention of the target audience: The promotional film attracts the attention of the target audience; It allows them to think in more detail about the brand, product or service.
    • Creates brand awareness: Professionally voiced promotional film increases the recognition and awareness of the brand. It strengthens the brand image.
    • Increases sales: A promotional film positively affects sales as a result of the audience's knowledge of the product or service and attracting more attention.
    • The safest way to reach the target audience: The promotional film provides an effective way to reach the target audience and focuses on meeting the needs and expectations of the audience.

In summary, a good promotional film helps to market and promote a product or service, strengthens the brand image. BiberSA Production provides the best promotional film dubbing service with its industry experience of more than 20 years, thousands of references and successful collaborations with global brands. 

Promotional films are an opportunity for you to use the power of the digital world effectively. Moreover foreign language promotional film With our service, you can announce your brand to the whole world with your promotional film.


A promotional film in a foreign language is an effective tool for companies or brands that want to market a product or service worldwide. Dubbing a promotional film in a foreign language helps to market a product or service worldwide. 

Like BiberSA Production professional voiceover agency Promotional film dubbing projects made with the company increase the recognition and awareness of the brand. However, a suitable project should be presented to the target audience with the right work steps.

As BiberSA Production foreign language promotional film While providing the service to you, we pay maximum attention to the following details and offer services in this direction.

    • Correct Use of Language: BiberSA Production In foreign language voice-over service, we offer voice-over services in any desired language, including other world languages. All our foreign language voice actors are the preferred native voice actors who have proven themselves in the voice-over field. In this respect, the correct use of the target language, which is the most important factor in voice-overs, is in the first place for BiberSA foreign language voice-over service.
    • Cultural sensitivity: Cultural differences in the target country or region are sensitive and should be considered. As BiberSA Production, it is important for us to understand the culture of the target language. For example, paying attention to the dialects in the German promotional film voice-over service and voice-over of the standard language have an important place in German culture. We are aware that voiceover of promotional films is not just a translation, and as BiberSA Production, we offer a promotional film dubbing service in a foreign language, paying attention to dialects and cultural sensitivity.
    • Voice actor selection: In our BiberSA Production Sound Bank, there are Turkey's and the world's most famous voice actors. In our foreign language voice-over service, we work with native voice-over artists, regardless of our voice-over area. All voice actors in the target language are native speakers and voice actors. 
    • Script translation: Dubbing promotional film A scenario is required for promotional film voice actors they do voice over this scenario. For foreign language voice-overs, we translate the script written in Turkish or another language into the target language. In this translation, we pay maximum attention to grammar, standard language and idioms in the target language.
    • sound quality: We perform all the dubbing and dubbing works, including the dubbing of a foreign language promotional film, in our studio where we use high technology and licensed programs. We achieve high sound quality with our equipment, technical team and voiceover director in our studio.
    • Localization: The content of the promotional video should be tailored to the target market, taking into account local habits, customs and preferences. As BiberSA Production, our promotional film dubbing service also includes adaptation, that is, localization.

Our promotional film dubbing projects in a foreign language, in which we consider these issues, reach the target audience. fluent in target language promotional film dubbing artists and with our experience of more than 20 years, we offer you the promotional voice-over service in a foreign language in the highest quality possible.


Promotional movie voice-over service does not mean just voice-over for us. We work with a professional team to describe a successful promotional film dubbing service, brand or product to the target audience in the best way possible.

As in every successful business, it is necessary to work with an experienced voice-over director, a good technical infrastructure and the right promotional film voice-over artists. As BiberSA Production, we offer you all these privileges. Moreover:

