With dubbing service; We offer professional dubbing services to the characters in video content such as commercials, documentaries, animations, promotional films, by choosing the appropriate cast for the characters with our talented voice actors in our sound bank.

Listen to Dubbing Cast Microphone Players!

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Dubbing | 3Dubbing | 4
Advertising Demo - 🇹🇷 Ekin O.Dubbing | download 5
🇹🇷 Ekin O.
Dubbing | 6
Dublaj seslendirme | ekin o seslendirme sanatcisi 8
🇹🇷 Muge O.
Dubbing | 6
Dubbing | muge oruckaptan voice actor optimized 11
🇹🇷 Bedia E. O.
Dubbing | 6
Dubbing | bedia e voice actor 1 14
🇹🇷 Cahit S.
Dubbing | 6
Dubbing | cahit saher voice actor optimized 17
🇹🇷 Emir A.
Dubbing | 6
Dubbing | emir a voice actor 20
🇹🇷 Ferya S.
Dubbing | 6
Dublaj seslendirme | ferya s seslendirme sanatcisi 23
🇹🇷 Remziye D.
Dubbing | 6
Dublaj seslendirme | remziye d seslendirme sanatcisi optimized 26
🇹🇷 Mazlum K.
Dubbing | 6
Dubbing | mazlum kiper voice actor 29
🇹🇷 Figen A.
Dubbing | 6
Dublaj seslendirme | figen a seslendirme sanatcisi 32
🇹🇷 Funda B.
Dubbing | 6
Dubbing | heather b voice actor optimized 35
🇹🇷 Hande T.
Dubbing | 6
Dubbing | hande t voice actor optimized 38
🇹🇷 Nüvid C.
Dubbing | 6
Dublaj seslendirme | nuvit c seslendirme sanatcisi optimized 41
🇹🇷 Itri K.
Dubbing | 6
Dublaj seslendirme | itri kosar seslendirme sanatcisi optimized 44
🇹🇷 Cihan U.
Dubbing | 6
Dublaj seslendirme | cihan unal seslendirme sanatcisi optimized 47
🇹🇷 Bora S.
Dubbing | 6
Dubbing | bora seckin voice actor optimized 50
🇹🇷 Tuğba S.
Dubbing | 6
Dublaj seslendirme | tugba s seslendirme sanatcisi 53
🇹🇷 Özer A.
Dubbing | 6
Dubbing | ozer a voice actor 56
🇹🇷 Ozlem A.
Dubbing | 6
Dubbing | ozlem abaci voice actor2 optimized 59
🇹🇷 Tuğba K.
Dubbing | 6
Dubbing | tugba k voice actor 62
🇹🇷 Parla Ş.
Dubbing | 6
Dublaj seslendirme | parla senol seslendirme sanatcisi optimized 65
🇹🇷 İbrahim E.
Dubbing | 6
Dublaj seslendirme | ibrahim e seslendirme sanatcisi 68
🇹🇷 Nermin O.
Dubbing | 6
Dublaj seslendirme | nermin o seslendirme sanatcisi 71


Animation Dubbing

We are talking to the most famous and talented microphone actors in Turkey about the characters in the animation content for advertisement and entertainment purposes.

Video Localization

We localize your movies, TV series, commercials, promotional films and all kinds of video content in the source language with professional voices in the target language.

Advertising Dubbing

We talk to Turkey's most famous dubbing artists and the characters and actors in the commercials in the target language.

Promotion Dubbing

We speak in full synchronization with our microphone players, whose characters in your promotional film projects have different abilities.

Game & Character Dubbing

We dubbing the characters in mobile games with the closest sounds to the original by creating a professional dubbing cast with our experienced team.

Cinema and Film Dubbing

We talk to Turkey's most famous voice actors about film and series projects for television and digital platforms.

Series Dubbing

With serial dubbing, we create a cultural bond between the characters and the audience, without having to read the subtitles while the viewers pay attention to the drama!

Documentary Dubbing

Documentary dubbing enables documentaries to address an international audience by overcoming cultural and language barriers. We serve you with Turkey's most famous documentary voice actors.

Professional Dubbing Solutions - BiberSA Production

As BiberSA Production, high quality dubbing We do our best to provide service and race against time. With years of experience and our professional staff, we give voice to your dubbing projects.

We know that the dubbing process in media content production has multiple stages and very critical stages. With these risks in mind, our professional team handles your project meticulously and strives to achieve the most perfect result.

We created as BiberSA Production.  dubbing cast thousands of our We have professional dubbing artist. Professional dubbing artist our staff special for advertising and promotional film projects of many brands in different sectors. dubbing cast We create and offer professional dubbing service.

