About Us

With our nearly 20 years of experience, our professional team, state-of-the-art equipment and Turkey's most famous voice-over artists, we give voice to your dubbing projects.



In the media production sector, we produce visual content such as dubbing with the most famous voices of Turkey and the world, advertisements, promotional films, social media viral advertisements. We produce audio solutions for production companies, advertising agencies and film studios with over 1500 local and foreign professional voice actors in 70 different languages. Our creative team, which thinks quickly and produces creative solutions, also produces jingle ideas and prepares advertisements with songs for brands. In addition to advertising copywriting, we translate and voice foreign language voice-over videos into Turkish with our support services such as translation and transcription. We offer hourly rental services in our voice-over dubbing studio in Şişli, Istanbul, to the use of our customers, accompanied by a voice-over director.

We are honored to share our 15 years of experience with you, our valuable business and solution partners. We would like to express our gratitude to the voice actors that we took part in our sound bank and won together. We continue on our way with sure steps. We have gathered the reasons why we are the most preferred dubbing agency in Turkey under five headings.


We have the best voice actors, talents and voices of Turkey in Turkish dubbing. We provide voice support for your voiceover projects with over 1500 unique voice actors. We work with the world's best voices speaking in 70 languages (native) in foreign language voice overs. We take the sound recordings of many of our voices in our foreign language voice cast in our own studio in Istanbul, and with some voices from the studios we have contracted in their countries.


Responsible for your urgent requests from our esteemed customers., We have a team that does its job carefully and without sacrificing quality. In this direction, we understand your urgent delivery requests and give you a fast turnaround time in reasonable partnerships. Based on the principle of 'our word is a deed', we strive to deliver at the promised time without sacrificing quality. One of the main reasons why many agencies and production companies in Turkey prefer us has been the rapid return we have made to our customers.


Ajansımızdan seslendirme, dublaj ve video prodüksiyon hizmeti alan müşterilerimiz aldıkları hizmetten azami düzeyde memnuniyetleri bizler için hayati önemdedir. Ne sebeple olursa olsun değiştirilmesi, eklenmesi veya düzeltilmesi gereken hususlar mümkün olan en kısa sürede revize edilmek suretiyle teslim edilmesi ilkelerimiz arasındadır. Müşterilerimize sunduğumuz sınırsız revizyon hizmeti iş teslim tarihini takiben 3 iş gününü kapsamaktadır. Sınırsız revizyon süresi için mesai mevhumu yoktur. Revize edilen hizmetlerimiz arasında; seslendirme, dublaj, reklam senaryosu, video post production vb. tasarım amaçlı hizmetler bulunmaktadır. Amacımız %100 müşteri memnuniyeti sağlamaktır.


In our dubbing studio, which has high sound technology, Audio coding is done in the desired format and quality.. 8 condenser microphones, 3 sound cards, 1 digital mixer, high quality reference monitors and licensed audio editing programs are used in our studio. All the audio equipment we use is state-of-the-art. With our innovative approach, we choose our studio equipment in accordance with the technology, and we constantly test new equipment. We achieve high sound quality with our talented sound engineers and try the latest plugins.


As BiberSA Production dubbing agency, we follow the voice-over dubbing studios in the world and carry out joint studies. What is happening in the world in our industry, current developments, sound technologies, new sounds are among the topics that we are curious about and interested in. Nearly 400 voice actors from 20 different countries work with our agency. There are offices abroad with which we collaborate on translation and transcription. In short, we closely follow the developments in the sector in the world and develop for Turkey.