Store Announcement

In local business, they are radio advertisements prepared to be broadcast only on Turkish radios, and in the content of this service, advertisement production service is provided by BiberSA Production Voice Over & Dubbing Agency. All production needs such as advertising copy writing, voiceover and sound design are offered to our customers within this service.

Store Announcement Voice Over Service

Successful business owners or franchise managers know that creating the right environment for their business is critical to their business. The welcoming environment, or in-store announcements, can play an important role in overall customer satisfaction. According to VisionCritical (customer intelligence platform), % 76 of small retailers believe that in this way they can positively influence customers' behavior. Shoppers and visitors are already in the store, so they are at least initially interested in the business. These in-store announcements also offer businesses an excellent opportunity to pursue their goals.

With this awareness, BiberSA Agency offers store announcements as a special service to institutions that broadcast in-store music and announcements. This service includes the preparation, vocalization and design of the content of services such as campaign announcements and advertisements placed between playlists created in closed circuit music broadcasts in the store. The store announcement is created within the voice-over agency and delivered the SAME DAY.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this service, which is specific to companies that broadcast in-store music, the pricing is for one store and one branch. Budgeting is made by including the duration of the announcement and the stamp price of the voice-over. Because of this from our sound bank After we get the information of the sound you will choose, we can calculate the budget. You can answer all your questions about store announcements or dubbing. Contact You can contact us on our page or ask live support.

When determining the best way to use this marketing tool, business owners need to know what they want, what they do, or their experience. To assist this process, we can mention 4 types of announcements.

  1. Informative Announcements: In-store advertisements are the most common type of advertisements advertised in stores. These announcements serve to keep customers up-to-date on new products, specials, and more. It is a favorite and highly effective type of announcement. Shares details about product offers and coupons with customers… and the list goes on. These announcements can be used for a marketing strategy that will change customer behavior, melt stagnant products off the shelves faster, and increase revenue. Or, these informational announcements also educate customers about new products that are used now or will be available soon.
  2. Combine Online and Offline Experiences: In-store announcements can be a great way to bring the online and offline shopping experience together. Today's customers are often omnichannel. As they enter the store, they are likely to visit the website or follow the brand on social media. Why not use this natural form of shopping to your business advantage? Use an in-store announcement to encourage customers to “like” or “follow” the brand on social media for an in-store offer. Or encourage customers to visit the website for a special coupon. Not only will the digital efforts of the business be rewarded, but also results.
  3. Event Invitation: In-store announcements can be one of the best and easiest ways to spread the word about an upcoming event. For example, if the event is hosting a special visitor in the store, using the announcement method to invite customers will have a good effect. They may pass by without seeing a poster or flyer in the store, but after hearing several different announcements regarding event details, they will be much more likely to pay attention.
  4. In-Store Only and On Demand Offers: Sometimes the need for a particular announcement comes up very little. For example, if a one-day-only sale isn't going well in the first few hours, it may be because customers simply see and pass the offer. However, hearing it over the speakers could be a factor in converting them and sending them to the vault. Or use public announcements to reward in-store customers with special offers. There's no limit to what an announcement can be, but the key is to be able to create a customized announcement and have it ready in no time.

At the end of the day, the important thing should be to influence customer behavior by making messages attractive.