Voice Over Application

We include candidates who want to join and apply to the sound bank, which includes Turkey's most famous voice actors, into the voice analysis program and make our selection among these candidates. Our voiceover director listens to the voices of the candidates who participate in the voice analysis program online and creates a report. We include successful candidates in the sound bank by preparing a professional demo.




If you're into Voice Over or Dubbing, if you say 'I get compliments on my tone all the time' Audio Analysis You can join our team by signing up.

If you have no previous experience in this field Diction Analysis You can find out if you are eligible.

If you think you are talented in voice-over and dubbing,

We perform sound analysis in 3 service categories for the selection of sound artists to use in the projects we serve.

In which field do you think you are talented?

  • Voice Over

  • Dubbing

  • Jingle Vocals

To join our team in voiceover projects Voice Analysis,

To join our team in Dubbing Projects Dubbing Analysis,

To join our team as a vocalist in jingle projects Vocal Analysis you should do it.

As a result of the Sound Analysis, we send a report to the participants within 24 hours.

Voice Analysis Report, presented to the analysis participant in the relevant category and our voiceover director Birol Berber A report prepared with care.

It is not enough to graduate from voice-over courses and have a certificate, to have received online or one-on-one training from famous artists, to join our team and become a professional.

We choose those who want to do professional voice overs within the BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency by including them in the sound analysis program.

For more questions, you can get information from the 'Frequently Asked Questions' section.

Important note: Important warning: Having a good voice tone, graduating from an online or a course program is not enough for you to do professional dubbing. To be a professional, to be in the soundbank and to be a familiar voice, you should start with a sound analysis program. Apply Now

Answers to Your Questions

For the voice-over applications of the candidates who want to take part in BiberSA Production as an intern. basvu@bibersa.com They should apply to the address along with their CV. Applications are kept confidential in our CV bank to be evaluated for vacant positions and not to be shared with third parties. The following occupational groups are among our priorities.

Web Developer
Graphic Designer
Sound Designer
Audio Specialist


Being a freelancer in numerous projects is not enough for you to be a professional. The voiceover director needs to listen to your voice and approve your voice. We encounter numerous voice-over errors in voice-over services received and published from platforms that provide Freelancer voice-over services. Our aim Audio Analysis Selecting the voices that are gifted with the program and incorporating them into the sound bank after a short apprenticeship. We recommend you to have a sound analysis of your voices on such platforms.

As BiberSA Production Voice Over Dubbing Agency, we recognize professional and famous voices and present them to our customers in our sound bank.

if Audio Analysis If you are included in the program, your audio analysis report in the category you participated in will be prepared as a PDF and sent to you by e-mail within 24 hours at the latest.

Those who want to do professional voice overs within BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency. audio analysis We choose to include it in the program. If you're into Voice Over or Dubbing, if you say 'I get compliments on my tone all the time' Audio Analysis You can join our team by signing up.

Voice Over and Dubbing is a profession that you will gain experience after a certain period of time, but above all you need to have talent. Being certified doesn't mean you're talented. In order to join our sound bank, certificate holders must also have sound analysis. This situation; We can exemplify 'you have a license but you cannot drive'. Find out with a sincere report whether you have a talent in this subject by having a Voice Analysis.

For detailed information about Sound Analysis https://www.sesanalizi.com/