    • As BiberSA Production, we bring you together with Turkey's and the world's most famous promotional film voice actors. You can reach the most suitable sound for your project, the artist that best reflects the spirit of the brand, thanks to BiberSA Production sound bank where thousands of voice actors come together. We are waiting for you to make a sound selection with our casting director.
    • As BiberSA Production, we provide both studio and casting services for the promotional film, dubbing and dubbing. We produce fast solutions to your needs.For this reason, we can take immediate action on technical issues and offer unlimited revision rights. Most important is We deliver your promotional film voiceover project on the promised day.
    • Thanks to our technical infrastructure as BiberSA Production, promotional film dubbing and promotional film dubbing We make all of the recordings accompanied by an expert sound technician and voice-over director.. We emphasize the message you want to convey, adopt and convey the emotion you want to convey. We bid you farewell from the BiberSA Production family with the right emphasis, high sound quality and hope to see you again.
    • As BiberSA Production, we are aware that our work is directly related to technology. In this regard, we have a studio with high sound technology. With 8 condenser microphones, 3 sound cards, 1 digital mixer, high quality reference monitors and high speed encoders and licensed audio editing programs promotional film voiceover We offer you clean, fluent and high quality sound, which is the most important thing in service.
    • BiberSA Production; As an agency that has been doing boutique and quality work in the media production sector for more than 20 years, we are at the microphone for you.Promotional film dubbing and promotional film dubbing The most famous voice of the promotional films of Turkey's and the world's best brands. promotional film voice actors in many local and foreign languages promotional film voiceover service we give. You can take a look at our reference videos on the page.
    • As BiberSA Production, we work integrated with the world in the promotional film voiceover service.  We offer voice-over services in many languages, especially English promotional film voiceover, Arabic promotional film voice-over, German promotional film voice-over, Chinese promotional film voice-over, French promotional film voice-over, Spanish promotional film voice-over and Russian promotional film voice-over service. 
    • As BiberSA Production, we are a voice-over agency that opens its doors to the world, follows the trends and is integrated into the digital world. We closely follow promotional film dubbing projects in the world and in our country. We would be happy to see you among us as a production company that has revealed its signature works in promotional film dubbing thanks to this vision and presented it to the world.

For more detailed information, you can visit the frequently asked questions section below and promotional film voiceover prices You can contact us about.

BiberSA Production Voice Over Director Tells: Successful Promotional Film How to Voice Over?

promotional film production Among his works are promotional film production (shooting services) and promotional film dubbing (voice-over service). After the production of the promotional film is completed silently, the promotional film is voiced step begins. The promotional film voiceover process is done with the scenario before the promotional film is edited or after the editing is completed. -After the production of the promotional film is finished-  Then, it is done in the form of a voiceover on a frame-by-frame image or editing on a voiceover.

Our promotional film voiceover steps are generally as follows:

    • Script reading / promotional film analysis: According to the production stage of the promotional film, we either construct how the voiceover will be done during the scenario phase or we plan the promotional film voiceover phase according to the images that come after the promotional film is over. First of all, we learn about the brand, what it wants to tell, what it aims to do while making a promotional film, listen to the music of the promotional film and enter the studio with the texts after we understand the brand correctly.
    • Promotional film voice actor selection: Production companies, advertising agencies, digital agencies or directly the customer selects the appropriate dubbing artist for the promotional film from the dubbing cast for the promotional film dubbing process. In this regard, the opinion of our casting director is extremely important. After this stage, we start the recording with the voice actor for the rehearsal part.
    • proof readings: We make a pre-record with the voice actor selected for the promotional film and the dubbing artist for the promotional film. We have these professional voice actors read a part of the script and record it. We send these readings to the brand. After giving approval for the voice actor of the brand promotional film, we continue with the recording of the project.
    • Setting tone and style: Our voiceover director determines the tone and style of the voiceover suitable for the promotional film. At this stage, the opinion of the director of the film and the brand is extremely important. Our voice director describes this tone to the selected promotional film voice actor. 
    • Preparing for the microphone: The professional voice-over studio used for all voice-over processes, including the promotional film, should be completely free from environmental factors. As BiberSA Production, we take care to provide this environment to create the cleanest and highest quality sound recording.
    • Record: This is the voiceover stage of the promotional film. In the dubbing stage of the promotional film, we do the dubbing process of the promotional film with the dubbing artist, frame by frame. Depending on the project, we sometimes voice the script and place the voiceover parts in the montage and promotional film.
    • Editing and editing (Mixing and Mastering): After the sound recording of the promotional film with the voice actor, we do the editing and editing process with the voice director. This promotional film is the last step of the voiceover work.
    • Delivery and revision: After completing the promotional film voiceover, we deliver the project on the desired delivery day and time. We make revisions according to demand. 

These steps provide a framework for the promotional film voiceover and give an idea of how the voice-over process will be done. However, every voice-over project is different and these steps may vary according to your needs.