As BiberSA Production, we always adopt the best quality and the most reasonable price policy. We offer the best price offer we have prepared without sacrificing quality. Especially for feature and short feature film dubbing, serial dubbing, commercial and promotional movie dubbing, animation movie dubbing. Turkey's best We are waiting for you with our teammates to get dubbing voice-over service, join our satisfied customers and meet us.  

Dubbing is Preferred in Which Areas?

dubbing voiceoveris a service that is frequently used for content containing characters such as feature and short feature films, TV series, commercial and promotional film dubbing, animated movie dubbing.. Many influencers have produced dubbing content such as hobby and entertainment dubbing content, american dubbing and entertaining dubbing content in social media, and dubbing has suddenly become a trend in this field. Especially for foreign films and TV series to be understood by Turkish-speaking audiences. dubbing voiceover work has been progressing successfully in our country for many years. In the same way, in order to understand Turkish movies and TV series in foreign countries, it can be used in different languages. dubbing voice service required. In this way, it is possible for the audience to better understand their favorite productions by providing intercultural communication. 

Dubbing voiceover servicesis used not only in the field of cinema and television, but also in many different areas such as educational videos, presentations and advertisements. In this way, it is possible to reach the target audience in a better way.. dubbing voiceover It is a service that should be done professionally, with a good translation and correct adaptation accompanied by professional microphone players.

Dubbing projects can be carried out in the media production sector, in any area where voice-overs are made. Most preferred, most popular dubbing services are as follows:

Discover World Cinema with Turkish Dubbed - BiberSA Production

Movie and TV series dubbing, the most widely used dubbing in Turkey one of its types. The Turkish voice-overs of foreign films and TV series help the audience to understand better by removing language and cultural barriers. In this way, foreign films and TV series are also known in Turkey.

In addition to the fact that many factors should be considered when dubbing for movies and series, a good dubbingFirst of all, you need a professional team. Not only the language skills of the artists who will be dubbing, but also their acting skills are important. Emphasis and intonation are the sine qua non of the dubbing director who coordinates the game well. Therefore, dubbing artists microphone player is also called. At the same time, the adaptation of the dialogues used in dubbing into the target language, dubbing voiceover texts It is preferred in order to make it more noticeable.

dubbing voiceover Techniques used are also very important. Using high-quality equipment is important for good sound recording. And also, dubbing voiceover Many editing, sound design and post-production processes are waiting in line while it is being done. Operations such as improving sound quality, adding appropriate music and sound effects, i.e. sound design service It is in the class of reinforcing services for movie and series dubbing.

As BiberSA Production, with years of experience, dubbing voice actors, state-of-the-art equipment, casting directors and dubbing directors, we provide movie and series dubbing services. we offer. Turkey's best dubbing artists Knowing your responsibility, we produce content dubbed in different languages for the media production industry around the world. We also support your projects with our post-production processes. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we prepare offers with the best service and price policy. 

We're Dubbing Documentary Characters! - BiberSA Production

We dub the documentary characters with Turkey's best speaking microphone actors. Characters in foreign language documentaries The Turkish dubbing makes it easier for Turkish viewers to understand the speakers in the documentary. In addition, documentaries are not based on the game in terms of character acting, but since they contain content in the form of interviews and narrators, dubbing is easier compared to the dubbing of characters in movies and TV series.

Documentary dubbing The difference between their works and short or long-length dubbing is that they don't require a lot of acting. Microphone actors prefer narrator and interview play in documentary dubbing projects. In documentary dubbing projects, it is important that the documentary is translated and voiced correctly. well translated, contributes to the quality of the documentary dubbing project with the dubbing voiceover text. 

As BiberSA Production, with our experience in the field of documentary dubbing and our professional team, quality documentary dubbing for documentary dubbing projects to be broadcast in all kinds of media we offer the service. In documentary dubbing, we are aware of the importance of using the right emphasis and intonation for a correct understanding of the language. In addition, we know that a selection of music suitable for the content of the documentary increases the quality of the dubbing work. For this reason, while providing documentary dubbing services, we work with the best documentary dubbing artists and have a strong relationship with our experienced dubbing director. sound design and foley service we offer. 

In documentary dubbing projects, it is very important to pay attention to the tone, play and speaking speed of the documentary characters, as well as the dubbing director who will manage this business process. The speaking speed and intonation of the documentary narrator are very important to reflect the atmosphere of the documentary. On the other hand, choosing microphone actors suitable for the qualities of their characters in the documentary, The quality of the documentary dubbing project will increase.

As BiberSA Production, we provide high quality documentary dubbing service with our expert team in video localization, considering the importance of documentaries in transferring information. we offer. Since the documentary has different subjects and concepts, we handle each project differently and make our dubbing cast selection in accordance with it. Therefore professional We work with microphone players and develop a special dubbing strategy for each project.

