Voiceover prices usually vary according to the nature of the voiceover. It is important to let us know whether you want an IVR, advertisement voice-over, promotional content voice-over, audiobook voice-over, e-learning voice-over, animation dubbing or documentary narration. When it comes to the budget, number of words, where the content will be aired and the selection of the voice talent changes the price. You can use the price calculator tool in advertisement voice-over page.

Dubbing prices usually differ depending on the nature of the dubbing. It is important to let us know whether you want a film dubbing, TV series dubbing, promotional film dubbing, documentary dubbing or animation dubbing. The length of the movie determines the number of characters for the cast, and the budgeting is being decided according to these parameters. For example, if you have a video in English, and this video has English-speaking characters outside the general narration, we’ll be editing the text to reveal it. Then we create a cast for the characters and budget the total project. You can contact our customer representative through phone for information about the dubbing prices.

There are so many rumors about how much the voice talents earn. We talked about this issue in our article titled misconceptions about voice-over business. Voice-over talents don’t earn as extreme figures as people think. However, many of the famous voice talents you watch on TV set the price by themselves. Price of a voice-over vary according to the nature of the voiceover, the number of words, the broadcast medium and duration.

When a client receives a voice service from our agency after a brief and approval, written script must be approved if there is one. A studio appointment is made with the chosen voice talent. Appointments are booked if the client or the agency side will be in the studio during the voice-over. The recording starts at a specified time and the recorded audio is delivered after recording. The process is completed in an average of 12 hours. You can browse through our voice-over program.

We create a cast for the speakers and characters for the specific project. In other words, characters are selected whether it’s the same language or a different language in accordance with the tone of the characters and their age. Sometimes all characters are invited to the studio to record collectively. However, usually the voice talents are invited to the studio in order of their role.

To become a voice-over talent, you must first make sure you have the ability to do so. “I mean, everyone around me say that I have an impressive voice tone.” This doesn’t necessarily means that you got what it takes. To be a voice talent, you need to apply to voice-over courses where you can discover your skills. These courses will tell you if you have the ability to do this. At least we hope so. Please be sure that the courses you attend are under supervision of Ministry of National Education.

In order to receive service from a voice-over agency, voices from the voice bank must be suitable for your project. Of course, the appropriate budgets are also a good reason for you to work with a voice agency. Professional and secure BiberSA Production Voice-over and Dubbing Agency which guarantees unlimited revisions will be a good decision for the welfare of your project. Thank you for choosing us.

If you want an IVR voice-over, first you must send the text including your switchboard menu and your messages as an e-mail to [email protected] address. Our customer representative will send you an email informing you of our voice demos and budgets. IVR demos are also included on our IVR voice-over page. You can review our reference works.

The documentary narration process starts with the customer giving us the documentary-related content. The narrative voice of the documentary is determined by the client. The voice talent is invited to the studio, and synchronized recording process takes about two days. The delivery date usually varies according to the duration of the project.

Reputation price is the name of the price voice talents receive as a result of their popularity and experience. You can also see the article about reputation prices to have a better understanding about the subject.

If want to make a jingle for your brand, product or service and it must be the sound of my brand. To make a Jingle, you first need to give a good brief to our agency about your services. You should tell us your services and your story. First of all, lyrics are written in the brief. We prepare the music according to the script. It is recorded by a male or female voice talent. The whole process continues with the approval of the brand. So, there would be no revision necessary. You can contact our customer representative for detailed information about Jingle services.

BiberSA Production works with professional voices and voice talents. We accepts applications via email. Our board then invites the voice talents who meet our standards to record a demo and to see the studio performances. Applications that are not eligible will not be evaluated and no return will be made.

BiberSA Production delivers the voice for your project via email. When the client is in the studio, we deliver the voice-over with an appropriate storage device in wav or mp3 format. The confidentiality of the voice recording and keeping it away within the knowledge of any third parties is of utmost importance to us.

Delivery times vary according to the length of the project. For an average of 40 minutes of runtime, the delivery time varies in proportion to the number of characters. The dubbing process of introduction videos which do not exceed 10 minutes of runtime takes 3-4 business days.

To make a voice selection from the voice bank to your project, you need to click on the ‘star’ icon next to the voice demo you listen to and add it to your list of favorites. You can make this selection an unlimited time. Then you can create your list of favorite voices for your project, and you can share them with your clients or colleagues to get the ideas flowing.

In order to purchase a foreign language voice-over service, it is necessary to choose the language you need for voice-over. For example, the English voice-over service was selected and voice talent selection was made. You then you sent your script to us via e-mail at [email protected]. In response to your mail, our customer representative will share their voices and budgets with you in English or select a voice from the English voices page. We deliver your voice within 2 working days following the purchase.

To record voice at home you need to purchase either a home studio or a USB microphone which includes the sound card. You can also install an audio edit program to make the recording on your laptop or desktop computer.