Need a Advertising Film?

The right way to reach your potential customers and target audience is through a good brief, a good script was written according to that brief, a commercial film shot with a professional team and a very good post-production with color, editing and montage completed. BiberSA Production offers all these stages in the commercial film production process to you, our valued customers, with its professional team. All stages of commercial film production from brief, shooting, post and final stages are prepared with great devotion by our professional team.

The most important move in commercial filmmaking is a very good idea. Our creative copywriters create advertisement scenarios with plenty of alternatives in line with the briefs received and present them to your liking. Advertising films are shot with advanced technology shooting equipment based on the scenario and idea you have chosen. In the post-production phase, color grading, color correction, editing and montage are made with our own staff and presented to your liking with pilot voiceover. 2D & 3D Animation, Pre Roll Video, Case Study, Live Action, Motion Graphic, Storyboard, Commercial Film, Event Videos etc. We add strength to your brand, product and service with many more visual content production such as After these processes, you can make your commercials professionally with our professional sound cast. dubbing We sing with the artists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Advertising film production is one of the marketing activities prepared for a product or company profile. When we say commercial film shooting, we are talking about a detailed process such as target audience - market evaluations, scenario creation, jingle music and effects studies, casting selection, pre-production, production and post-production. This activity, which is used in the media production sector with the names of "commercial film production services" or "commercial film shooting", has recently started to be used under the title of "visual content production".

As BiberSA Production, we carry out "commercial film production" and "post production" services as a boutique. By handling the project in all processes of the commercial film production service, we carry out all the works such as commercial film copywriting or scenario, story board (drawing the story), voice-over, post production, completed at the table, such as art direction, cinematography, make-up and equipment supply.

The most important cornerstone of the commercial film production service is the 'idea'. A good idea always pays off. In addition, another important service that is one of the most important elements of commercial film production is dubbing. The choice of sound almost determines the fate of the commercial.

Advertising film shoots are done in the field, in the studio or on the plateaus and all these areas are called “locations”. The location is determined according to the scenario. First of all, the lighting is adjusted according to the concept of the advertisement film in the rental space. After the pilot shots and the lighting adjustment, the commercial film shooting is completed in line with the scenario. The shooting process includes make-up, sound recording, lighting, cameras and other studio equipment. The shooting process must proceed by recording photos or videos. During the shooting process, the commercial film, which we call the backstage, is made during the shooting where the story of the shooting process takes place and is one of the shootings included in this process.

As BiberSA Production, we manage the projects in this direction by adopting the principle of the best team and the best equipment in order to provide quality service to our customers by managing the commercial film shooting process in the best way.

The next stage after the commercial film shooting process is the post-production stage. Why 'post'? Because this process is a process with plenty of revisions and scenes related to the movie are constantly posted to the customer. All post-production processes are managed at the desk. Editing, color correction, color grading and assembly processes of the commercial film are managed with various video editing programs at the desk. We call all of these processes post production.

As BiberSA Production, we have the best technical team in Turkey in the post-production phase. In this way, we deliver your work on time and provide unlimited revision support.

Since there are many additional services that make up the commercial film production service, the prices of commercial films cannot be mentioned with certainty. Budget work is done according to the imagination of the advertiser or screenwriter. In commercial film productions, the final budget is usually determined after the scenario is determined and the storyboard (story drawing) work is done.

While making the budget study, the following survey is made with the customer;

  1. Where do you intend to publish your commercial film?
  2. Do you want to use only photographic images in your commercial?
  3. Do you want to use only my real video footage in your commercial?
  4. Do you want to use real people who require casting such as actors, presenters, actors in your commercial?
  5. Could you please give a detailed brief about your brand?
  6. What do you want your brand, service or product to stand out?
  7. Can you list the first three of the commercials that you have watched before that you said you liked very much?

These questions are just a few of the prepared survey questions. In line with the questions, we learn the tips of what kind of advertising film model is in the mind of the customer, and we can make a price study based on the project process that will be shaped accordingly.

In commercials, if there are speakers, play or dialogue in the script, we have two options; The first is to record the sound with the shot gone microphone during the commercial filming. The second is to record the pilot sound with the camera's built-in sound recorder or an external sound recorder and then dub it in the studio environment when the editing and montage are finished. In fact, the latter is not a preferred situation when the dialogues are long. However, since it is known that commercials are in the range of 0 to 60 seconds, it is preferred to take dialogue recordings in the studio environment after shooting, editing and montage. The sound shooting, which is not done during the commercial film shooting, is then entered into the studio and dubbed. Of course, we are talking about the sound recording of actions such as games, dialogues and interviews during the commercial filming. If there are external voices such as voice overs, voice overs, narrator, vocals in the advertisement, they do not need to be taken during the commercial filming. It can be recorded in a professional sound studio.

We use the world's best technology in commercial filming. We generally continue our work with our own equipment in small-scale productions and by renting technology from our solution partners in large-scale productions.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, Arri Alexa Mini, Carl Zeiss EF Mount Lens Set with 9, Alumotech Pro Film 150 W + 300Wx2 + 650 W Fresnel Tungsten Spotlight + 4 Stands + Softbox equipments as ARRI are some of the technology we use. In audio technology, we offer high quality visual content with Stereo Shotgun Microphone, 380mm, Raycode Windshield, Tascam DR-680MKII, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel, DaVinci Resolve 15, Adobe Premiere Pro software on the post production desk.