Let Advertising and Promotional Films Color with Dubbing! - BiberSA Dubbing Service

Advertising and promotional films are an important tool for brands to reach their target audience and promote their products or services. Therefore, the language, tone and message of advertisements and promotional films should be suitable for the targeted audience. In this case dubbing, we help tailor the ads to audiences in different countries. The work of translating and adapting the characters in the commercial and promotional film into different languages. commercial dubbing or promotional film dubbing he saysz.

Advertising dubbing, It ensures that commercials produced in different languages are adapted to the language and culture of the targeted countries. In this way, brands can reach their target audiences more directly. For example, a brand in Turkey can shoot a commercial in English and then have it dubbed in Turkish, reaching Turkish target audiences.

Advertising dubbing The most important factor to consider is to convey the message of the advertisement correctly to the audience with the right game. Because, It is important that the language used for commercial dubbing is chosen in such a way that it can be understood correctly. In addition, dubbing artists are required to convey to the target audience with a professional and accurate game.

As BiberSA Production, dubbing of commercials and promotional films We are a dubbing agency that has worked with global companies and gained the appreciation of hundreds of brands.. Our professional voice actors and with our creative team doing great work, we serve with the best service and the best price policy to make commercials and promotional films suitable for the targeted audience. Our high-tech equipments that we use in our dubbing studio combine with the trending applications of the industry. We offer video localization service. 

Professional Dubbing Service for Game Characters - BiberSA Production Dubbing Studio

Game dubbing or game character dubbing, gaining momentum in the gaming industry in recent years has increased the demands for game dubbing in our agency. Now games are considered not only for entertainment, but also as sports. Therefore, game developers are in a race to find the voice that suits their game characters to enrich their games even more.

game character dubbing We are among the firsts in Turkey to record the most suitable voice for game characters with our service.. We work with professional voices to bring game characters to life with the game dubbing service. Knowing that the actors take great pleasure in the voices and shouts of the characters, we strive for more perfection. In this direction, we exchange ideas with the customer on the translation text with our team. We improve ourselves by constantly following the innovations in the world in game dubbing. 

Game character dubbing is very important to reflect the personalities and emotions of the characters. Game characters use different tones and accents to express various emotions. Therefore, game character dubbing is very important for correct intonation and conveying emotion. BiberSA Production tries to make the game experiences of the players more enjoyable by making appropriate voiceovers for the game characters.

In addition to dubbing of game characters, Turkish subtitle support of games is among our very important alternative services. The games usually cater to players from different countries, and the Turkish subtitles help Turkish players better understand the games. As BiberSA Production, we also offer quality Turkish subtitles for games.

As a result, game dubbing and game character dubbing are among the extremely important services for the gaming industry. As BiberSA Production, we have a specialized team to help Turkish players better understand their games and have enjoyable gaming experiences.

To our sound bank game character dubbing with thousands of registered professional microphone players In addition to the service, we offer customized dubbing options to our customers. At the same time, we support the dubbing process by translating the game dubbing texts from the source language into Turkish with our expert translator team. We are here to give voice to your game dubbing projects with our professional team. 

What Do We Pay Attention to for Perfect and Quality Dubbing in Harmony with the Character?

dubbing voiceover, It is the process of translating the dialogues in the original language in a production into another language and vocalizing them with the same play and emotion. A good dubbing is completed with the performance given in accordance with the personalities and emotions of the characters, connecting the audience to the story. 

As BiberSA Production, the elements we pay attention to for high quality dubbing are as follows:

  • Sync: Dubbing must also be done with correct lip sync. This ensures that the characters' mouth movements match the dubbing. In dubbing in the same language, this is called lip-fitting.
  • Use of Correct Terms: Dubbing must maintain the integrity of the story by using the terms used in the content of movies, TV shows, video games or commercials correctly.
  • Character Analysis: Dubbing artists should analyze the personalities of the characters and perform the closest performance to their natural voices. While the dubbing director or casting director is creating a dubbing cast, they look at whether the sound adapts to the original character, that is, to the game. In this respect, first of all, the original character to be dubbed is analyzed, then voice test best suited to this character. voice actor.
  • Correct Emphasis and Intonation: A good dubbing should reflect the emotions of the characters to the audience with the right emphasis and intonation. The emotion in the original language is transferred to the target language only through dubbing. Therefore, the microphone actor must convey the emotion on the stage using his theatrical abilities. 
  • Sound Quality: Sound quality is very important when dubbing. Therefore, the best sound equipment and studios should be used. 

As BiberSA Production, we provide full synchronization and good quality dubbing with our professional microphone players and technological equipment. We offer the service. We offer high-quality voiceovers with accurate personality analyzes and emotional expressions of the characters, giving importance to the integrity of the story. You can use this service for the type of your dubbing project. – movie dubbing, documentary dubbing, promotional movie dubbing, game dubbing, serial dubbing etc – we deliver the best quality and on time no matter what. 

