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We transform your videos into hard or soft-coded subtitles in all languages and at world standards, and enrich them with various content such as optimizations for the hearing impaired or social media platforms in line with your demands.


STEP 1We listen to your audio and video files in any language, accent and diction, and convert them into written text with zero error rate.DESCRIPTION

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STEP 2We translate your content from all world languages to Turkish and from Turkish to any foreign language you want with professional native translators.TRANSLATION

Specialized Translators for Your Content
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STEP 3We listen to your audio and video files in any language, accent and diction, and convert them into written text with zero error rate.SUBTITLE

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STEP 4We localize the contents of movies, TV series, documentaries and characters by adhering to the speaking times.ADAPTION

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The fact that your work reaches the global to the local market or from the local to the global market is important in terms of the trust you will gain by expanding your business volume and increasing brand awareness. The best way to achieve this expansion we have mentioned will be an advertisement and promotional film prepared with visual content.

It is not possible to shoot or voice the films separately in each desired language, as it requires a very high budget and a long time frame. For this reason, companies can overcome the language barrier that has become a problem with "subtitle" and "dubbing" options.

As BiberSA Production, we aim to carry you to the global level in the projects you will do, and for this, we serve you with our 20 years of experience and our valuable team.


We also show the devotion shown in reaching the global or the local for the hearing and visually impaired audience, which covers a significant percentage. In our dubbing and subtitle service, we make your films reach everyone by making audio descriptions for the visually impaired and visual descriptions for the hearing impaired.

If the text has been deciphered beforehand and only translation is required, you can upload your document by clicking the "Calculate Price" button below and learn the subtitle translation fee instantly on the system.


In the media production sector, we use dubbing or subtitle services to translate your visual content from foreign language to Turkish.

The most important issue in translations is the deciphering of the video from its original language. Afterwards, it is also important for the translator to have a good command of the field that has been the subject of the transcript and to have technical experience in that field. Even if the texts contain very technical terms, they can be translated by a few people to find the most appropriate word. After the translation phase is completed, it is decided whether the visual content will be subtitled or dubbed according to the demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since translation processes require expertise in their own fields, we perform translation processes in 2 ways on this platform, with expert translators who have a good command of the technical words of the required field. Firstly, if there is no dialogue text in subtitle translation operations; First of all, the video is watched and "deciphered" by an expert who uses the foreign language to be translated as his mother tongue. Thus, the necessary document for the original subtitle translation can be carefully prepared. Afterwards, subtitles are translated by our expert who is fluent in both languages. Optional synchronization (text - image harmony) is also provided by us. After the subtitle translation is finished, it is tested by applying it on the video. – We apply Netflix quality standards for subtitle translations. In this way, we assemble the subtitles according to the most ideal reading speed and in the most understandable style. Your text, which we will present to you with its translation completed, will be available both with its synchronized codes and in the form of a dialogue.

Now, many domestic and foreign brands want to show themselves in foreign countries with the effect of globalization. For this reason, many agencies, companies and production companies in Turkey in the advertising sector are able to translate foreign production videos for their brands into Turkish and deliver the services they provide abroad to us. The same is true in the movie industry. For example, after deciphering the Hollywood movies and TV series that are loved and watched in our country, they are translated for dubbing or adding subtitles.

If we explain these two concepts;

decipher, It is the process of translating audio recordings or video recordings in a foreign language. The written text obtained after the transcription map is completed can be translated into the desired languages. translationit is done/translation is done.

Visual content such as commercials and promotional films are among the services that are translated and dubbed more easily than movies or TV series. Because it is difficult to include different characters and lip syncs in movies or TV series, as it requires more time and meticulousness.

Although it seems easy for a general narrator to explain the subject during the video, in commercials and promotional films, the subject of the video and the technical language used can make the video difficult. For example, the translation of a commercial and promotional video of a pharmaceutical company is very difficult. It must be deciphered by a translator who has command of the language of the industry. It is important for a perfect result that the translation is done by a translator who is familiar with the sector and technical words.

After the transcription and translation process of the audio recording or visual content is completed, the preparation process of the content is terminated with optional dubbing or subtitle options.

If we explain these two concepts;

Dubbing In short, it is the process of translating into a different language instead of the dialogues in the original language in a movie or TV series and rereading them in the language translated by the dubbing artists and montage the readings into the film.

Subtitle On the other hand, it is the text that gives the speeches of a movie or video in a foreign language in cinema and television as a translation under the image. Subtitles are written synchronously to each scene and most of them are “srt”.

The cost and importance of the work determine whether the visual content will be subtitled or dubbed. For visual content prepared in a foreign language such as commercials and promotional films, dubbing is preferred rather than subtitles, or dubbing is preferred for visually impaired audiences.

As a disadvantage of following the subtitles, although it is seen that the eyes are often disconnected from the image and therefore some scenes are missed, it is more preferred to watch movies with subtitles in their original language lately. In addition, subtitled videos are preferred for the hearing impaired audience.

If we summarize the processes required for the translation of your visual content prepared in a foreign language into Turkish or a different language; You can have your videos prepared in a foreign language translated into Turkish without paying production costs by following the transcription, translation, dubbing and subtitle processes. In this regard, the average cost of each item service can be learned from the voice-over agencies.

Yeah! Our agency has been serving in this field for a long time. Thus, we can remove obstacles in many projects.

We can explain the content of these two descriptions as follows;

audio description, It consists of an external voice that fills the sections other than dialogues in areas such as film or theater, describing the place, time, characters and silent events, describing their appearance and feelings. [quotation]. Thus, visually impaired citizens can watch and understand these works without any support from anyone.

visual description, In addition to the subtitles for the videos, it includes the description of the unsubtitled sounds, such as the music in the scene, the laughter of the characters. Thus, hearing-impaired citizens can watch and understand these works without any support from anyone.

We work with graduates of translation department or foreign language department for the translations we make in your media projects.

Definitely! Confidentiality is the foundation of our company principles. We can sign a confidentiality agreement prepared mutually by the parties. We want our customers to trust us that information will not be shared without their consent, not only for the project they are working on, but also for any information they share with us.

We have a project-based fee policy. Therefore, if you have a project that requires an offer, you can contact us and receive your offer after the necessary information exchange is provided.

Adding subtitles is the fastest and lowest budget method used to open your videos and TV series to different markets.

Dubbing It is a higher level, more prestigious service. Especially for serials, dubbing should be done after gaining a certain place in the market. It's a costly investment but well worth it. We recommend dubbing for major markets in company promotional videos; so just English not, Arabic, German, Russian, Chinese It is useful to seriously consider dubbing in the languages of countries with which we interact frequently. You must also add subtitle translations for the languages of other countries where you sell, which are not common but are included in your business volume.

If you want to get an idea about which option would be more suitable for your project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We work with graduates of translation department or foreign language department for the translations we make in your media projects.