How Should a Successful Promotional Film Be? Tips from BiberSA Production

Promotion film; the appearance of brands. In this regard, brands should show the necessary importance and care to their promotional films. Some of the essential features of a promotional film are:

    • Identifying the target audience: It is important to determine which target audience the promotional film appeals to.
    • Make the message clear and attractive: The message in the promotional film should be presented to the target audience in an attractive and easy to understand manner.
    • Specifying the features of the product or service: The purpose of the promotional film is to inform the audience about the product or service.
    • Foley, sound design and use of sound elementsı: Visual and audio elements in the promotional film support the expression of the message and make the audience more interested.
    • call-to-action: The promotional film should encourage the viewer to purchase the product or service or to learn more.

These features make a promotional film successful and impressive. However, every trailer is different and these features may vary according to your needs. The important thing is to reach the target audience and make them think about the product or service.

As BiberSA Production, we work to ensure that the promotional films of the brands we work with get good results. We work with professional voice-over artists, finalize all your projects with our voice-over director, and offer the highest quality professional voice-over service with our state-of-the-art equipment.

How are Promotional Film Prices Determined?

Three issues are important when determining promotional film prices.

  1. Total duration of the trailer or number of text pages, if any.
  2. The broadcasting channel of the promotional film.
  3. Information about whether there is another speaker in the promotional film other than the actor, voice-over or if there is another voice that will require dubbing.

We evaluate these three elements while making a promotional film dubbing price offer for the brand, product and service, and we prepare our offer accordingly. We get briefs from the brands about the mentioned parameters, understand the brand, fully mature the brand demands and prepare a price offer accordingly. We are here to answer your questions with our casting director and customer representative for your promotional film shooting and promotional film voiceover needs.


Frequently Asked Questions About Promotional Movie Voice Over

The length of a promotional film may vary depending on the features of the product or service, the target audience and the purposes. Generally, promotional movies can last from 60 seconds to 2 minutes. However, it can also be longer or shorter.

The important thing is to convey the message of the promotional film clearly and attractively and to draw the viewer's attention to the product or service. Keeping the message long in the promotional film causes serious cost wastage on the media purchasing side and negatively affects the viewing rates.

There are many names that can be given to promotional films, but the most common are:

  1. Product introduction video
  2. Service introduction video
  3. Brand promotion
  4. Campaign promotion
  5. Promotional advertisement
  6. promotional video
  7. Demo video
  8. Company introduction video
  9. promotional ad
  10. promotional film

The naming can be determined according to the purpose and content of the promotional video. The important thing is that the promotional video is properly introduced to the viewers and is of interest to them.

Correctly voicing your promotional film means that your film is impressive and conveys the desired emotion. Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing a voice actor. Here are some points you should pay attention to:

  1. Professionalism: The voice actor should have a professional approach. This shows that they take their job seriously and are properly prepared. For this reason, it is necessary to work with people whose work is a voice actor.
  2. Voice tone: It is important that you choose a tone that suits the subject and purpose of the movie. For example, you may prefer a calm and clear tone for educational videos, and a more energetic and enthusiastic tone for commercials.
  3. Experience: The experience of the voice actor determines how well they will do their job. Therefore, it is better to choose an artist who has done similar work before.
  4. References: Ask for testimonials from clients the voice actor has worked with before. This shows how successful the artist is. Also, the voice actor's biggest reference is the voiceover director working with him. In this regard, listen to the advice of the voiceover director.
  5. Price: Voice actors' fees often vary according to the duration and complexity of the project. It's important to choose an artist that fits your budget, but it's more important to choose an artist who will do quality work rather than cheap prices.
  6. Audio recording quality: Audio recording quality is also important. It is important that the voice actor uses a professional recording studio and works with a voice director and technical team.

Considering all these factors, you can choose the right voice actor. Also, comparing audio demos from several different artists means you get the best results. 

You can get audio demos from thousands of references in BiberSA Sound Bank, professional voice actors; You can evaluate these recordings accompanied by our voice-over director.

BiberSA Sound Bank, where Turkey's most famous voice actors are located; It also has the feature of being the richest sound bank in Turkey.

BiberSA works with thousands of voice actors on Voiceover Artists. Therefore, BiberSA Production is the only place where you can find the most suitable voice for you and your project for voice actors.

As BiberSA Production, we offer voice-over services in more than 70 foreign languages, mainly British English, American English, German, Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. For more detailed information Foreign Language Voice Over Service you can click the link.

BiberSA Production is focused on customer satisfaction. In this respect, it is not only the promotional film dubbing; You have unlimited revision rights in all voice-over and dubbing projects.