Why Should You Prefer BiberSA Production for Dubbing?

dubbing voiceoveris the transfer of the sounds of a production in the original language to the target language. Dubbing is very important in terms of translating productions into different languages, removing cultural barriers, and offering a better understanding and experience to the audience, no matter what type of media it is made. 

As BiberSA Production, we have been operating as one of the leading agencies in the dubbing and dubbing industry for more than 20 years. With our professional teammates, up-to-date technological infrastructure and the latest software, we are at world standards. dubbing We offer the service. Do you want to buy a dubbing service? You have many reasons to choose BiberSA Production.

  • High Quality Dubbing: BiberSA Production gives priority to customer satisfaction by providing high quality dubbing services. Experienced dubbing artists and technical team dubbing in accordance with the content characters and originality.
  • Professional Dubbing Artists: BiberSA Production has a professional team of the most experienced microphone players and dubbing artists in the industry. Our dubbing artists, each of whom is an expert in their own field, work together to provide the highest quality dubbing voices to our customers with very talented, creative and original ideas.
  • Latest Technology: As BiberSA Production, we provide the highest quality dubbing service by following world trends and using the latest technology equipment and software. In this way, we achieve the best results for our customers.
  • Best Price Policy: As BiberSA Production, we work to offer the best prices with our team that analyzes the sector very well. By offering quality and on-time delivery service at the most affordable prices in market conditions, we offer solutions suitable for our customers' budgets.
  • Multiple Language Options: BiberSA Production offers dubbing services in many different languages. We dub many productions such as foreign films, TV series, animations, commercials and documentaries in all world languages, especially English, Russian, French, Arabic and Turkish.

As BiberSA Production, we understand the needs of our customers in the best way and offer original and quality dubbing services. With our professional team, high technology infrastructure and reasonable prices, we continue our services in the sector without interruption. We would like to see you in our portfolio like hundreds of brands that prefer us for quality content.

Dubbing Process: How is it done?

As BiberSA Production dubbing voiceOur e-service is carried out with a professional team and a meticulous process. At work, dubbing voiceover Information on how the process is done step by step:

  1. Script Translationi: The dubbing process starts with the script translation. Dubbing voiceover texts are created with this script translation. Understanding the script in the best possible way and understanding the personality traits of the characters is very important for an accurate and effective dubbing.
  2. Character Selection: Dubbing It is very important to choose the characters to be made in terms of the right tone, accent and suitability. As BiberSA Production, professional dubbing artists We work with and pay attention to the right tone and appropriateness in character selection.
  3. Recording, Rabarba and Montage: dubbing voiceover In the process of recording, rabarba and assembly stages are very critical. As BiberSA Production, we record with professional sound recording equipment, expert sound engineers and professional microphone players. During the assembly phase after the recording sessions, we synchronize the audio recordings and make sure that the dialogues belong to the right character at the right time.
  4. Post-Production: dubbing voiceover After the process is completed, the post-production phase is started. At this stage, we perform rabarba, shouts, necessary sound effects, background music and other post-production operations under the direction of our dubbing director.

As BiberSA Production, dubbing We work with a professional team and quality equipment at every stage of the process. The satisfaction of our customers and the delivery process is one of our top priorities, and for this reason, we handle every project meticulously and with care.

Dubbing Prices

While determining the dubbing prices, we definitely get detailed information about the project. We prepare a proposal in line with the information we receive about the project. We need the following information.

  • Type of Media to be Dubbed:  First, we learn about the type of content to be dubbed. Film, TV series, animation, documentary, game or commercial content is among our first parameters that affect the budget when bidding.
  • Project Duration: The duration of the project to be dubbed is also among the important factors in determining the prices. For example, to our customer who requested a budget proposal for a TV series project, how many seasons does the series consist of, how many episodes does the series consist of, and how long is the length (minutes) of an episode? We pose questions. Pricing is directly proportional to the duration of the project. 
  • Target language: The source language of the content to be dubbed and the target language to be translated are among the questions that need to be answered while working on the budget. 
  • Translation and Adaptation Request: The translated text of the content is not sufficient for dubbing. Depending on the localization, the text suitable for lip sync is completely adapted. The translation and adaptation demand is also an important parameter that affects the dubbing budget.
  • Number of Characters: Depending on the details of the project to be dubbed, there may be a need for a dubbing cast consisting of more than one dubbing artist, depending on the number of characters in the content. Every professional dubbing artist has a stamp fee. For example, the lead role is charged as a different stamp, and the supporting roles are charged as a different stamp.

As BiberSA Production, we have a pricing policy tailored to the details of each project. In order to provide professional and quality service, we apply a price policy that takes into account the characteristics of the project, observes the market conditions and always stands by you.