Frequently Asked Questions

In local business, they are radio advertisements prepared to be broadcast only on Turkish radios, and in the content of this service, advertisement production service is provided by BiberSA Production Voice Over & Dubbing Agency. All production needs such as advertising copy writing, voiceover and sound design are offered to our customers within this service.


Voice-over prices usually differ according to the nature of the voice-over. For example, it is important which of the voice-over types such as central voice-over, advertisement voice-over, promotional film voice-over, commercial film voice-over, book voice-over, e-learning voice-over, animation voice-over, documentary voice-over will be done. In the budgeting phase, the number of words in the text, the broadcast medium, the stamp price of the voice actor are the parameters that determine the voiceover prices. To learn estimated budgets for voiceover prices advertising voice-over You can use the advertising prices calculation tool on our page.

Dubbing prices usually differ according to the nature of dubbing. It is important which type of dubbing you will have, such as movie dubbing, serial dubbing, promotional movie dubbing, documentary dubbing, animation dubbing. The length of the movie, the number of characters for the created cast determine the dubbing prices and the budgeting is done according to these parameters. For example, if you have an English video and there are English-speaking characters other than the general narrator (voice over) in this video, we redact the video and reveal the text. Then we create the cast for the characters and calculate the budget of the total project. You can get information about dubbing prices by contacting our customer representative by phone.

There are a lot of rumors about how much voice actors make. Common misconceptions about dubbing We talked about this in our article. Voice-over artists do not earn extreme numbers as it is thought. However, many famous voice actors you watch on television set their own stamp price. Stamp prices vary according to the nature of the voiceover, the number of words, the broadcasting channel and the duration.

In the event that our customers, who receive a voiceover offer from our agency, approve the project, the advertisement text, if any, is prepared and sent for approval in line with the brief delivered to us. A studio appointment is made with the selected voice actor. If the client or agency will be in the studio during the voiceover, appointments are made. The recording is entered at the specified time and the vocalization process is delivered after audio correction after recording. The process is completed in an average of 12 hours. About the voiceover process voiceover program Check out our article.

A cast is created for the speakers and characters in the project to be dubbed. In other words, characters in the same language are chosen in exchange for the voice tones of the characters, in return for their age, or in the same language. Sometimes all the characters are invited to the studio and recorded collectively. However, generally, microphone players are invited to the studio in order of their roles and voice is received.

To be a voice actor, you first need to make sure you have the talent. In other words, the sentence 'I have an impressive voice to everyone around me' does not mean that you have talent. To become a voice actor, you must first apply to voiceover courses where your talent can be discovered. Voice-over courses will tell you whether you have the talent or not. At least we hope so. When choosing voice-over courses, please make sure that they are under the supervision of the Ministry of National Education.

In order to receive service from the voice-over agency, the voice-over artists in the voice bank must be suitable for your project. Of course, besides these, affordable budgets are a good reason to work with a voice-over agency. Choosing a professional, safe, unlimited revision guaranteed BiberSA Production voice-over dubbing agency will be a good decision for the safety of your project. Thank you for choosing us.

If you want to have a central voice over, first of all, the menu of your switchboard and the text containing your messages You need to send an e-mail to the address. Our customer representative sends you an e-mail with sound samples and budgets. Central voiceover demos are also available. central voiceover You can listen on our page. You can review our reference works.

Documentary voice-over process begins with the customer giving us the visual of the documentary. The narrator's voice of the documentary is determined by the customer. The voice actor is invited to the studio and the dubbing period of the documentary continues for about 2 days synchronously. The delivery date usually varies according to the duration of the project.

The stamp price is the name of the price they receive as a result of the popularity and experience of the voice actors. The voice actor determines the stamp price himself or the agency according to the market conditions. We think it will be useful about stamp costs. dubbing stamp costs We recommend that you read our article.

You want to make a jingle for your brand, product or service. You say it should be my brand song. Well. In order to make a jingle, first of all, you need to give a good brief to our agency about your brand, product and service. So you have to tell your service and your story. First of all, lyrics are written in line with the brief. Music is prepared according to the words. It is read by a female or male vocalist and delivered to you. Of course, since all processes proceed with approval, there is no room for revision. For detailed information about the jingle order, you can contact our customer representative.

BiberSA Production works with professional voices and voice actors. Therefore, BiberSA Production accepts applications via e-mail. Our board invites the sounds that are suitable for the sound bank among the applicants to take a demo recording and see the studio performance. Applications that are found ineligible will not be evaluated and will not be returned.

BiberSA Production performs the voice-over for your project via e-mail. In the voiceovers made in the studio with the participation of the customer and the agency, it is delivered to the appropriate storage device in wav or mp3 format according to demand. It is essential that the delivered sound recording is confidential and not shared with third parties.

For dubbing works, the delivery time varies according to the length of the project. The delivery time for an average 40-minute film varies in proportion to the number of characters. The dubbing process, which we call the process of translating promotional films up to 10 minutes and videos in foreign languages, varies between 3-4 working days.

In order to choose the sound suitable for your project from the sound bank, you need to click on the 'star' icon next to the sound you listen to and add to your favorite list. You can make this selection an unlimited number of times. Then, you can share your favorite sound list that you created from the sounds you like with your customers or those involved in the project and get their ideas.

To purchase a voice-over service in a foreign language, first of all, the language to be voiced must be selected. For example, English voice over service was selected and voice selection was made. Your text to be voiced You send it to us via e-mail. Our customer representative shares their English voices and budgets with you in response to your email or English voices You select the sound from the page. We deliver the voice-over service in a foreign language from the voice you have decided within 2 working days.

In order to record sound at home, you need to buy either a home studio or a usb microphone included in the sound card. At the same time, you can select the audio edit program and record it on your laptop or desktop computer.